Murder conviction in Blackwater case thrown out. I call it the ‘Israelification’ of the West

I’m sick & tired of expressing my anger & frustration. What more does one have to say? Of course this decision to overturn the murder convictions of Blackwater mercenaries Nicholas Slatten, Paul Slough, Dustin Heard & Evan Liberty is utterly sickening. What with all the eye witnesses yet shocking as it is, we shouldn’t be surprised. What we’ve seen since 9/11 is the law turned completely on its head. Mass-murder becoming the norm while those courageously trying to expose war crimes & torture not only find themselves vilified by establishment & media alike but inconceivably, are the ones unceremoniously thrown in jail. 


As per usual, there’s a lot more to this diabolical court decision than meets the eye. I mean what a load of bilge – how many more witnesses are needed? These scumbags simply mowed down unarmed civilians – 

“The Court concludes that the district court abused its discretion in denying Slatten’s motion to sever his trial from that of his co-defendants & therefore vacates his conviction & remands for a new trial.”

– It had nothing to do with right & wrong. Once again, this was all by design. They would have said anything to overturn the convictions. This pathetic excuse is simply the one they went for.


Sure, it’s always been the case – the more money one has, the more one can side-step the law. However, since 9/11 the ruling elite have effectively torn up the rule book. In other words, super wealthy individuals are literally able to do whatever they want. What do they want? Well, obviously they want to keep their ill-gotten gains. The problem is the gap between the vast majority of ordinary folk & them has become so enormous, we’ve reached & indeed passed the point where their goal now is to ensure their status can never be challenged. This may not seem so profound but from where I’m sitting, this makes it altogether a different ballgame!



What’s crucial here is understanding why there’s been this sudden, rapid growth in private security firms. The reason is simple – this is how the elite not only intend to protect themselves but swiftly deal with protests & perhaps even rebellion. Trouble is, the kind of security firms springing up today are, to all intents & purposes, looking to hire mercenaries, in other words people who’ll kill at the drop of a hat! This is why this court ruling is so significant. Private security firms can now attract the nastiest, most evil so-in-so’s. I mean does one have to spell it out – if a psycho knows he can get away with murder & get well paid in the process…..


These bastards, for no discernible reason, opened up on a crowded square, murdering 14, injuring several more. How would Americans, Brits or Israelis react if a group of men from another country did this on their soil? Well, we know. At the very minimum it would be considered an act of terror; the media would be all over it. In Israel’s case it would probably mean a totally over-the-top response. And speaking of those bastards, Zionists control the US judiciary. What we’re seeing as a whole is the ‘Israelification’ of the West! Before 9/11, only Israel dared to indulge in such atrocious behaviour – outrageous lies justifying war crimes, blatant land theft & letting off cold-blooded IDF murderers. You tell me – isn’t the West slowly but surely behaving more like Israel?


As far as I’m concerned, the ramifications couldn’t be more terrifying. These guys have got previous, notably 66 million massacred in the Bolshevic Revolution. If it means killing 10 times as many this time around, they won’t flinch. So I’m going to say it one more time – WE’RE OCCUPIED TERRITORIES! People need to fully grasp this for all that’s occurring today is designed so that us lot in the West will, in the foreseeable future, experience a dawning realisation of what it’s really like being a Palestinian! 


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  • 12barblueboy

    Important issue for Americans is Taylor Swift getting groped. Criticize Israel and you get the anti-Semite treatment. FAUX News discussing ways to assassinate DPRK leader, with no thought to the legality of State sanctioned murder. Of course, these are the same sons of bitches that covered for the deep state in the JFK murder. It really is mind boggling how so many can walk around with their eyes wide shut.

  • Sully

    The Israelification of the west is exactly right. They have pretty much stamped out any viable socialist opposition by subverting what lay at the root of it. The word of Jesus Christ.
    Capitalist greed now rules supreme and all its minions will stop at nothing to protect their master. Lies and deceit, selfishness, greed and exploitation, murder, torture and terrorism are all entirely justified in their eyes.

  • zakimar

    Sadly, the Iraqi people deserve some of the blame. If even one Iraqi who had his family murdered went to amerikkka and executed a single zionist jew or their slave politicians or targeted the family of some of these Blackwater execs/families, I think they’d think twice about murdering more Iraqi children. But as long as Iraqi behave like sheep, the mercenary wolves will continue their slaughter.

    And I’m sure everyone has noticed that not a single “suicide” attack has been conducted by any Iraqi, Libyan, Syrian, Afghan… against APARTHEID israel, england, or amerikkka. Thank God for Hezbollah and the brave Native Palestinians that are the only people to execute the satanic jew that murder babies in stolen/occupied Palestine.

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