Nearly 70% of Americans say big government is top problem for nation

All this trouble started after some traitor in America (in all likelihood dual national Zionist) deemed the US Police force should be advised & trained by Israeli experts in riot control. What we are now seeing is the direct consequence of this outrageous decision. What else can one assume? The US Police force is hounding, battering, indiscriminately murdering members of the public, thus making a mockery of the oath to serve & protect. In short the US government has declared war on it’s own people. The only dots one has to connect from here is accepting who controls Capitol Hill & the media too. The fact the media has never mentioned this decision to send US police to Israel should explain quite a lot but not once have they even admonished the Police & instead are doing everything in their power to incite racial hatred & civil unrest. What’s going on?



Make no mistake, the Police wouldn’t be behaving like absolute thugs unless they knew that they would not be prosecuted & that their commanders as well as the media would always cover their backs. This scenario is the only one that fits. After watching this video & may I say I’ve seen infinitely worse, anyone who thinks this is good policing & not downright thuggery is either a complete imbecile or just an evil bastard. Those people did nothing but even if they had committed a minor misdemeanor, they could have easily helped police with their inquiries.  

Since this is inexcusable behavior there has to be some hidden agenda & frankly, it’s abundantly clear what this is really all about. First & foremost the Police have been given the green light to shoot first & perhaps ask questions later, for there is no way the US Police force have suddenly developed an insatiable appetite to commit mass murder. What happened to serve & protect? More worrying is the undeniable fact the media should be saying this, not me!


The White House too has merely come out with the same old regurgitated drivel & have done nothing. In fact Obama has gone out of his way to defend vermin who see fit to execute, forget about their own citizens but another human being! What possible justification is there to commit such a cowardly act & to end someone’s life without so much as a by-your-leave? If by now you do not believe that this is policy or at least feel something is terribly amiss, then you really must be living in cloud cuckoo land!


This much we do know – Zionists on Capital Hill are desperate to strip Americans of their right to bear arms. I can only draw one conclusion from this – civil unrest is deliberately being fostered so that when push comes to shove & riots ensue, Martial law will be declared to coincide with emergency laws which will pave the way for gun confiscation. Now, if Americans surrender their weapons, effectively they will be giving up their last line of defense.




With arch Zionist Michael Chertoff having ordered the construction of 800+ state-of-the-art Fema camps up & down America, surely one must assume what we are seeing today has all been planned well in advance. I can’t help but feel the people of America better wake up fast everything is in place for mass incarceration & mass exterminations. For sure all undesirables will be eliminated. Whether they do it by forced vaccinations or other methods I’m not sure. Who knows. The detail is not so important. What matters is being aware of what’s going on, who is responsible & the most important question – WHY THIS IS HAPPENING?


I believe the advent of the Internet disrupted the control Zionists had over the flow of information. Every year since the Internet, the MSM has hemorrhaged viewers & as a result ever increasing numbers of US citizens are realizing that America itself has become an Occupied Territory which like Palestine has been taken over by Zionists. They in fact control everything that matters & it explains why America unconditionally supports the rogue state of Israel & why almost every ambitious US politician falls over backwards to praise what without any shadow of doubt is the most evil regime on the planet. 


Check out this shameless performance by Ted Cruz. Now what’s interesting here is recently this slime-ball got the endorsement of none other than Benjamin Netayahu. Young Turks presenter Cenk Uygur points out at almost every opportunity, Cruz displayed this insatiable urge to praise Israel & reiterate how Israel is America’s ally & how everyone must agree that Israel is always right. Now if Cruz was addressing AIPAC or the ADL, to some extent I can understand. However, he was invited to speak to a group called ‘IN DEFENSE OF CHRISTIANS’. This over-the-top arse-licking to a country the US taxpayer gives in excess $3 billion every year? Correct me if I’m wrong but SHOULDN’T ISRAEL BE LICKING AMERICA’S ARSE & NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND? It’s nauseating & I’m not American!


I know there’s the old adage of repeating a lie often enough it eventually becomes fact but surely this can’t be for the purpose of merely brainwashing Americans. I don’t believe it’s to curry favor among Zionists either. Nearly all the candidates rely on their money & media coverage. I’m not sure what is but I get the feeling Zionists are well aware most people are seeing through the bullshit. They’re unpopular as hell! I feel the chief reason for many Americans the penny hasn’t yet dropped is because they don’t realise the US media remains the joker in the pack. 




Nearly 70% of Americans say big government is top problem for nation –


The most important factor is what the media doesn’t say. For instance, how many Americans are aware 70% of them think their government is their greatest threat? Now just because 7 out of 10 Americans believe this, they only do so individually. The point is knowing it individually & knowing it universally ARE TWO ENTIRELY DIFFERENT THINGS! This is where the value of media control is incalculable. If the media doesn’t inform it’s citizens of the results of a poll, few folk are any the wiser. More crucially, by keeping the populace in the dark, confidence derived from knowing most Americans feel as they do, would replace much of the insecurity, anxiety & fear that’s been instilled into them. 


Therefore, knowing the media is biased hardly cuts it. What people need to realise is any news that doesn’t suit the agenda of those in control of the media ie Zionist bankers & warmongers, NEVER HITS THE AIRWAVES! Surely if Americans knew what is really going on in Palestine they could well start putting 2 & 2 together & arrive at the obvious conclusion that the Israelis, far from being the victims that apparently everyone wants to wipe off the face of the earth, ARE IN FACT THE ONES DOING THE WIPING OUT! 


So of more pressing concern to Americans is the fact the kind of Genocide that I’m predicting could rear it’s ugly head in America is currently being administered on the hapless Palestinians. Americans should take heed. This very scenario is occurring in another country the Israelis occupy. Don’t think we’re off the hook here in England either. Cameron has already shown he cares more for Israel than his own people. However, being the inexperienced nobody he is, he was unable to hide his true feelings, revealing he has no qualms whatsoever being a psychopathic! Earlier this year at the UN he said –

“THE PEDDLING OF LIES THAT 9/11 WAS A JEWISH PLOT”  ……words to the effect anyone questioning 9/11 was as dangerous as ISIS terrorists….. most alarming of all was  …..”I WILL DO EVERYTHING IN MY POWER TO ERADICATE THEM!”


Not often does one hear a leader of any country state his intention is to commit mass-murder, let alone the Prime Minister of the UK BUT TO ACTUALLY USE THE WORD ERADICATE? All these incidences are warnings. So is the fact that not one reporter anywhere on the entire planet admonished this evil man for saying such a thing! Of course, there’s a damn good reason – without the Zionist controlled media’s full cooperation on the day of 9/11, Americans would have known the Towers were brought down by controlled demolitions. Why? Because the media would have told them there’s no other way steel buildings can come down like this.


Instead we were made to believe something that defied the laws of physics – plane fuel was responsible! Planes cannot bring about a symmetrical free-fall collapse. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE! Ever thought why since 9/11 not one old plane has been used to bring down an unwanted building? There exists mountains of incontrovertible evidence, indeed proof that 9/11 was an inside job & it was entirely a Zionist operation. No surprise my own Prime Minister thinks I deserve to be eradicated – HE WORKS FOR THEM – THE REAL TERRORISTS! Get this into your head – our rights are being taken away because the one time Cameron told the truth was at the UN! 


Throughout the Western world Zionists are making their move to seize total control of all their Occupied territories by eliminating all undesirables. That can literally mean anyone who is of no use to them. The truth is getting out & this paradoxically is the reason why all this is happening. Israel cannot afford to let Americans en masse discover that they were responsible for the most heinous crime imaginable. 9/11 took us passed the point of no return. At best Israel would face total isolation; at worst Americans will think to hell with the consequences & just nuke them.


Now I don’t want that to happen. I don’t want one more innocent soul to die. What we must do is somehow round up everyone who has conspired in this plot – all the bankers, CEO’s, war-mongers who’ve bribed politicians – every last person involved in skulduggery. This most definitely includes every reporter & journalist who lied, knowingly or not. German soldiers weren’t permitted the excuse ‘I was simply following orders’ which in fact they were, so why should these people? They would only lose their job if they refused. Nuremberg style trials will be necessary & the Fema camps should be put to good use. 


Think for yourself


I have a choice. I can take the easy option – sit here & say merry Christmas or I can try & alert people to what I believe is a graver situation than most people imagine. It took us a long time to get to this dire state of affairs. Whichever way it goes it’s going to be tough from now on. It is goes without saying we need to organise ourselves; speak to members of the Armed forces & Police & explain that there are some orders that they cannot & shouldn’t obey. What’s of paramount importance is for as many people as possible to be made aware of precisely why the US police & media are being lured into inciting civil unrest & why our politicians are systematically stripping us of our civil liberties. Everything becomes obvious once you connect these dots.

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