No Question ISIS Is Our Enemy But It’s Leaders Are Our Leaders

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No Question ISIS Is Our Enemy But It’s Leaders Are Our Leaders

whatsupic — It’s a tough life trying to be a current affairs writer. Can you even be one in the mass-media? The only decision you’re ever likely to make is whether you’re prepared to sell your soul. In alternative media, even if your judgement is awry you can at least hold your head high. You’re in the firing line with little to gain and much to lose. The tragic deaths or murders of Andrew Breitbart, Michael Hastings and Serena Shim is testament to this. Personal safety though hardly enters the equation when you care enough. What I find rather problematic is forever having to write about doom and gloom. Every so often I need some good news to provide incentive and impetus. That’s rare enough but what’s going on now in Syria is beginning to drive me mad. I can take a shot or two but I ain’t no George Chuvalo! 

Nato leaders including US President Barack Obama, France’s President Francois Hollande; Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko; British Prime Minister David Cameron; German Chancellor Angela Merkel; and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi meet at Celtic Manor

Syria was stage 6 of the plan to take out 7 countries Israel wanted destroyed. This was the reason Zionists planned and executed 9/11 – to get America to do Israel’s dirty work on the premise of fighting terrorism. With Libya’s rapid demise it was all going swimmingly well. Cameron, Obama and all the other despicable excuses of humankind tried on the same baloney with Syria – ‘Assad’s a tyrant. The people of Syria want democracy!’ Bad enough Cameron’s already told as many lies as Tony Blair but isn’t it a bit rich coming from a man where 75% of the eligible voters do not want him as their leader? Considering in July 2014 Assad won 88% of the vote in an election which had a 74% turnout. I’m not sure in my lifetime the UK enjoyed such a turnout. Cameron couldn’t lie about this so he had the gall to make out the elections in Syria weren’t fair. Of course the beauty of having an unchallenged media platform is no one ever holds you to account by saying, ‘where’s your evidence?’

Ironically if anyone is a cheat it’s Cameron. You may not be aware but the other 3 elections Cameron has been involved in – David Davis was robbed of the Tory leadership; the Scottish vote for Independence was so rigged it was a joke – to have a record 85% turnout only for the Scots to say ‘let’s remain as we are’, is simply ludicrous. Obviously Cameron had to be saved from further embarrassment because it had already been decided his re-election as Prime Minister was imperative. As for the last election, I predicted Cameron would win with a majority – yes, the man who protected the Paedophiles, buried the Chilcott inquiry, continued Blair’s despised foreign policy, allowed the Banksters carte blanche while making us suffer for their blatant fraud. I can go on and on about Cameron’s skulduggery but the problem was THE MEDIA WEREN’T! Why? Because the same people who owned the media wanted Cameron back at all costs. Even when the media was lying trying to make people think the election was close I said, ‘you wait. In the last minute the Tories will have a majority and no one will say anything.’

Still – ‘Assad must go!’ Obama said it. So did Cameron. What the media never said is why! It’s all well and good saying he’s a tyrant but if he is, what on earth are the Saudis, the leaders in Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar? I can provide mountains of evidence to say Netanyahu, Bush, Blair, even Cameron are war criminals. What did Assad ever do to warrant such consternation? All the media ever say is he supports Hamas, Hezbollah and the same old drivel. This is hardly evidence and anyone who thinks so is an idiot! If the US and UK so genuinely cared about right and wrong, WITH 66 UN RESOLUTIONS TABLED AGAINST IT, ISRAEL IS THE ONE WE SHOULD BE WORRIED ABOUT! Syria does not have one such violation. Therefore it was no surprise, after the chaos and carnage in Libya, no one was buying it. Time for a false flag event – lo & behold, ASSAD GASSES HIS OWN PEOPLE! No one bothered to ask, why would he do that? With the ‘international community’…. meaning fully-fledged Zionist puppets baying for his blood, Assad had to know he couldn’t cross the road without a 10 ton truck bearing down on him!

It may seem difficult to fully comprehend but the one thing you should not expect from the media is the truth! Truth to Zionists is what Kryptonite is to Superman! At the time the media did all they could to sell this lie and make no mistake, media barons were quite aware Assad did not carry out this chemical attack. Why? Because they knew who did! The guidelines for what the media would say regarding this false flag was in all likelihood laid down well before the attack even took place. What’s so infuriating is for the world it seems people struggle to draw these obvious conclusions. And come what may, the Zionists will not stop until they have their way and then, before they even crack open the bubbly, already in the pipeline will be their next coup and so on. If you want to know why Israelis are so arrogant – they know they can literally get away with anything! This is what happens when you control so many Western politicians & the entire corporate media.

However, this time around the war-mongers weren’t having it their own way. Everyone saw what happened in Libya. We’ve heard this story before – bringing democracy means death and destruction is an inevitable result. Therefore, even those blighted with a malfunctioning brain that only works one day of the week realised – “hang on a minute. If Assad was going to gas anyone, surely he’d have ironed out those trying to overthrow him – not defenseless civilians?” All of a sudden, the wheels had fallen off the Zionist propaganda machine. Even if people weren’t seeing through the nonsense, what was abundantly clear was people were fed up with war. No surprise the UN and several independent sources though soon declared this heinous act had actually been carried out by the very rebels Cameron, Obama and the media was supporting.

In the meantime, the Russians had decided enough was enough. President Putin sent his fleet to the Mediterranean to stand toe-to-toe with the US Navy. The world stood on the brink. One mistake and it could be all she wrote! We’d arrived at this dangerous situation because one country, Israel, wanted to install a puppet ruler in Syria just as they had done in Egypt. Yet unrepentant, Cameron staked what reputation he had by reiterating the same drivel – ‘Assad is a tyrant. He’s got to go!’ However, not surprisingly with the Russians in the fray, his call for direct military intervention received a massive parliamentary thumbs down. The last time a sitting UK Prime Minister was defeated in Parliament on so grave an issue was in 1885 when Gladstone’s budget was unceremoniously dumped. Cameron was left utterly humiliated. His resignation surely was imminent.

Over in America, an independent poll had an astonishing 92% opposed to US military intervention in Syria. Along with the UK vote, Obama knew he was stuck between a rock and a hard place. The critical air bombardment that coincided with the brutal army of thugs Mossad and the CIA had assembled to take out Libya, would not be so forthcoming in Syria. Now it was Putin’s turn to incur the wrath of the media and significantly Zionist puppets in the West. For the time being though, the rebels had to knuckle down. Effectively they were on their own and were as a result suffering at the hands of the Syrian army. Of course, nobody mentioned how the Rebels were blessed with an uncanny ability to conjure ammunition, food and water out of thin air. Supply lines? What supply lines!

However the media were about to put plan B into operation. Whether they knew it or not, the Rebels were about to undergo an extraordinary metamorphosis. This was indeed show business – ‘ladies and gentlemen, we now proudly present ISIS!’ This band of cut-throat mercenaries which so far had slaughtered countless Arabs and Muslims in Iraq and Libya as well as several Christians too, now were to become a new terrorist group, even worse than Al Qaeda apparently. The media wasted no time to ramp up the fear factor with every UK newspaper warning us of this terrible threat that could actually come to our shores! Almost immediately, this pathological liar we have as our Prime Minister, David Cameron, declared a heightened terrorist threat! We were told everything but the truth. Of course, no one in the media was going to say –

‘Wait a minute. This is the same mob you utilised in Iraq and Libya. They work for you. They always have….. and now you’re telling us this ‘new’ terrorist threat is something we should be scared of? Then you’ve got the audacity to allow these killers to run riot in Syria, (which is precisely what they’d have done had the US and UK voted for direct military intervention). You’re getting exactly what you wanted all along EVEN THOUGH WE VOTED AGAINST THIS!
To add insult to injury, you’d have us believe this new terrorist threat emerged from right under the noses of the very people who claim they’re fighting a war on terror. This is what you’re saying. So at what point are you going to accuse Obama and Cameron of total incompetence? From where I’m sitting, these two yo-yo’s aren’t fighting terror; THEY’RE GOING OUT OF THEIR WAY TO CREATE IT! Why else leave all the fire-power and ammunition under the Sun for ISIS to simply pick up off the floor? Good this democracy!’

Obviously they can’t tell the truth; what amazes me is how they get away with telling such lies! They even had the gall to say the US military made this error. For countries committed to fighting a war on terror it is beyond the boundaries of sanity to believe they simply left behind a warehouse load of state-of-the-art US military hardware. Yet this is what they sold the public. If the media had made any kind of meal out of this there would have been all hell to pay but that’s just it – a prerequisite for telling such a lie and getting away with it, is knowing what the media will do. Of course they had to give this diabolical excuse because the only other way ISIS could have got their mitts on this cache of armaments is if the US military simply gave it to them, which is precisely what they did. There was no other way to claim ISIS were terrorists. This they most definitely are. The trouble is, they’re US, UK and above all, Israeli terrorists!

The power of the media. If only people could think for themselves. Perhaps we’re in this current malaise because thanks largely to the Internet, way too many people are doing just that! Why else would Zionists puppets Cameron, Obama, Harper and Hollande show out like never before declaring ‘in order to ensure our security, it’s necessary to usher in laws that give the police unprecedented power.’ So on the flimsy, trumped up basis of the need to fight terror, these traitors want to take away our fundamental civil rights. Why are they doing this? We know of the Oded Yinon plan to create Greater Israel. This required the destabilisation and destruction of 7 Arab/Muslim countries. We know Syria was one of them. Cameron’s already said he wants to pass laws to criminalise criticism of Israel and to add insult to injury, anyone sharing my sentiments better not say so because he’s also said he also wants to do everything in his power to ‘eradicate us’, his very words.

Obama and Cameron are never asked obvious questions –

1) Is ISIS indestructible? Since when could a band of terrorists outwit the US, UK and Israeli military?

2) Since when could ammunition be conjured out of thin air?

3) How is this army never having problems with supply lines? With the US and UK military supposedly committed to fighting ISIS it’s inconceivable they never have any worries with fuel, food and water.

How come the media is avoiding these questions like the plague. The only possible answer can be because the US and UK are helping them. If it was anyone else the media would tell us. But what interest does the US and UK have for pursuing such a reckless foreign policy. Answer – NONE! Both the US and UK government are under the control of Zionists who’ve seen to it that both countries do this for the sake of Israel. ISIS takes it’s orders from Mossad. In the meantime the Zionist controlled media continually pound the myth this is all on the premise of fighting terrorism.

Then out of the blue we hear something astonishing – despite the fact Parliament voted against the employment of our military in Syria, Cameron went ahead regardless! This mind-numbing news was not even contested, yet by defying Parliament our Prime Minister had committed Treason. Forget about resigning – he should have been arrested and thrown in jail! At the forefront of the agenda should have been debate over how to ensure such a flagrant abuse of power could never occur again. What happens? The media made nothing of this and the story simply died a death. It was if Cameron had done nothing wrong! Crazy as it sounds, most people do not always decide when and what makes them angry. Every so often the media steps in as if they control the minds of ordinary folk. They actually choose when and what should incur our wrath! The thing is, try telling people that. They’ll think you’ve taken leave of your senses but as Mark Twain once so eloquently said “it’s easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled.”

Sure enough, what the vast majority of Americans and Brits think seemingly counts for nothing for a way has somehow been found for the US air-force to pound targets in Syria. Much as they say it’s for the purpose of checking ISIS, unless Putin is prepared to give Assad what he needs to survive (see link) regime change is now on the cards. The power vacuum and the ensuing chaos will result in the installation of a puppet ruler who ultimately will be answerable to Tel Aviv. This will give control of Syrian air-space so that Iran, the final stage of the plan could be put into motion. The new Syrian leader will have carte blanche to suppress anyone who so much as looks boss-eyed at him and just like with Sisi in Egypt, the media will never highlight the horrendous abuses of human rights.

How ironic – the Arab Spring was all because Arabs wanted more democracy in countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. What most people don’t realise is THIS IS THE VERY LAST THING THE ZIONISTS & IT’S PUPPETS LIKE CAMERON & HARPER WANT – Arab nations living in harmony while Israel is an Apartheid state, far worse than South Africa ever was? No country violates as many international laws, yet they want everybody to think Israel is the one democracy in the Middle East. Why else did Netanyahu make this very claim in that dreadful speech to Congress? You never hear the Swiss or the Danes ever boasting about their democracy! This is all about furthering the Zionist cause – destroying anyone opposed to them so that Greater Israel can be realised. What more can one say? Just this: IF NO ONE STOPS THE ZIONISTS, THEY WILL NOT STOP!


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