Netanyahu petition up to 84,500 & guess what – he wants an apology!

What better way to fire me up so that I plant another one on this mass-murdering filth! Oh it’s alright if Zionists like that vermin Pamela Geller deliberately incite violence & hatred against Muslims with cartoons that mock their God but no one can say anything against the most evil man on the planet. So instead of an apology how about signing or sharing this petition……..



Of course the best response the world could ever give to Netanyahu is –  


Fuck you


  • Rhiannon Basiliki Barrowman

    Here’s my apology:👃👊🏻👎🏻🌵⚡️🐜🍌 and go shake a booty in the closet you came out of satanyahu!!!!

  • whiskeypapa

    Apology? How about a great big giant MOON!

  • Adam James Kershaw

    He wants an apology, okay I give him one and please feel free to share this if you want.

    Dear Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, You have asked for an apology for the 80,000 plus signatures to the on-line petition for English citizens regarding your arrest when you’re scheduled to arrive in England on the 6th of September.

    As an young English Jew who was approximately the 850th person to sign this petition I would like to offer my most sincere apologies. So I’m so sorry that we’ve allowed you to get away with these war crimes and not face any punishment, I’m sorry that we the British public haven’t done enough to halt our government from exporting arms to your government, I’m extremely sorry that we’ve allowed you to expose your propaganda and lies.

    What I’m not sorry for however is signing this petition because no human is above the law, just because you lead the Zionist state doesn’t mean you’re above the law both in the secular and the religious sense. Torah tells us on the 2 stone tablets “Thal shal not kill” and “Thal shal not steal” and you’ve done both in droves but in the more secular sense, you’ve broken international law by maintaining and increasing this occupation of the West Bank by allowing for the construction of Israeli Jewish settlements with both goes against international law but also the ruling of your nation’s own high court. You can not silence and suppress the Palestinian people forever and the more you do, the more anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic attitudes which will not only lead to the disbandment of the Israeli state but could lead to the extermination of many Jews.

    So from me Adam Kershaw or if you want to use my full name Adam James Kershaw as well as millions of people from around the world and all varying in religious beliefs/affiliations you can take the apology you want, turn it sideways and stick it straight up your candy arse.

    • Elizabeth Kinsella

      You are a friend of commonsense and humanity, thank you for your comment and letting Netanyahu know how you feel, and I am sure that there are many many other Jewish people just like you, appalled by the behaviour of the frauds.

      • Absolutely right Elizabeth – thank you.

      • Adam James Kershaw

        If you want to share my “apology” you can and thanks, we’re all in this together.

        • That’s very kind of you Adam – thank you ever so much sir

          • Adam James Kershaw

            Michael, I’m actually looking to write this letter up or type it up due to my bad hand writing so is there an Israeli government email account I can send my apology to because I think Bibi needs to read this for his own eyes.

          • I think the best way Adam is to either find the equivalent address to 10 Downing St. & send a letter. Or as most people do now, dig out an appropriate email & send it. The chances of any leader ever reading a letter or email is nigh on impossible anyway. I think the best option is the former.

          • Adam James Kershaw

            But I’ve still got to take the slim chance that Bibi reads my letter and I’ll add some extra lines as a ps to the letter.

    • What can I say Adam but perhaps there is hope for us yet. I only wish more Jews would speak out because Netanyahu is not only a disgrace to mankind; he’s also the most dangerous man in the world. Moreover, him & his Ashkenazi Zionists do not possess a drop of Semitic blood. The media would have us believe Israel is a Jewish state; it is not! It is a Zionists state controlled by the Rothschilds. Believe it or not but this family alone, for the past 200 years has been responsible for a level of pain & suffering that’s off the Richter scale. That’s the good news! The bad news is what they have planned for Jews & us Goyim.

      • Adam James Kershaw

        I think part of the issue is that though people like myself seem to be a vocal minority it’s that we’re not given a platform on which to truly project from. This is the same for Muslims when they want to speak out against acts of terrorism done by “Islamic” organisations, they’ve all got something to say but they’re denied the platform on which to project this. So while I do share your concerns that we need all need to speak up we just like common, peace loving Muslims need to fight for our platform to speak on.

        But apart from what you may have implied about the Ashkenazi, which I’ll come back to in a second, I 100% agree with what you’ve said.

        Now as for this point, I suspect that there may very well be a small amount of Ashkenazi Jews both living around Europe and even in America and those living in the Holy land itself as Israelis who can trace their bloodlines back to the 12 tribes. I hope I’m one of them and while I’m not ruling anything out I’ve been looking through my ancestry and the sir name Levi keeps coming up over and over again so maybe I could be one. But the rest of the Israeli Jews are most likely from the Khazara empire.

        As for everything else like I said I completely agree with you and thanks man.

        • Sam

          Nice one Adam!
          Very reassuring to hear these views expressed by a Jewish person, thanks a million for speaking up and I’m certain there are many many more voices that we just aren’t hearing reported
          Michael, is there any way we can make a recurring PayPal donation?? I’m quite likely to forget otherwise haha

          • Adam James Kershaw

            With luck Sam or G-d these voices can roar out from the darkness like (and this metaphor from the Rasta’s that I absolutely love) Like the Lion of Judah.

    • David

      I would add nothing to your comment, I think it should be the basis of any case against Netenyahu. if he can, without waffle, bullshit or lies defend your statement, let him try. The sooner this man and his facilitators are bought before the ICC, the better humanities future will look. Thanks for the clear thoughts..

    • as an arab reading what you wrote,couldnt help tears coming out from my heart, thank you .

      • Adam James Kershaw

        Are you replying to me or someone else?

        • I think you’ve got a fan club here Adam

          • Adam James Kershaw

            Well Michael a movement, a revolution, an up rising has to have a spark to initiate it. The fire or up rising was sparked twice before, and maybe I’m the spark of the third Intifada. Or I’m just another voice in this but that is what I’m not sure of. What I’m sure of is that I’m glad that I may have begun to gain a following/fan club even though I didn’t really want this.

            To now address the point made by Yahya Jojo if they were made to me and my apology. It may have brung you to tears and may still do if you’ve come back to read it but I’m I’m doing is projecting words and while Marcus Garvey made the brilliant point “The tong is stronger than the sword and pen” (I may have got the wording wrong, my apologies to Marcus Garvey) And while I agree with that I still need to go the the West Bank and help lift the children out of their sorrow so they can live their through their childhoods as children, to restore the sense of Palestinian parents and adults that they, their friends and family as well as the next generation will live in peace, harmony with each other and nature, with absolute justice, equality and freedom but not the “freedom” capitalists claim they give us, no, true freedom. As for children and families of Gaza, I have to help rain down food on the strip instead of bombs, water instead of death, love instead of hatred, equality instead of discrimination, freedom instead of imprisonment so that we can tare down not only the physical walls the Israelis built to trap them in but also the physiological walls the Israelis created for every individual of the strip.

            So while I’m moved that I had the ability (or may have if it was my “apology” you read that made you become slightly or quite emotional) I’ve only helped laid down the first brick upon which we will help the Palestinians march to freedom but we’ve still got to build the road and march down it so lets save your emotions for now so that we can build the road on which we will march with the Palestinian people. Without further a do, what I’m saying is lets get to work on helping set the Palestinians free. .

    • Imy

      How eloquently put my friend…. we need more people like you …god bless u

    • No name yet

      Bro, you are AWESOME!!!!

  • FINALLY Adam Kershaw!! The possibility that Netanyahu might face world justice – from the lips of a Jew – is up-lifting to say the least, and “stick it straight up your candy arse” is very English…

    In 2009 I wrote in my book HOW THE ENGLISH CONTROLS THE WORLD about the ISRAEL situation, that Israel is backed primarily by England (London Illuminati), and the Western Alliance – fronted by the U.N – with America as the world Police Force, All this is part of WORLD CONTROL by the ONE WORLD ORDER Zionist elitists who protect Netanyahu”s “arse”. I saw all this coming, as planned..

    • Precisely my feelings Jack. We need more Jews to step to the plate to disassociate themselves from these Zionist maniacs who feel they have a god given right to run roughshod over everyone.

    • Adam James Kershaw

      Actually me and my brother were fans of the WWE/WWF wrestler the Rock and I used to live that line he used to say so I thought I would use it to school Bibi. And you may have seen this coming but now we must focus on bringing this down

  • Bari Aziz

    Netanyhu, you are a polish nomad whose Zionist movement has the blood of innocents on your collective hands. I cannot begin to think of a suitable death for you and your murdering henchmen.
    Hitler must have been a real role model for you and your followers, why not build gas chambers like the a Third Reich did it would speed up your murdering programme of rampage.
    You are a blight on mankind, like all cancers you need cutting out.

    • Once again – Bari you take the words out of my mouth. It certainly gives me more hope that so many people are now seeing through the lies of the media & realise that Zionism is akin to the most virulent carcinogenic strain that’s rampaging through mankind. My fear is soon the tumor could be so large it will be inoperable!

  • Wendilyn Emrys

    Wish I could sign. I have ONE word for the Hypocritical British Government response to this petition PINOCHET!

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