Obama trying to sneak Military Martial Law through Senate

The past few days I must have been sent a dozen articles stating that Obama wants to have the right to declare war anytime he likes, on anyone he so decides! Each one had the headline –



BREAKING: Obama Trying To SNEAK Military Martial Law Through SENATE!

More like breaking wind I thought! This reaction initially surprised many of the people who sent me this & indeed some are close friends. I said first of all, THIS ISN’T EVEN NEWS? WHAT THE HELL HAS OBAMA & HIS PREDECESSORS BEEN DOING ALL THESE YEARS? 

Effectively deploying the US military wherever & whenever they like!

And all of a sudden I’m being bombarded with an article that says & I quote –


“the authorization allows the president to deploy the military anywhere at his discretion – both foreign and domestic – for as long as he wants.”

UNBELIEVABLE! You know sometimes I really don’t know what to think any more. Was I actually put on this planet as the sanest person in the world as a test case to see how long it would take for me to go completely doolally? Well I ain’t round the bend yet but I often get the feeling there are some mysteriously, powerful forces at work here!


War & Revolution


I also said this is not even on the statute books & most importantly Obama is more or less a lost fart in a gasbag! If one rightly considers Israel controls US politics, then you can be sure, all the Zionists are doing now is conditioning the brainless morons out there to believe that serious measures may well be needed in these serious times. Of course no one in the media will ever say this is all of their making.


No. Whatever measures are in the pipeline will in all probability be for the next President to utilize. They’ve wrung all they can out of Obama. What more do they want? What more could they have asked for? Mr. Yes we can has pretty much sold Americans & the US Constitution right down the Swanee! The Zionists simply want to make sure the right man or indeed woman takes hold of the reigns when Obama leaves office I guarantee with his tail well & truly between his legs!



  • US President Obama’s failures I am sure he sees as successes, but funny or worthy of wise cracks they are not. Much of his administration’s actions are deeply tragic. The displacements of regular law into brutal, barbaric, war laws was first done under George Bush 11 and were made permanent under Obama.I seldom read of him nor do I comment on him but this article about his administration, the tone of it, deeply dismissive, needed a balancing answer.

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