Note how Zionist controlled media are loathed to say the Russians have crushed ISIS

How many times have I said – it matters not how significant a news item may be. If it’s not to the liking of media barons, it is inevitable a ‘not to mention’ tag will be enforced. Therefore, if the media neglects to report what by rights should be news, then it’s not news! This is why the vast majority of folk have little or no idea of what’s really going on in Syria. Lies are one thing; media manipulation though is all about what we’re not told. The problem for the media, hard as they try to vilify Vladimir Putin, once again he’s shown –

1) How to make the Zionist controlled media look daft.

2) How to outflank Zionist puppet politicians. 

3) How to destroy terrorist organisations like ISIS.

4) What the real meaning of military intervention is.


Though all those who’ve maintained Putin is part of the NWO have gone rather quiet, I’m not going to rub it in because I cannot put my hand on my heart & say I’m 100% certain. I’ll explain why in a moment. For now I’ll state if I am right about Putin then it’s safe to say his announcement to curtail military operations in Syria was made because Assad’s position as President had been fully consolidated. For this to be so, the Russian air-force has to have all but wiped out ISIS. Since our politicians & media have done all they could to make us believe ISIS is this terrible threat, WHY AREN’T THE CHEERLEADERS OUT?




One cannot begin to emphasise the significance of the media’s reaction or should I say, non-reaction. You see, the last thing they or our treacherous politicians in the West want is for people to realise the Russians have well & truly routed ISIS. If we were made aware of this, how could our politicians have the front to usher in new security laws when ISIS has been shown up to be exactly what it is – a rag-tag bunch of mercenary killers that in truth, are sitting ducks?


Invasion my arse!


The only thing I can’t get my head round is RT’s role in this. Never once have they even suggested ISIS is an Israeli run terrorist organisation financed by its Western Zio-puppets. Identifying who’s really behind ISIS, after all, is the crux of the problem. Instead RT’s news headlines seemingly, dutifully follows the media’s convoluted take, almost as if RT is serving the very wishes of the NWO Illuminati Zio-banksters. RT’s indifference in exposing the Zionist role is the reason I’m, as yet, not convinced Putin is a true ally.
You’ve every right thinking this is somewhat harsh considering how Putin has scuppered each & every move the Zio-West has made to oust Assad. Why would he be making himself this busy if he was part & parcel of the NWO? Too true…… yet RT is ultimately under his control. So why in the devil are RT’s reporters not being given free rein to unload? I think I have the answer or at least a scenario that connects all the dots – Zionists have made it abundantly clear – any RT reporter who mentions…..
1) America is controlled by Zionists.
2) The UK is controlled by Zionists.
3) The Corporate media is controlled by Zionists.
4) 9/11 was planned & executed by Zionists.
5) This is about ODED YINON’s plan to create Greater Israel.



This edition of CrossTalk merely serves to put the record straight regarding Putin. This they do with distinction. However, when it comes to pointing the finger, these 4 good men are perfectly happy merely to stick Saudi Arabia & Turkey in the frame. No mention of Israel. On the surface it appears we’ve a genuine alternative to the incessant lies spewed out by mainstream media. In reality, what we have is the infuriating, insufferable situation where Zionists are afforded infinitesimal cracks at the whip, forever living to fight another day. So long as they can keep slipping under the radar, it stands to reason, eventually, they will have their way. This has been the cornerstone of their success. This is where we have to stand up & be counted!


Syria & Palestine


  • Michael, I feel the need for RT to outright bang on about the Zionists is not going to help. Such as the likes of Ken O’Keefe has been very vocal on CrossTalk pointing that finger. Lavell himself has several times mentioned Israel’s duplicitous role.
    However, I feel that the Zionists are not the biggest threat to world order. Phew! Didi you expect me with that one?!!!

    They are big pawns, but pawns all the same. The controlling element is the Corporatocracy, which admittedly harbors a good share of Zionists and part of the Hit Squad of the Corporatocracy are the Lobby groups worldwide big and small and it is the constant shining the light on this Corporatocracy by the likes of RT that keep the pressure on.

    Now of course few address Palestine in the way it deserves and that has been the shame of everyone refusing to do so. BDS is becoming more and more a major thorn in the side of the Israeli criminals.

    If RT spent its time knocking the Zionists they would be narrowing their lens, creating more illogical recrimination and doing less good than they are.

    The problem is far more complex than “It’s the Zios Wot Dun It” and that is the educational curve I feel is far more lucrative to impress.

    Now you know me well enough to not be saying “Ignore the Zionist threat” – no, but widen the lens, expose the shits that are links in the long and twisted chain and get people to appreciate this is not as easy to comprehend and as resolution pasted as a half hour episode of East Enders or the like. It needs to be appreciated for the multilevel criminal con game it is. But people always want a cut and pasted solution by tea time so they can sleep peaceful and allow their silent complicity in areas they refuse to change to accompany them to Dreamland!!

    For us all to waste energy and time working out who is NWO or not is one huge diversionary tack. The present set ups are rotten to the core and we are served a Death Economy – We need to work towards a Life Economy which starts local for each of us and will not be resolved by going for the Zionist jugular, as tempting and as satisfying as it may appear.

    For at this stage it merely feeds our impotence or sense of. Whereas operating at the place we can represent change, movement and communal energy rewards far swifter and creates exponential change with far wider effect.

    There is so much more to this conversation but is merely offered as food for thought. Ultimately allowing ourselves to be fed positively through our actions is better than feeling exhausted and ‘spent’ on the cry for Zionist heads to roll, without perceptible results in the short term.

    With love!


    I am going to tell you something that Ken Okeefe said and that is 80% of the people dont care, or dont believe anything if it isnt put forward by main stream media! I call these people untruthers! If the main stream media says the earth is flat, they will never question them!
    I am an Amerikan and I dont believe how they control the electoral process! They just dont mention anything that is not to their liking, hoping that the Amerikan people will not notice–out of sight out of mind–and it is working!
    Remember ALL of them have dual citizenship, with who? ya right! \Who do the pledge their allegiance to? I am working on a website//political party to do something about this, AMERICAN RESPECT, wish me luck!!

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