Nearly Every Conflict in The World Since the End of WW II can in Some Way, Shape or Form be Traced Back to Washington DC!

Whatsupic — By that I mean any leader of any country which has something they want, has to play ball or else. It’s all about money, power & control. It has nothing to do with democracy! And it’s always been like this. It’s in our nature. No one likes being challenged! Therefore, once a situation is reached where you can’t be challenged, negotiations go out the window – if you want something, you take it! That’s why our history is as it is, littered with conquests & war for the sole purpose of exploitation. The most powerful countries always strive for more. Once empirical status is attained, the chief aim is to remain top dog! The Romans, Alexander the Great, the Vikings, Ghengis Khan, the Mogul Emperors, the British empire, the Spanish conquistadors – they all came, saw & conquered!

Of course, today things are so very different. We have mass communications, modes of transport & sophisticated weaponry that 100 years ago would have been unthinkable. These technological leaps have naturally ushered in opportunities which previously did not exist. The bad news is these advances would be exploited to the full by the most powerful! For instance, in the past assassinating a leader or even knowing why an assassination somewhere on the other side of the globe was a necessity, was no simple task. Now it’s an open playing field & over the past 70 years or so, one successive US administrations have had no qualms indulging in. 

Originally my intention was to compile a list of foreign leaders & high ranking officials who in the past 65 years have been assassinated by the CIA. However there are that many victims I felt the reader would actually be turned off by having to read such a long list of names – I JEST YOU NOT! I’m not going to say take my word for it but I will say type in ‘political kills by the CIA’ & be prepared to be shocked because allies aside, there’s hardly a country America hasn’t in some way or another meddled with. And you can be sure whenever & wherever the CIA has, the people of that country are fortunate if the end result is merely seeing no benefit. This is a cast-iron guarantee! Furthermore it’s totally inadequate simply to say the harsh reality is……….. for one cannot imagine the level of pain & suffering our leaders in the West have inflicted on ordinary folk all over the world!


Every politician offers hope. They promise if elected they will do this & that & blah, blah, blah! Then when they’re elected it’s the same old story!………….. Or is it? You see the media very rarely inform us of how certain politicians honor their manifesto pledges & deliver so that the people benefit enormously. There are two main reasons why – the last thing US politicians need is everyone in America realizing not only how corrupt & inept they are but the ungodly level of their criminality. If just one documentary showed how a leader brilliantly served his people, there’d be rumblings of “they’re making us look bad man” from Capitol Hill. This way apathy rules. Everyone thinks all politicians are in it for themselves. The other reason is more sinister……….. 

Almost without exception, those assassinated by the CIA were leaders who were democratically elected on a platform of social reform & investment. Their one mistake was to DELIVER ON THEIR PROMISES! Even ex CIA hit-man John Perkins admits in ‘Confessions of an Economic Hit-Man’ how he deeply regrets having been involved in the murder of several leaders in Central & South America. Ecuador for many years had been ruled by pro US dictators who more often than not had scant regard for human rights. Finally it was decided Ecuador would have democratic elections. A young dynamic lawyer named Jaime Roldos Aguilera promised he would use his country’s resources to eliminate poverty & ensure that everyone had hope & opportunity. After a landslide victory he set about delivering on his promises. Among other things this meant taxing the oil companies. The US did not like this & so sent in the muscle, initially to corrupt him but Aguilera steadfastly refused to be bribed. Even when he knew his life was in grave danger he would not succumb. He was assassinated!


Another man Perkins knew was Panama’s Omar Torrijos. Like Roldos, Torrijos refused bribes. Perkins later revealed how much he liked & respected him because all he wanted to do was help his people. Torrijos even told Perkins he knew it would cost him his life. Allende of Chile, Jacobo Arbenz Guzman of Guatemala also suffered the same fate. Others like Hugo Chavez are continuously portrayed as evil brutes by the media so that if eventually the truth is revealed that Chavez was actually a great leader, most people would dismiss it out of hand! It goes without saying – if & when the MSM are told to discredit someone, no matter who they are, some of the mud thrown will stick! We’re programmable. The longer the character assassination goes on, the more mud sticks! Mark Twain hit the nail on the head when he said ‘It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.’ 

It’s the same in the Middle East. Mosaddegh of Iran was democratically elected. He was the hope for democracy in the Middle East. He was Time Magazine’s man of the year in 1951! All he desired was that his people benefited more from their oil. US & UK oil companies did not like this. A coup was engineered by the US & UK so that Mosaddegh was overthrown & replaced by the Shah of Iran, a dictator subservient to the West! The same with Iraq. Qasim told the oil companies ‘Iraqi oil was for the Iraqi people!’ The CIA sent in a hit squad, two brothers who blew their assignment. So the CIA sent in the pros who duly murdered Qasim. The brothers who’d been in hiding suddenly emerged & lo & behold one of them became Iraq’s leader. His name – Saddam Hussein! Yet look how not one journalist or reporter ever mentioned this & thus challenged Bush & Blair’s ludicrous assertion that their intention was to bring democracy to Iraq. HOW COULD IT BE WHEN THE WEST WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR INSTALLING THIS BRUTE? 

To some extent, ordinary folk can be excused for their lack of awareness to all these shenanigans, after all, if the media fails to inform the public, how are they ever going to know? But there’s a flip side to this, one which disturbs me no end. Everyone in the UK knew precisely what was going in Zimbabwe. Why didn’t we do anything to relieve the outrageous suffering of the people there? When Blair was trying to make us believe his aim was to bring democracy to the people of Iraq I screamed at the TV ‘YOU LIAR! IF YOU CARE SO MUCH ABOUT DEMOCRACY, WHY AREN’T YOU DOING ANYTHING ABOUT ROBERT MUGABE?’ Such a task may have been troublesome but it would hardly present anything like the difficulties involved in removing Saddam. Sure, he was undoubtedly a thug but there’s no question the people of Iraq nevertheless enjoyed relative prosperity & tranquility under his autocratic rule. The people of Zimbabwe though were living a nightmare! 

Zimbabwe WAS a democracy. Mugabe had his shot. He was voted in but while lavishing himself with everything one could possibly imagine, he failed miserably to improve the lives of his people. So naturally the people voted him out even though the level of intimidation was horrific. Mugabe’s henchmen were all over the place beating, even murdering those campaigning for the opposition. Yet things were about to take a dramatic turn for the worse. Mugabe declared the election null & void – JUST LIKE THAT! I mean what better reason could the West or the UN have to say ‘now hold the goddamn phone?’ NOT A WORD! This is what bothers me. If people in America & Europe had applied concerted pressure on their politicians to do something, THEY WOULD HAVE HAD TO! No surprise Mugabe’s henchmen set about butchering those who’d supported the opposition. In broad daylight people were hacked to death! Murder, torture, you name it! Entire regions, villages were starved. Mugabe’s death squads were then rewarded the homes of the Middle class; all the white farmers lost their land to these thugs. Zimbabwe went from being the bread basket of Africa where it once supplied 70% of Africa’s food, to a country with a non-existent economy & a worthless currency. There are no elections. To this day its people go through hell!


One can hardly expect these mass-murderers to ever hang their heads in shame & declare we screwed up here but surely, they’d at least realize a low key approach would be far more appropriate? NOT ONE BIT! Recently Obama had the temerity to maintain America has a divine right to continue to influence world affairs. After the unbridled mayhem in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya & now Syria, mind-boggling to say the very least! All that’s occurred is death & destruction on an unprecedented scale! Not only no one’s held to account; the moral high ground is continuously snatched! Forget about any shining example, what does it take for ordinary folk to understand not one country has ever benefited from Western intervention? 

In the meantime the West continues to support autocratic rulers, dictators & right-wing military juntas that have little or no regard for human rights – Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar & Nigeria are some classic examples. What irony & indeed a truly sad indictment of mankind that only good leaders are targeted for assassination. How galling too is the distinct likelihood that the more corrupt a leader is, the less chance he has of ever being overthrown or assassinated?


As for people’s rights & all this talk of democracy? I can safely say these mega gangsters who control our politicians can never be satisfied. They will not stop & right now one of their major objectives is………… us! Yes, US! We are now under attack! While our police forces are being militarized, our fundamental rights are systematically being shredded! The true power-brokers know only too well anyone in the public eye can do serious damage, so there exists a golden rule for those aspiring to fame & fortune – be careful what you say because it doesn’t matter how famous you are – everyone’s expendable. One only has to look at what happened to JFK, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Ghandi, John Lennon & Princess Diana.


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