Netanyahu calls on French govt to publicly denounce Orange’s pullout from Israel

Soon as my mobile contract runs out there’s only one firm I want to do business with – ORANGE! I don’t care if I can get double the talk minutes for the same price elsewhere because just to see to this vicious, evil lump of lard squeal because Orange are pulling the plug on Israel has made my day! Well done Orange.

Thanks to Majid Jafaar for this caption – Boycotting Israel is anti-Semetic

Boycotting Israel is anti-Semetic


And well done San Francisco too. Everyone must never forget. Don’t for one minute think you are not having an impact. We all are. The thing is the media will NEVER let us know how successful the BDS movement is. The only clue we are doing well is when this monster Netanyahu moans like a stuffed pig & our treacherous politicians suggest the impossible – to make it illegal to boycott Israeli products. It should be our goal to push these vermin to show out because that’s all they’ll be doing if they think they can pass laws that tell us where to spend our money. Re-double your efforts. Find out which products come from Israel & which companies are Zionist owned. Do your bit!



  • Simon

    Always Re-Double efforts and always double check source.
    These are the most dodgy bastards ever to scourge this Earth.

  • Edco

    What annoys me about Netanyahu is how he thinks he can go all over the world, into other nations like he did in the US Congress, and essentially dictate policy for those other nations. What other nation does that? Audacity. Rudeness.

    • Exactly Edco. His arrogance & belligerence is off the Richter scale yet what makes this case so exasperating is this awful attitude is born of a country that displays such a wanton disregard to international laws.

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