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While I was taking a sabbatical it was sad to hear there was somewhat of a spat between Ken O’Keefe & Max Igan. Friends sent messages asking what I thought. The truth is, this altercation was the last thing that interested me for the very act of voicing an opinion over it would be playing into the hands of those who’d pay good money to initiate such a thing. Heap discredit on two of our greatest activists who’ve never flinched when it came to naming & shaming Zionists? Come on. We should be ready for this kind of crud.


It never ceases to amaze me. Activists & Truthers know what’s right & acceptable. That’s why they do what they do, yet so many of us struggle when it comes to ascertaining what’s worthy news & what should be given a wide berth. Much as I’m loathed to admit it, we have to at least try & be as selective as mainstream media. It goes without saying they cannot be more biased. What makes them so powerful though is they present a unified front with their delivery of ‘news’, never so much as uttering a word that harms the agenda of their overlord Zionist bankers. Ultimately, what doesn’t serve us is of no use. Therefore, we should ignore it like the plague.


In any case, with something like this, who knows what’s what? One can argue till the cows come home & that’s precisely what they want. All that needs embedding in our brains is, in its present form, the MSM can literally make up anything for they know there’s little or no chance of any come-back. A weapon of mass distraction it most certainly is so I don’t care if they say O’Keefe has Caribbean condominiums coming out of his gear-box. All that matters is whether he holds back or not when pointing the finger at the chief instigators. The very fact these stories make the news should alert folk to but one thing – these people are targeted because they have balls & speak the whole truth.



My favorite activist/truther though is Reverend Mark Dankof. I so wish I had his style of delivery – cool, calm & concise as one can be – just what’s required to get people to think. His videos are the ones people should watch & share. I’m more of a Ken O’Keefe merchant, ranting & raving, never holding back. Friends say they love the odd GMM emotional outburst but as well as believing I’m correct, they like it because it’s entertaining. I’m now certain the best way to convince people is by staying cool. Hard as I try, my Armenian blood reaches boiling point quicker than a rat out of an aqueduct whereas Dankof somehow manages to maintain his composure. Crucially, he says more in 5 minutes than anyone. You tell me…….


I do not exaggerate. When you know what you’re talking about & say so forcibly, for some reason or another, some folk take umbrage. I’m not going to go into the why’s & where’s because trying to explain this precisely will take way too much time. Let’s for now call it human fallibility. I’m as unreligious as you can be yet the other day I likened Hillary throwing a wobble to divine intervention. I BLOODY WELL MEANT IT! Time & again I’ve said mankind cannot afford to have this woman in the White House. Here, Dankof perfectly explains what the Zionist controlled media is doing…….



Mark Dankof


I thought I’d include this interview from 2012 by Dankof to indicate how real straight-shooters rarely receive the recognition & following they deserve. It is my wholehearted belief, the more one speaks the truth, the more one is censored. Everything he says here is entirely accurate – 9/11 WAS AN ISRAELI/MOSSAD OPERATION. These are the clips people need to see.



Finally, Reverend Dankof sent me this – The Israelification of the American Domestic Police Departments – just when I physically & mentally hit a brick wall. It’s a subject matter that from the word go I’ve tried to highlight. The ramifications are enormous. Sure enough, some 18 months ago I learned the UK Police force was also seeking advice from the Israelis. I simply stated – WHY IS THIS BEING KEPT A SECRET? DON’T WE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW WHY THEY’RE DOING THIS?


I ended the piece saying I’m worried. We all should be worried because in 1917, the same Ashkenazi ‘fake jews’ that our Police forces are seeking advice from, brutally tortured & murdered 66 million Russians in the so-called Bolshevic Revolution. They’ve managed to keep that a secret for 100 years! Simply ignore the scum whose only response is to label you a racist & anti-Semite. We desperately need to wake up before it’s too late. It doesn’t get more serious than this.


The Israelification of the American Domestic Police Departments


The Israelification of the American Domestic Police Departments


  • John Young

    Thank-you Michael for the intro to the Rev Dankof. I had never heard of him before. Will share your post as I typically always do.
    Delighted to hear from you again. Pace yourself.

  • Flying Gabriel

    700 views in 4 years. Therein lies the problem / tragedy.

    • I wouldn’t pay much attention to the viewing figures FG. Any anti-West, anti-Zionist or anti-Israeli video is bound to be taken down & then re-posted so it appears the viewing figures are low. Moreover with certain people being able to ‘buy’ Likes, it is never a level-playing field.

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