Netanyahu telling the truth…..

For some reason I couldn’t post this yesterday. I wonder why. Perhaps hearing the truth from Netanyahu is so shocking, the system just can’t handle it. Of course we know this clip’s been rather skilfully assembled. It just goes to show how much this evil man lies because everything he says here actually could not be more accurate. Very poignant too having Hilary Clinton next to him.
It seems the West too is bedeviled with leaders who lie for a living! Blair challenged Netanyahu admirably. It was a toss up who lied more. Then Obama held the mantle for a while but with Cameron lying from every orifice, there was no contest. Netanyahu, you can be certain, is very proud of this particular puppet.
However, neither Netanyahu or Cameron could ever outdo No.1 porkie merchant, Mr liar extraordinaire Mark Regev. No surprise he was Netanyahu’s spokesman. This guy ONLY lies! You may think the same can be said of Cameron & the Israeli leader. Well, not quite. At the UN, Cameron told everyone 9/11 truthers were as bad as ISIS terrorists & on the day of 9/11, when Netanyahu was asked what he thought, he told the truth – he said




Thanks to Fredi Hazeem for this caption – 


Hamas - a greatr Israeli invention



  • saturnx311

    This man is a psychopathic child killer. He is out to exterminate all Palestinians. But the massacres only serve to strengthen the resistance.
    Palestine will be free!

  • Woldberg

    au… I do hope you know this is taken from a popular Dutch talk show where they often have these satirical video clips.
    They do this often. The Dutch royal family is a returning subject here. And they are really good at it.
    I’m disappointed that you have posted this without informing your readers this is fake. Even when the point made satirically, is a strong one.
    Or even worse, you haven’t noticed this yourself.

  • Woldberg

    It’s from Lucky TV. A satiricle format broadcast on Dutch tv.

  • Charles Magus

    Hi Michael, I have got to let you know that the Video has been Manipulated by Careful Editing to Give a False Statement from that Psycho Netanyahu. Even Though He Believes What Was said in this Doctored Video, He Wouldn’t Dare Say what is Stated in this Video. This was Most Likely Done by the Zionists Themselves to Discredit People who Expose Israel’s Genocide Agenda Against the Palestinians. I heard the Original Interview When it First Aired And Satanyahu Was Playing Things Down. (Even Though He is as Evil as Hell!)

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