NATO: as each day passes the more it seems the North Atlantic Treaty was intended to be a recipe for disaster

30 years ago if someone said – ‘you wait. One day Russia will be the one standing up for justice, freedom of speech & human rights, while Washington DC will be looked upon as a pariah of gangsters that runs roughshod over everyone’, I’d have thought damn. How good is the gear you’re puffing? incredible how things come full circle….. but then when you think about it, is it really so incredible? No. The more one analyses, the more one realises this was indeed inevitable. Not only do humans possess an uncanny knack to banish all-important details from the thought process, we’re also able to absorb baloney of the highest order just so long as we hear the same tripe repeated often enough. The art of programming depends almost entirely on a mind being oblivious to the very notion people are programmable.

When I tried telling people Cameron’s guilty of Treason, they’d look at me as if I’ve just stepped off a banana boat! So I’d say “okay. Let’s put it another way – when Cameron came to power, we had no problems with Russia. We were trading partners. Everything was sweet. The Cold War was done & dusted. Am I saying anything untoward here?” Shake of the head. “Right. So, 5 years later, we find ourselves in a situation where for no good reason, our PM chooses to make an enemy out of Russia. You happy with that?” A RATHER DENSE, YET EMPTY LOOK. “Yes indeed. Without any evidence, Cameron claimed Putin was responsible for downing Malaysian flight MH17. HOW THE HELL DID HE KNOW? Air crash investigators hadn’t got the cobwebs out of their ears. Wreckage was still smouldering yet this toffee-nosed, silver-spooned Etonian twat thinks nothing of stepping out of his pram to make himself busy with a super-power that can destroy us 1000 times over! Do you honestly feel his actions befitted someone entrusted with ensuring the welfare of our nation?” A look of resignation born of the realisation – he’s right. I could well be a bit of a dumbo!

“Do you have children?” Nodding in the affirmative. “Just for the record, I don’t yet I’m beside myself with rage as to how this guy was simply given the green light to do as he pleased without anyone saying ‘HOLD THE GODDAMN PHONE! DO WE REALLY WANT TO BE MAKING AN ENEMY OUT OF RUSSIA HERE? WHY THE xxxx ARE WE DOING THIS?’ This piece of shit masquerading as our leader has seriously increased the chances of a military confrontation with Russia. If it all goes off, what we manage to inflict in terms of pain is hardly worth pondering over. What remains a cast-iron certainty is you, your entire family & everyone in the UK will be old news! Shouldn’t you be a touch concerned about this?” Dawning realisation – ‘BLIMEY! I neva looked at it vat way!’

NATO - not Russia!

Bear in mind – Cameron proudly declared Russia had to curtail it’s policy of aggression while the Zionist controlled media claimed Russia had actually invaded Ukraine! If this was so, video & photographic evidence would positively abound. Yet not one shred of evidence was ever presented to back up this monstrous claim which incidentally, every major MSM news outlet continued to drip feed the unsuspecting public.

Even though maps cannot lie, it very much appears Zionist propaganda merchants have realised people pay scant attention to fluctuating national boundaries, especially when Israel forever claims they’re merely defending themselves. Fact is Israel hasn’t stopped stealing land for the sole purpose of building illegal settlements. In a court of law, they wouldn’t have a leg to stand on but who ever delves into an Atlas to check out whether something is seriously awry?

Sure enough. Few folk ever ask the all-important question – why in the blazes would Russia invade a country they happily gave independence to in 1991? Russian aggression, my arse! How can NATO, the entity that at every opportunity has sought to expand it’s sphere of influence, the very thing it promised not to do, have the gall to even open it’s mouth? LOOK AT THE GODDAMN MAP FOR CHRIST SAKE!


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