My question to David Cameron.

Every week members of the Labour Party get the chance to submit a question for Prime Minister’s Question Time. When mine is picked out I’ll look upon it as a true turning point. Not that I’ll think the Great MM has finally arrived; more the fact that if Jeremy Corbyn ever asks one of my questions then for once Cameron really will be left tongue-tied & twisted! This is my question this week –


Within 24 hours of this heinous act Mr. Prime Minister, you accused Russia of downing flight MH17. After 15 months of exhaustive study & analysis however, the Dutch investigation could not arrive at the conclusion you drew within 24 hours. Is this the reason why you refuse to hand over the data on the Black Boxes of MH17 & by not doing so, haven’t you hindered this very investigation?




  • Richard

    How can it be possible for debate on Cannabis be headed by someone who doesn’t have a clue of any of its medical benefits and also thinks that alcohol is less of a danger than marijuana?

  • george

    how did britain wind up with these boxes? i dont believe it!

    • Quite easily George. Had the data been made available we have soon discovered that in all likelihood Poreshenko was ordered to shoot down this plane by Netanyahu himself. They killed 4 birds with one stone
      1) The Malaysian High Court ruled Israel was guilty of war crimes.
      2) Holland had withdrawn its investments from 5 Israeli banks due to the illegal settlements.
      3) Blaming Russia would be an added bonus because Putin had stepped in to help Syria & thus thwart plans for the Zionists to create Greater Israel.
      4) This disaster diverted the world’s media away from Gaza allowing Netanyahu to commit yet another bout of ethnic cleansing & mass-murder.

      When one considers too that Poreshenko is a Zionist & the fact the media is Zionist control I personally feel it is a wonder of the world that
      never once has anyone in the entire mass-media ever pointed out these facts!

  • Andrew Francis

    On RT UK yesterday there was a live broadcast of the findings of the inquiry as conducted by BUK, the missile manufacturer. It was incredibly detailed and technical but really interesting. Using computer and mathematical modelling as well as physical reconstruction of the incident they showed that the Dutch inquiry was badly flawed in that the missile claimed to have been deployed was an old model BUK, decommissioned by the Russian Military several years ago (and therefore not used or deployed by them), and also they pinpointed the launch site, in Kiev controlled territory. The BBC lie machine is currently going into overdrive, I heard a talking head on BBC radio last night still trying to blame Putin!

    • Yes indeed Andrew. As I stated in my earlier article regarding flight MH17 – the truth can never come out because those responsible are inextricably linked to those who control mainstream media. So what we’re seeing is lie after lie. Even when they know people en masse know that they are lying, they will still lie because that’s they’re only option & the only way they can get away with it. The alternative means admitting they committed this heinous act. Well Zionists are NEVER going to do that because an unstoppable ball would start rolling & very rapidly people would realise the same lies occurred with 9/11 & the JFK assassination.

  • Pedro Duarte

    Please let me know what drugs you’re all taking, awesome effects.

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