Munich shooting & the destruction of all the CCTV evidence in NICE

Just three quick points on the Munich shooting –
1) Understand this: I don’t want to live under any religion, most especially some crazy Zionist satanic cult or Sharia law but this is the harsh reality whether you like it or not – the last thing almost any Muslim wants is another alleged terrorist attack! THIS IS WHY EVERY SINGLE ONE IS A ZIONIST OPERATION! What does it take to work this out? Anyone who doesn’t realise this really does have the brains of a rocking horse!


2) We should ignore each & every one of these attacks. Every time there’s any report or reference to one of these bullshit events, switch off your TV’s; do not buy any newspapers ‘to read about what may or may not have happened.’ As soon as RT talks about these incidents I turn over. AND THAT’S RT! Why? Because as I said yesterday – they’re all being instigated by Zionists in order to create turmoil that eventually will usher in Martial law. Once this happens, all undesirables, in other words anyone that’s smart enough to have sussed these bastards out, will be taken & murdered, plain & simple. Divide & Conquer is the name of the game. There is but one institution that is capable of doing this – THE MEDIA! If we don’t hate each other, they’re screwed!


3) Without any evidence whatsoever, I believe this nightmare scenario unraveling for the Zionists in France where the Nice authorities have steadfastly refused to destroy all the CCTV footage which effectively would prove the Nice attack was one massive Zionist lie, is the reason this shooting occurred in Munich. They desperately needed something to take the heat away from Nice. I may be wrong but I can feel it in my water.


That’s why today I blocked someone who believes I’m right about the Zionists. You see, for whatever banal reason he could not hide his hatred of Muslims, insisting they’re terrorists. It is this idiocy that we must arrest. Yesterday I described the media’s actions as one of the greatest crimes in history. Their lies have led to at least 2 million dead & maybe even 10’s of millions homeless, yet they want to do far worse – they now want to create civil wars against 1.5 billion Muslims. We’re already on a very slippery slope. We have to do more to stop this happening. The media somehow has to be exposed. Once this happens, the floodgates will open.


I keep having to say the same thing – we have this diabolical paradox. Due to this so-called threat of terror, one that our politicians have done everything they could to create, we are now living in a surveillance state. So we’re reliably informed there’s going to be more attacks. Lovely. They know all this yet time & again these attacks occur as if Police forces in the West are on a tea break! In the case of many of these alleged attacks, for the world it actually seems THE POLICE ARE AIDING & ABETTING THE TERRORISTS!
Moreover, when it’s patently obvious senior Police have some serious if not criminal charges to face as to why this lorry was allowed into such a restricted area, it’s as if our politicians, media & entire legal system suddenly develops a serious case of Amnesia!  


The Patsy who not only brought his ID along but a cache of weapons in the back of the lorry.; Sounds like pretty useless terrorists to me!


The Patsy


Another blithering idiot today commented on yesterday’s post simply by saying “send me proof.” So let’s get this straight – in the post I included 3 links to my previous posts on the said topic, 3 video clips, a fantastic article by Gearóid Ó Colmáin, a superb 3 hour radio show featuring the excellent Patrick Henningsen & finally an amazing link containing all the video clips you’d want to see regarding the Nice attack; along with the 10 hours of work I put in cementing the whole piece together as a package & I’ve got this comedian demanding I send him proof. You can be sure – I told him exactly where to get off!


Proof my arse! The greatest liars in history they might be but I’m the last person they could ever fool into going all around the houses! So the real issue at hand now is this. No surprise of this incident in Munich. It is precisely these kind of stories that have to be hushed up rapidly. Here are a selection of links all regarding this earth-shattering story of the destruction of all the CCTV footage in NICE…..


Attentat de Nice: la ville refuse de détruire 24 heures d’images de vidéosurveillance, meaning – 

Nice attack: the city refuses to destroy 24 hour CCTV images


What do we have here? Only a repetition of what occurred on 9/11 – DESTROY ALL THE EVIDENCE!


Nice authorities turn down police request to delete footage of fatal truck attack – RT


“The anti-terrorist police named six cameras which recordings should be “particularly” deleted. Plus the city authorities should delete any footage from any camera “that captured the crime scene”, the paper added.”
Remember I said Zionists don’t just tell lies; they make sure they tell absolute whoppers in order to get people as far away from the truth as possible. Well here it is – ANTI-TERRORIST POLICE? Needless to say, not one mainstream news channel has mentioned this ginormous scandal which is all over the Internet. None of this surprises me for I know we’re being lied to. Since only truth stands up to scrutiny, these criminals have no option but to destroy any incriminating evidence. As I keep saying, without the media covering their back, they could never get away with it!
Moreover, I have just about had it with RT referring to these ‘attacks’ as acts of terror. I can’t understand it. The stakes couldn’t be any higher – we’re playing for our lives right now & yet all this is occurring while the Zionists are doing everything they can to royally screw Russia. Why isn’t RT fighting back? They should have all guns blazing, saying the same things I’m saying – these are acts of terror alright but the’re all Mossad jobs! It’s obvious but they just won’t go there. This is madness because if we don’t open our mouths our goose is going to be well & truly cooked!


France Officials To Destroy CCTV Footage Of Nice Terror Attack–france-officials-to-destroy-cctv-footage-of-nice-terror-attack


What we have here is Treason. Those who comply with this deserve to be taken & shot. This most definitely includes all those in the French government……


French Government orders destruction of CCTV videos in Nice Attacks by Gearóid Ó Colmáin


French Government orders destruction of CCTV videos in Nice Attacks


Zionist Fingerprints on Nice Terror Hoax


“DOCUMENTING” THE EVENT! Now where have we heard this before?

“Richard Gutjahr, the man who filmed the drama is a German gentile married  to Mossad asset and Knesset member Einat Wilf, left. Wilf is a member of Ehud Barak’s breakaway HaAtzma’ut or Independence Faction in the 18th Knesset. She served as a lieutenant with the IDF’s ‘Shmoneh Ma’atayim’ or Unit 8-200 in signals intelligence and decryption, holds a BA in Government and Fine Arts from Harvard University an MBA from SEAD in France and a PhD in Political Science from Cambridge University. She was a foreign policy adviser to Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres. She replaced MK Ophir Pines-Paz as the 13th member of the Labor faction of 2009.” 


Document the event

“As with 9-11, it appears that Mossad was there to document the event. Indeed they provided the only film record. Salman Hossain considers this and other evidence that Nice was part of a worldwide Illuminati Jewish campaign to foster Islamophobia.”





  • Linda

    I couldn’t sleep last night because I read an article about Richard Gutjahr the other day stating that he was the photographer in the Charlie Hebdo attacks and others. I can’t find it now but if it’s true how the hell is he always there at the right time and place?





  • Tom Swift

    Always find your posts informative and agree with pretty much all your opinions regarding this giant manipulation by the media and governments. The thing that worries me is that its too late to halt. Just cannot see the masses realising theyve been duped. Not in the numbers we’d need to make a difference and long given up hope of any politician or leader telling us all straight how it is. If i knew how to slow down their plans i would be doing so but just feel like its starting to quicken up if anything

    • Thomas Austin

      Your feelings of hopelessness are shared Tom.. There seems to be no real ‘truth movement’. Europe appears more aware of the global disease of Zionism and the activities of Jewish Neocons than do the United States populace. I live in America, and after 15 years of awakening and deep research of the Zionist deception, propaganda and illusion machines, it is sadly evident that Americans are so brainwashed, indoctrinated and mentally complacent to the Rothschild tentacles embracing mankind. They embrace our mass media as reality and fact, not realizing or caring that it is owned, manipulated and controlled by the evil ilk that will destroy them. They are predominately unaware that our government is controlled by psychopathic Zionist entities, even when the truth surrounds them. They are asleep and shall awaken in horror. They are incapable of thinking for themselves. Reality cannot permeate their false comfort zones. They are conformist. They consent. Television entertainment, sports and false patriotism fill their shallow minds. So many lies infest the American masses as truth. It’s all so deranged, backwards, upside down, inside out, horrific and pathetic. Yet Tom, never give up. Continue to search and share truth. Even though the bigger picture looks bleak and full of insanity and greed, we must push forward to that glimmer of hope.

      • WHAT A FANTASTIC COMMENT! Thomas – you should be doing the writing, not me! Out of 5000 comments on my website so far this is Numero Uno!
        AS for our dilemma – I feel we desperately need to get organised so that collectively we can say – no way. We’re not having this. Withdrawing our labor is one way; not buying their products is another but it’s all down to size – whether enough of us can get together & work as a single entity.
        Years back I wrote an article – ‘How Learning about Ants Will Defeat the New World Order’. “Today there are no less than 12,500 variations, making up an astonishing 20% of earth’s terrestrial bio-mass. 600 million years of evolving has fine-tuned their Modus Operandi. Above all there exists order – Ants have complex levels of hierarchy; each level specific; each Ant it’s allocated job. In fact if one observes how they go about their business, they’re so organized, they put a new meaning to ‘teamwork!’ It’s as if a whole colony operates as a single organism.”

        In short I believe we have to get organised.

    • Indeed Tom but no one said it was going to be easy. This is a hole mankind has dug itself for 250 years! It’s going to take some getting out of. The thing is one can be defeatist – I’m not saying you are. You’re just being realistic but if we sit idly by then the Zionist power-brokers will, one way or another, reduce the world’s population to under a billion people. That means whoever they don’t want they will kill. The Zionists 100 years ago massacred 66 million Russians in the Bolshevic Revolution & they didn’t batter an eyelid. They WILL do it again if they get half the chance. Therefore what I do know is doing nothing is simply not an option. We have to expose these bastards. If not, we have to make it as tough as possible for them.

      • Beni Blanco from the Bronx

        One Dr Brian Belton said to me, “there are two type’s of people in the world, those who manage, and those who be managed. What are you?”

        The conformist is clearly the latter.

        • I think the saying is SOME MEN ARE BORN TO RULE; SOME MEN ARE BORN TO BE RULED – Sir Robert Peel.
          What one I am? – neither. I don’t want to be managed & I don’t want to manage. I consider myself a member of the Universe!

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  • JoAnne

    Zios are not the only testosterone poisoned gang committing eco-ethno-geno-sui-cide. They may be the current experts, but the “predator paradox” is species-wide, as is the formation of social dominance hierarchies. Exceptions are local, short-lived and marginal. The capacity for ignorance, c.ruely, violence overwhelms wisdom, compassionate cooperation throughout history. Yes, be kind and organize ( and keep learning), but peace, justice, health is rare…even among families, friends.

    • Thanks JoAnne – I go along with pretty much all of what you say. The difference between a good man & bad one is unfortunately so vast. i just feel the Zios seem the most nasty because they have the resources along with their delusion.

  • Kenny Geach

    Seemingly that twat was at Munich too

  • Rinku Nasrin

    Seriously .Time to think . I know many of my friends will not read this . But , this is effecting all of us in some way .
    Please read the entire article with all the additional inputs and YouTube clippings provided by others .
    Time to ponder on certain serious questions :
    Who created terrorism ? Why was there no ” terrorism “( like the present day ) before Israel was created / before the World War 2 came to an end ? There were “Muslims” then too . If Muslims are synonymous with terrorists , why did such acts of ” terrorism ” not occur earlier !? Why are the most (worsely ) effected areas of the world post World War 2 – the middle eastern and African ( Muslim) countries which are oil rich ? Why so many refugees from these nations ?
    Who will benefit from selling arms ( now that the arms race between the two foremost world’s super powers ‘ over’ ? )
    Who are the largest manufacturers and sellers of these arms ?
    Why is the world media so blinded ? Is it because they are run to highlight only certain issues ? Are these media houses run by the finances from some self – interested people with certain hidden agenda ?
    If the surveillance systems and espionage systems of these super powers so strong, why are they not aware of the movements of such bulky arms from one continent to another ?
    Previously , it was a king fighting a king ; a nation fighting a battle with another ; the oppressed fighting against their oppressor. After the end of the Cold War , why is it that some men are killing unknown innocent humans who are not even remotely associated with them ? Why hidden guerilla tactics of harming the unarmed , innocent and dissociated people around the world ? Perhaps those who study History and International Relations can answer better .

    • I can answer your last question Rinku. “BY WAY OF DECEPTION THOU SHALT DO WAR” – MOSSAD. They even tell us what their tactics are going to be. Then when the Israelis are true to their word, which in itself is miraculous, one is accused of anti-Semitism for merely suggesting they are only doing what they said they’d do.
      This is another truly excellent comment Rinku. I love the way you paint the perfect picture by asking all the relevant questions in the proper & decent order so as one can at least start to open one’s eyes. When one thinks about it terrorism started with the Israelis & has continued to this day with zest. It is only because they control the media that Zionists can blame all the people they want to destroy for their actions.

    • I would like to use your comment as a post Rinku if that’s alright…….

      • Rinku Nasrin

        Sure . Please go ahead Michael . Earlier also I had posted something similar to this regarding terrorism in my Facebook account . What is really annoying is that most people ( even your friends ) will chose to ingore the truth and will refrain from commenting on it or even liking it . Because nobody wants the truth . People love to feed on the lie served to them by the media . People live with ‘ preconceived notions about others’ and the ‘ideas’created by media from time to time . They will only think when they are at the receiving end of ‘the violation of human rights ‘ !
        In the era of internet and fast paced telecommunication , where more or less everybody has access to information , isn’t this the most cost effective and efficient way of spreading lies and creating fears , I would call this ‘ intellectual terrorism’.
        Earlier , we had the notion that in underdeveloped areas the illiterate masses suffer from superstitions and the lack of adequate scientific knowledge do not allow them to debunk the myths . What is happening now among the developed , literate masses is really surprising ! They have access to everything but they choose to be ignorant out of fear .
        Knowledge = Power
        Lopsided knowledge = More power without being questioned .
        In that case , I guess we would have lived a better life with limited knowledge (without the knowledge disseminated by the crooked media ).
        Undoubtedly , we had a better childhood( compared to our children ) which was not usurped by media .

        Certain acts are branded as acts of terrorism while others are not . What about the millions of lives lost due to imperialism and which still continues to hide beneath the garb of ‘spreading democracy’ . If the powerful nations of the world are Sovereign democratic republics why are they meddling in other nation ‘ s affairs and then leaving them devastated . Is that not large scale terrorism ? If anyone reads the history of the growth of these terrorist outfits ( especially in the middle East and Afghanistan ) , he / she will know who nurtured / fostered them .

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