On holiday, the moment I heard ISIS mentioned I’d say – what the fanatical Islamic terrorist group that never attacks Israel & kills only Arabs & Muslims?

On most occasions, this alone was enough not only to stop people in their tracks but crucially to get them thinking……

A few years ago I made a video entitled ‘9/11 – How best to convince people.’ I did this because I felt & still feel that many activists, alternative media writers & indeed ordinary folk, whilst possessing the necessary grey matter to realise the official account of 9/11 was utter tripe, fall woefully short when it comes to convincing others, more often than not leaving themselves perplexed & frustrated in the process.

Without venturing into all the strategies & tactics I outlined in the video, the key is in the title & for me at least, it’s proved to be an absolute winner. Before I explain why & what this is, I feel all Truthers first need to re-condition themselves by memorising two quotes so that when the moment arises where there’s a likelihood one could slip into ‘time to tell some home truths’ mode, they’re incorporated into ones thought process

It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled – MARK TWAIN 

– insanity is doing the same thing over & over again & expecting different results – ALBERT EINSTEIN……. allegedly

Here’s another excellent article by BRANDON MARTINEZ regarding ISIS – well worth a read……






Forget about how open & shut a case is. Most people still believe in religion! It’s not a simple task trying to convince someone they’ve been so badly wrong for 13 years. Do you think the uninitiated or even relatively intelligent folk want to hear that they’ve been successfully programmed? So, what’s required is a touch of ingenuity for it’s imperative the person you’re trying to convince doesn’t think you’re trying to do that. Make out you couldn’t give a damn. Of course you do but we’re in the realms of reverse psychology here. Believe me – it works a treat!

So – the title! IT ENDS IN A QUESTION? This is what you always want to try & do – put the ball in their court or better still, hit & run. You don’t need to hear a response. With 9/11 I say “I saw controlled demolitions. What did you see?” Try this one here “what the fanatical Islamic terrorist group that never attacks Israel & kills only Arabs & Muslims?” Smile at them while you’re saying it & don’t get involved. Remember – you don’t really give a shit. You’ll see – with just this one sentence you’ll have people thinking. Of course, if they don’t then you’ve wasted the absolute minimum of your precious time. In 10 seconds flat you’ll know you’re looking at someone who’s got the brains of a rocking horse.

Rule NO 1 – when confronted with a smart arse who knows sweet FA – SNIP IT OFF AT THE BUD! Stay fresh, preserve your energy & above all, if you need a GMM crash course in tactics & strategy that overnight will produce a dramatic rise in the number of people you enlighten, I AIN’T GOING ANYWHERE! Give me a shout. If not, please try to realise, long protracted arguments rarely produce anything constructive. Keep it short & sweet – the less you say, the better. Your job is NOT to turn people around in one hit but to get them thinking by planting a seed.




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