Not giving Trump a chance is plain daft but allowing the media to influence you is inexcusable especially when you know who owns them & how dishonest they are

It’s started – those who insisted Trump, all along was part of the establishment are already stepping out of their prams. The same thing that’s happening to Jeremy Corbyn is now happening to Trump. I cannot believe how people cannot see this. Now I know – we are doomed. Here was my response to the first ‘I told you so’……
I don’t believe you’ve called it right one bit. Sure, you’ve helped undermine Trump but all you’ve done is shoot yourself in the foot for, correct me if I’m wrong, it’s thanks to the Zionist controlled media, the Zionist controlled intelligence agencies, the Zionist controlled Congress & Senate, unimaginable pressure has been heaped on Trump. It couldn’t be more obvious Trump isn’t part of the establishment but you’re mind was so made up you couldn’t get away from thinking any different. Quite why I don’t know but for some inexplicable reason you refuse to accept that Trump wanted to implement policies the Zionists & Globalists oppose – in other words ALL THE THINGS YOU WANT.
Why do you think they so oppose him? And don’t say it’s some sort of daft double-bluff because then I will really unload…… Instead of people throwing their weight behind him, as they ordinarily do after a democratic election, Trump has literally been shoved onto the back foot, all thanks to the Rothschild Zionists & detractors like you. As a result, Netanyahu has now been able to coerce Trump by saying ‘if you don’t do what we say we will destroy you’. Can’t you see that those creating untold grief for Trump are the very people you despise?
It is so disheartening to see how easily the media can lead even those who mistrust the media. This is why I now believe we are doomed. We had the media on the ropes. The best thing we could have hoped for was Trump tearing the media apart. HE ACTUALLY DOES THIS. I couldn’t believe our luck yet instead of everyone backing Trump, we’ve fallen into the same old trap. When are people going to realise there is more to this subliminal brain-washing than they can imagine? I feel we have missed an incredible opportunity.


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