Netanyahu: Why are you blaming Jews when you know perfectly well this was Zionist terror?

We better wise up – time is not on our side.

I want to make one thing absolutely clear – when it comes to good character, decency & people of moral fiber, I believe if one’s lacking in these three departments the chances are one’s hardly destined to become an aid-worker, Truther or activist. We all do what we do because we care. That’s not to say those who do not involve themselves do not care because fear & ignorance plays a role too. However, I do no not believe we’d be in such a dire predicament if in the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s, so many people hadn’t thought ‘I’m alright Jack!’ In defense, this was a period where the standard of living rose dramatically. We had the ability to purchase cars, videos, CD’s, cable TV, computers & above all, our own homes, thus a climate emerged where more people than ever cared less about matters not directly concerning them. Apathy is somewhat of a paradox. It is not so terrible; it’s hardly illegal…… yet it’s unforgivable because it gives those with power & influence a licence.


I wanted to get that off my chest because I make a point of publicising when & where us Truthers & activists go wrong & this week there were two glaring examples where we’re getting things arse about face. The first involved people wasting precious time & energy arguing over nothing. A chap running a 9/11 group took umbrage to the story of Cecil the lion going viral. While I understood his frustration, comparing 9/11 with Cecil the lion was entirely inappropriate. He said A dentist kills a lion and everyone goes nuts; 3 towers collapse from office fires and no one says shit!” This in turn encouraged others to argue the toss. So I felt compelled to highlight the sheer folly of this in a post on 31st July A lesson to learn: this is not about what you or I do; it’s what the media does’ where I tried to explain how promoting a story like this is a deliberate media ploy to distract attention away from matters far more serious, while fermenting unrest among people our side of the fence. All too often we fall into a trap that’s inadvertently of the media’s making. Their policy to Divide & Conquer was going down a treat!




The second was a classic example of how we miss opportunities we can ill-afford to. Here, after all, was a chance for us to turn Divide & Conquer on it’s head! We had it in our hands – the opportunity given to us by Netanyahu himself. On the 30th July a horrific fire-bomb attack in the West Bank by extremist Israeli settlers resulted in a Palestinian baby being burned to death & three of his family being seriously wounded. That day I was inundated with messages asking me to unload GMM style. I was rather surprised because every other day Palestinian kids are killed either by settlers or the IDF who often use kids as target practice. Why the fuss about this baby? This prompted me to switch on the TV & sure enough RT Moscow was on the story. Within seconds, once again I thought, why are they making such a big deal out of this? Then the RT presenter said –

the Israeli military called the attack “Jewish terror,” while Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu & other Israeli officials echoed the claim, vehemently condemning the attack.

Immediately I thought ‘give it a rest Netanyahu. When are you ever going to clam up? Some 600 children were among the 2200 people you killed through your urge to commit yet another bout of mass-murder.’ I carried on with what I was doing but in the back of my mind I felt something didn’t add up. You can be sure, when something doesn’t make sense, it’s very rarely down to someone doing something daft. There’s a definitive reason; there always is. Of course when the media decides to drop into their song & dance routine it has a knock on effect. How many times have I said – contrary to what most people would imagine, the media chooses when we get angry & what to be angry about. We don’t!




Then it hit me. They specifically used the term JEWISH TERROR…..Here it was in a nutshell. We were being played….. again! Just stop & think – correct me if I’m wrong but the people responsible for this heinous act were NOT Jews. They were ultra right-wing Zionists! If you do not feel this is such a big deal think again. Imagine England being attacked by the Scots. Would it be appropriate to blame the Welsh? WELL THIS IS NO DIFFERENT! This statement should have been ZIONIST TERROR, not Jewish terror! I therefore hurriedly put together a post A Palestinian home is fire-bombed. An 18 month old infant dies but Netanyahu, the IDF & most significantly, the media call this “Jewish terror!” DO I SMELL A VERY LARGE RAT where I made a point of stating the true reasons behind this statement & the fact it very much served an agenda that’s not so hidden because we know what they want to do.


I thought this one will have people muttering – ‘OH YEAH! WOW. DIDN’T REALISE THAT!’ Well, I couldn’t believe the reaction. Some of my more clued up friends realised what I was saying could well be a shocking reality. For most though, the key point flew over their heads. It was all about the baby. Of course it’s awful but isn’t every premature death? Being an insomniac is bad enough but overnight this reaction played havoc on my brain. What did I do wrong? How come more people didn’t recognise the relevance of the point I was trying to make? When the penny finally dropped, I felt a certain inner pleasure yet here I was, revealing all & hardly anyone so much as registered the significance. True to form, the very next day, two unarmed 17 year old Palestinian boys were shot & killed by the IDF & no one said a Dickie-bird!


All night I kept saying to myself – ‘can’t you lot see we’re being played? Dearie me, if we can’t spot their moves we’re in serious trouble because the Zionists controlling the media will know they have a licence to keep playing us. We simply have to see the wood from the trees & in this case we had an opportunity, not so much to conquer but ammunition aplenty to divide! All we had to do en masse is recognize the obvious discrepancies –

1) Why all the extra publicity.

2) What is the IDF trying to pull vehemently condemning this attack when they regularly kill unarmed kids?

3) What’s Netanyahu’s game? He’s been a champion of the ultra right wing settlers, building more illegal settlements than anyone. In the recent rigged election he appealed to these very people. You only have to listen to him to realise his intention is to wipe the Palestinians off the map. Would anyone believe he was being sincere condemning this attack? Hardly, yet here he was…..

4) As far as I know news channels that reported what the IDF and Netanyahu said, never mentioned the 3 anomalies I just listed above. How’s this possible? It makes a U-turn appear positively straight!

5) And just to show what a load of baloney this statement actually was, the very next day the IDF take out two unarmed kids.

– & from here it should have been plain sailing! One question should have been on the tip of our tongues –




Anti-semitic = Zionism


Like I said, we had it in our hands – THE CHANCE TO DIVIDE THEM! If we could have put some traction on this, we perhaps may then have been able to exploit the one undeniable truth that Zionists are loathed to mention – THEY ARE NOT SEMITIC; THEY ARE NOT JEWS! Moreover, explaining is hardly problematic. I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again – tactically, we’re pretty much hopeless. So going back to what we know the Zionists want – 

1) Destroy Syria. Impose a puppet ruler. (Not applicable)

2) Destroy Iran. (Not applicable)

3) Continue to incite Islamophobia. (Perhaps relevant)

4) Continue to ramp up the terrorist fear factor. (perhaps relevant)

5) Pressure their puppets in the US, UK, Canada, France, Australia, Germany & others to usher in more anti-terror legislation. (Getting warm)

6) Pressure their puppets in the US, UK, Canada, France, Australia, Germany & others to usher in laws that would seriously hinder Internet freedom. (Yes indeed)

7) Pressure their puppets in the US, UK, Canada, France, Australia, Germany & others to usher in laws that outlaw the BDS movement (Yes indeed)

8) Pressure their puppets in the US, UK, Canada, France, Australia, Germany & others to pass laws that outlaws criticism of Israel. (JACKPOT)


There can be no question, 1-8 is strictly part of the Zionist agenda. There’s no question too that largely thanks to the Internet, their stranglehold over the flow of information has all but evaporated. The mainstream media has been hemorrhaging viewers. As a result, they’re being found out. It goes without saying they would never publicise anything derogatory regarding Israel but an EU Poll named Israel as the greatest threat to world peace. Imagine if they never had the media & everybody knew this? They know they need to move fast.


So I put it to you – the term Jewish terror was a deliberate ploy by Zionists to create a climate of anti-Semitism. This may produce the desired result naturally due to Muslim anger boiling over. I’m more inclined to believe if the Zionists wish to achieve their objectives it will require a lot more than the actions of a few Islamic fanatics. I feel they’d prefer to create a climate where a major false flag event or a series of false flag events where Jews are victims, would not appear out of place. Of course they will be planned & executed by Mossad but blamed on Islamic extremists.


Who knows, if all goes according to plan & people are made to believe Jews are being singled out, (when in reality Arabs & Muslims are the ones being slaughtered), the media will do their bit to say this threat is genuine. You can be sure it will be rammed down our throats. This in turn will offer Zionist puppets the opportunity to, at the very least, present legislation which is nothing less than an affront to democracy & an attack on our fundamental rights. They’ve already marked our card. We know Zionists want this & they will do whatever it takes. How many times have I said – if no one stops the Zionists, they will not stop!


I cannot emphasise more the significance of their use of the term JEWISH TERROR! We’re nearing the end game here. This is where we have to make our stand because we simply cannot under any circumstances allow Zionist goals 5 through to 8 to become reality. The mere notion criticising the most aggressive, evil state on the planet could be deemed criminal? Does one have to actually spell out all the frightening implications? Get this into your heads – IT IS THE DUTY OF EVERY DECENT HUMAN BEING TO MAKE IT ABSOLUTELY CLEAR – ANYONE PLAYING ANY PART IN THE RATIFICATION OF SUCH VILE LAWS WILL BE CONSIDERED ENEMIES OF THE STATE & WILL BE CHARGED WITH TREASON! EACH & EVERY TRAITOR WILL BE PUT UP AGAINST THE WALL & SHOT! I cannot begin to reiterate – it must go no further than this. 


It's all about being sound tactics

It’s all about being sound tactics


  • Great post Michael, shared.

  • Lesa & Al

    Thanks Michael … we must wise up. The Zionist controlled media has been using the same tricks to get us warring on each other for eons … leading to war and stripping us of while our rights and freedoms ! This is end game .. As soon as we something plastered all over the controlled media we need to ask why and who beneftis .. as you have done here.

  • John Miranda

    We all need to be aware of the media manipulation and indeed the terms and phrases that are being thrown at the public. Nothing is being thrown at us by the mainstream media by chance. Michael does explain this very clearly in his article.

  • Louis Asfour

    No cohesion, disunity, no plan to defend ourselves, too easily distracted.

    I must confess, I was pleased when Netanyahu identified the act as one of “Jewish terror”. I considered it useful. I still do. I’m reasonably aware of the differences btwn Judaism and Zionism, yet, I’m not too confident it will be achievable to educate the many who oppose and who will, in the future, oppose Zionist Israel. That being said, I expect it would be effective to condemn the acts of Israeli state terrorism along with the country, Israel, and leave the Zionist/Jewish discrepancy to be taught and gathered by the many, along the way.

  • Richard Stark

    Israel is the unsinkable battleship of the major powers in the region, a fortress. The great imperialist powers are not “puppets”.

  • No problem with the unsinkable battleship Richard. The “not puppets” scenario – elaborate please.

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