Nicky Nelson & her Horses Need our Help

If I can I’ll always go out of my way to help. For obvious reasons though, I tend not to do fundraisers because in no time I’d be inundated with requests to publicise particular grievances, so I simply have to refuse. More often than not, a bad taste is left in the mouth because people take offense. I can understand their situation & I can also understand why they don’t quite see eye to eye with mine.

Anyway, this time around it was a no-brainer for two reasons. Firstly, in this crazy world little astonishes me anymore but when this lady told me of her predicament, I was gob-smacked. How can this be? America heading back to the lawless days of the Wild West? What we’re talking about is a US justice system that’s literally mimicking a mafiosi protection racket. It’s as if judges & Police are taking their orders from Al Capone & the real bad news is, this is anything but an isolated incident. It’s happening all over America.

Secondly, I know Nicky Nelson very well & vice-versa. I can’t begin to list her feats as an activist. To say she’s tireless is an understatement. If people think I have the constitution of an ox, Nicky is in another league altogether. As well as being a fearless fighter, I’ve never known a person to work with so many well-known Truthers.

Though I feel ordinary folk are being treated as mere cannon fodder too I’m convinced of one thing – many of those who are being singled out for this ‘special’ treatment have been deliberately targeted. I feel this all goes back to the NSA. They know who all the activists are. I’ve always said Zionists run America & they put a new meaning to the word vindictive. For me, these mafiosi tactics has got their M.O written all over it!

Please watch & listen to this unbelievable 4 minute clip by Jim Condit Jr. who ran in for the Constitution Party in 2010 & 2012 trying to take out Speaker John Boehner. It explains exactly what’s going down. Then if you feel you’d like to help in any way, the link below will show you how you can donate.


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