Morgan Freeman, Jack Black & others put their Hollywood careers on the line…..

I just received an email From JUST FOREIGN POLICY.

Dear Michael,

“The agreement currently on the table is the best way to ensure Iran doesn’t build a f*#@ing bomb!” – Morgan Freeman

Global Zero just released this & I thought this is great. We need many more well-known people to stand up & be counted. Morgan Freeman, Jack Black & Natasha Lyonne join Middle East experts such as Former US Ambassador Thomas Pickering & Queen Noor in hilariously digging into those who oppose the deal. Well done indeed.



I also received this excellent link from the great Nicky Nelson & World News Directory –

Who is the REAL Nuclear Threat in the Middle East? 

Sorry. No prizes………..

which features this excellent video……



  • Linda Morrison

    Well done Michael, your reaching people. Kudos to you. X

  • Mary RC


    • That’s right Mary. Frankly I’m astonished that on FB many people are knocking it. I feel this is a very important video because we need well-known people showing up the crazy war-mongers for what they are.

  • John Miranda

    Indeed nice to the Queen of Jordan make a plea for diplomacy as well. The agreement was indeed made between the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council +Germany. This was never an agreement between just the United States & Iran.

    With the exception of the Israeli leadership and members of our Congress loyal to Israeli lobbyists everyone else wants this deal.

    Give peace a chance.

    • Damn right John. Like I was just saying I couldn’t believe how some people on FB were slagging this off. I can’t for the life of me understand how people not only are oblivious to what’s going on but the one’s that do tend to look too far into things. Instead of taking something like this at face value, they find a way to criticise the people in the video.

  • Eric

    Man, people just don’t get it.. With or without this deal, Iran is pursuing nukes, not for energy either. The Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has already said, this deal does NOT prevent them from purchasing Nuclear Weapons , it only prevents them from making them. Once the Sanctions are lifted, they get BILLIONS of dollars and buy whatever they want from Russia. Not to mention, they are still chanting “Death To America” to this day 07/29/15.. After the deal. On top of that, Obama and Kerry lied to the American people saying we can inspect ANYTIME we want, that is not true either. We can NOT inspect any Military installation w/o approval. If they are designing Nukes there, they say NO, we then have to go through a arbitration with world leaders (Including Iran) and see if it is Necessary. By the time we get in there, if we do, its been 3 or more weeks and everything is moved. Don’t forget, Kerry admitted to 2 side deals with Iran also.. The first is that we will PROTECT Iran and it’s nuclear program from ANY sabotage, which means if necessary, we can end up in complete chaos with or longest ally Israel just to protect the Country that still chants.. Death to America.. The second deal he said they will Not disclose to the American people or even Congress.. I am not a Democrat, Republican, Liberal or Conservative. But I am in my 40’s and know a Nightmare happening when I see it. This deal, lifting sanctions, protecting a Country holding 4 American’s hostage still to this day, is going to do nothing but speed up Iran’s capability of obtaining Nukes .. Doesn’t matter if they buy them or make them, they all work the same… Hopefully this will be allowed to post and stay up for a while. I know not everyone agrees but maybe it will make a few think about the big picture. Have a Great Day everyone.

    • Eric – thank you but what you clearly have fallen foul of is listening too much to the US media which is completely Zionist run. This Death to America reminds me of Netanyahu claiming everyone wants to wipe Israel off the map when the undeniable truth is this vile mass-murderer who you think is your ally, is currently in the process of wiping out the Palestinians. Furthermore did you care when Israel acquired nuclear weapons. Well I find it astonishing how so many Americans feel Israel has the right to do what no one else can. Why do you think JFK was assassinated only for the media to cover up for the true killers. JFK said ‘under no circumstances can Israel acquire nuclear weapons.’ That’s why he was killed & the media never once made this obvious connection. You think Israel is your greatest ally? Well before Israel even existed America never had one enemy in the Middle East. I’ll finish off with two Netanyahu quotes from 2001 – “9/11 is good for Israel!” & “ONCE WE SQUEEZE ALL WE CAN OUT OF THE UNITED STATES, IT CAN DRY UP & BLOW AWAY!” There is no question – Israel is not only America’s greatest foe, it is the greatest danger to world peace.

      • Jon de Kerguelen

        Outstanding and extremely accurate statements my friend. Too bad more people can’t or don’t wish to see the obvious. It’s very obvious Israel uses our tax money impact the beliefs of the weak and/or uneducated and immoral.

    • I wonder how pro-israel people post false and fake information to mislead public. Where and when Khaminie said they wd purchase nukes. He has repeatedly said that his religion does not allow mass murders.

      • Thank you Elva.though you don’t have to wonder how the only narrative people hear from the entire mainstream media is pro-Israel because from virtually the outset, over 200 years ago, the Rothschilds knew the only way to achieve their goals was by cornering the flow of information. This way they could literally give their version of the news. What’s significant here is WHAT THE PUBLIC IS NOT TOLD. It’s hardly surprising most people are clueless to what is really going on & their only response is to merely repeat media falsehoods, hurl insults & the obligatory claim that anyone speaking the truth is anti-Semitic.

    • Mark Dabney

      Beg to differ – all 16 of OUR OWN intel agencies have issued a unanimous memorandum that clearly spells out there is ZERO hard evidence that Persia a/k/a Iran is making even ONE nuclear weapon.

      I am sorely disappointed that Rand has not followed after his father’s good example – the statement he read OUT OF CONTEXT gave a misleading impression

      Persia has barely reached 20% – they have the RIGHT under the NPT to enrich to non- weapons grade levels. Perhaps they might be willing to give it up in favor of Thorium Molten Salt reactors if Israel were willing to become an NPT signatory – as required by American law to receive our – admittedly unconstitutional foreign aid.

      So-called “Israel” has HUNDREDS of state of the art nuclear weapons and delivery systems – they routinely commit war crimes and human rights violations because we give them impunity. Khazarians are NOT Semitic – Arabs and Palestinians ARE Semitic.

      I agree with the Anti-Zionist Jews that hold that there cannot exist a legitimate state of Israel until the coming/return of the Messiah [] – just as all People of the Book salute the Shimintism – the youth of Israel that refuse military service while Israel continues to abuse the Palesinians []

      • Correct Mark – I’ve written several articles confirming your very words 16 out of 16 intelligence agencies confirmed Iran was not seeking to acquire nuclear weapons. That’s why the other day I wrote
        “I will say without fear of contradiction, even if Iran brought out the white flag and declared, ‘we will destroy all our weapons, disband our army. Moreover, Israeli inspectors are welcome to judge for themselves to see we’ve complied’, ISRAEL WOULDN’T BE HAPPY EVEN WITH THIS!” Israel wants to destroy Iran plain & simple. I posted this video because the message is for America NOT TO DO THAT!

  • James Woodard.

    The Iran deal is a sieve! It will help them get a nuclear bomb-idiots. We will pay them $100-$150 Billion to finish making the bombs and give them money to pay their terror network…..Al Quds Brigade, Hezbullah and Hamas. Israel will not be the only victim but Europe and USA, too.

    This site is a falseflag newsy opinion blog. It is a thinly-veiled attempt at spread baseless hatred against Jews. I see others can defedn themsevles but if Jews defend themselves in their nearly 4,000 year old homeland bigots and Islamists have a problem. Anyone who believes these opinion pieces written on this blog shows she or he has no ability at critical thinking or even basic research and becomes part and parcel a bigot to the lowest level.
    This blog is laughable and should be filed either under “fiction” or “I am a supreme bigot ” or both.

    • I just wrote “What’s significant here is WHAT THE PUBLIC IS NOT TOLD. It’s hardly surprising most people are clueless to what is really going on & their only response is to merely repeat media falsehoods, hurl insults & the obligatory claim that anyone speaking the truth is anti-Semitic.” I REST MY CASE!. What an idiot you are!

  • Salman

    Wonder why Queen Noor has been mute about the savage proxy war on Syria, Illegal US arming, training and funding of “modererate” head choppers, of which sadly Jordan has been part of along with the d uplicitous Turks, saudis and qataris.

    • Absolutely right. Once one learns the true history of how Zionists, largely thanks to the Rothschilds have turned the Middle East into a powder keg, it all begins to make sense. Israel is seeing to it that there will not be one Arab or Muslim government in the entire region that isn’t subservient to them. What happened in Egypt is a classic example. A popular uprising precipitated a move toward democracy. Mubarak was thrown out. Finally Egypt could have an election which were free & just. The people voted in Morsi only for the West, who on the one hand claim they’re a beacon for democracy, but on the other hand did all they could to undermine Morsi’s rule. Why? Because the last thing Israel wanted was exactly what had just occurred in Egypt – democracy. They wanted a leader who was subservient to them, a leader who would slam the door on the Palestinians. Within 11 months Morsi was unceremoniously dumped out of office & replaced by a thug from the army named SISI, who was in Israel’s pocket. He was given all the money he needed to crush any call for democracy while the entire mainstream media has imposed a blanket boycott on the horrendous abuses of human rights that is now occurring in Egypt. So much for the Arab Spring!

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