Now for a bit of he said, she sad & what I bloody well said

A Vote of No Confidence in Tom Watson MP as Deputy Leader of the Labour Party

I say – GOOD! SIGN NOW! Let’s get rid not just of this piece of shit but EVERY LABOUR MP WHO BELONGS TO WHAT IS AN ILLEGAL SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP – Labour Friends of Israel. This is the crux of our problem. We want Labour MPs who support Jeremy Corbyn, NOT ISRAEL!

John Bercow risks damaging Special Relationship if he snubs Trump again –

I say – Fuck Bercow & Trump but most of all, the special relationship! I defy any normal person to come up with one single genuine reason why we refer to this relationship as special. What does the ordinary layman get from this. I guarantee you one thing – I’ve never got so much as a Mars bar out of this bloody Special Relationship!

Israel threatens to use Nuclear weapons to ‘wipe out’ its enemies.

I say – This disgraceful belligerence is typically met with total silence in the MSM. Now ask yourself – WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF IRAN SAID EXACTLY THE SAME THING?

Bernie Sanders slams BDS –reiterates supports for Israel.

I say – Here we go again. When are people going to realise the crux of our problem is the undeniable fact one group of people are able to override the wishes of any President in the White House. We are talking about what effectively mimics the most virulent carcinogenic strain – ZIONISTS! Until the world rids itself of this cancer of Zionist power which transcends democracy itself, outrageous statements that border on lunacy as the one Sanders just made regarding BDS, will be the norm.

Jews are the smartest race in the world & superior humans, Israeli law maker claims.

I say – No they aren’t. That’s just another lie to add to a very long list. In any case, any race of people who think they are ‘superior humans’ are actually MAD! To believe such a thing is a form of lunacy. Armenians however, have always been smarter. The difference is they don’t have the Rothschilds banking industry behind them, Armenians are not war-mongers & are nowhere near as devious & criminally inclined!

Sajid Javed – I could have had a life of crime.

I say – YOU STILL HAVE YOU BLITHERING IDIOT! All I see is a criminal! Don’t you tell incessant lies to the people you’re supposed to represent? Since you’ve done nothing to deserve the lofty position you hold, it’s nigh on certain you’re in the pockets of Zionist warmongering banksters. So from where I’m sitting you got your wish pal. Right now you’re involved in rip-roaring trade of criminality! You should be well proud!

Guardian: The EU needs £13 billion defense fund.

I say – NO WE BLOODY WELL DON’T! We need the £13 billion FOR EVERYTHING ELSE!

POMPEO: I was the CIA Director: We lied; we cheated; we stole. (Laughter).

I say – tell us something we don’t know but please, next time you say this, would you be so kind to do it right in front of me so I can vomit all over you?


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