Obama commutes much of Chelsea Manning’s sentence

Wonderful news to hear Chelsea Manning will be freed in May. Part of me wants to thank Obama for my feeling is someone like GW Bush would have let Manning rot in jail. Yet how can we forget that under Obama’s watch, whistle-blowers never had it so bad? How can we forget the targeted assassinations of true patriots, good men like Phillip Marshall along with his two children, Andrew Breitbart, Michael Hastings & many others? These killings may not have been Obama’s idea or wish but then what are we supposed to think of a President who once again let this all occur on his watch?



Above all, one is obliged to question why Manning was put in jail in the first place? I don’t give a toss what any traitor on Capitol Hill, Westminster or any media whore says. To jail anyone for telling the truth IS THE CRIMINAL OFFENSE! As for that two-bit slag Judith Miller who actually claimed Manning’s actions killed people? If ever you needed to know what’s wrong with the US media, here it is in a nutshell – it has a penchant for employing evil liars like her! Thankfully, this stupid bitch got an earful for her effort on Twitter.
Who really deserved to go to jail – every politician in favor of the Iraq war, every single media whore who lied in order to go to war & all those in AIPAC. They, after all, were the ones pushing it. The media systematically lied before, during & after Saddam. The very notion this was about bringing democracy to Iraq was drummed into Americans, while the undeniable truth, that the US was responsible for this brute being there, was never mentioned! The media then chose to ignore gross violations of the Geneva Convention, never saying a word about how the US military had literally adopted a policy of mowing down hoards of unarmed citizens.



Yet what is so sickening is how Manning went through all the relevant channels. She only went to Wikileaks as a last resort because the US military time & again did bugger all. To then be arrested, placed in solitary confinement & tortured month after month, only for politicians & the media to apply the most outrageous spin, instead of dealing with the issue of the US military committing indiscriminate mass-murder? God only knows how Manning has suffered, both physically & mentally. Seven years for telling the truth – I don’t know what else to say except I wholeheartedly hope she can start a new life & somehow get over this nightmare.

Check out this RT link – ‘Obama commutes much of Chelsea Manning’s sentence’ – there are some great clips & tweets 








What’s happened to a whole load of whistle-blowers –







  • Neil Unwin

    Only my feelings Michael, but I think those who convicted & sentenced Pvte Manning should be thrown in jail themselves.. .. I signed every email petition I ever received for this & am so pleased with the proposed release of Pvte Manning.. Lets hope Trump/others dont overturn this decision..

  • Ron Wright

    I just see him as an angry mixed up kid who wanted to embarrass the U.S. He has access to the information and simply used it. I don’t believe it was heroism but akin to a childish strop. I agree that his sentence was way out of proportion and that the information he released certainly embarrassed them. So I guess Obama did do a least one thing right.

    • I’m surprised at you Ron. I guarantee I wouldn’t be an angry mixed up kid if I was witnessing the mass slaughter of innocent civilians. The US military had no right even being in Iraq but to get rid of Saddam only to then adopt a policy of killing anyone that moved? The Nazis never committed such crimes!

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