Netanyahu proclaims 9/11 attacks good for Israel

Quite how this lunatic is still in power is beyond me & I’m not talking about his recent problems with fraud & corruption. Everyone knows he’s guilty as sin, so it’s hard to see why the true power-brokers are prepared to put up with him. They have the opportunity for a more acceptable face, not that any new Israeli leader is going to drastically alter policy. The real leaders of this rogue nation are the Rothschild banksters.

This gives me reason to believe maybe they actually don’t mind him showing out every so often. He’s done it enough times. On camera he said “beat the Palestinians, then beat them again.’ His famous quote about ‘sucking America dry’ & the daddy of them all ‘9/11 was good for Israel.’ Sadly he neglected to say ‘that’s why we did it!’ The fact is the only people who lick Netanyahu’s arse are Western politicians who’ve been bought off & those either brainwashed, deluded or idiotic enough to think he has right on his side.

And don’t bother asking if this is fake news or not. I don’t want to hear about any fact-checking bullshit like Snopes. I’m not here to play games with dickheads. It’s genuine alright. A day or so after 9/11 I saw him say these very words on camera. Of course I’ve been unable to find the original clip. That’s because U-tube is run by even bigger dickheads. Here’s an article about this – Netanyahu proclaims 9/11 attacks good for Israel

I thought I’d throw in a few articles that show with Netanyahu we are dealing with an out-&-out gangster –

Bibi Netanyahu is the Operational Head of the Khazarian Mafia

And what about this one – ‘Israeli rabbis at military prep school are caught on video praising Hitler.’ Well not only were Zionists responsible for 9/11 but they & they alone financed Hitler so this should be no surprise.

OrAmerican Citizens Killed and Tortured by Israel?But what of the 3000 Americans killed in 9/11? Add to this the 100’s, if not 1000’s of first responders who’ve died of lung diseases mainly thanks to the Asbestos the conspirators knew they’d breathe in. Not to mention the even greater numbers who’ve died in the consequent phony war on terror.


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