On the right we have a lying pro-war Zionist; on the left a good American.

If a raving psychopath was on trial for going mad in a shopping center, stabbing several people, can you imagine how decent folk would feel if the judge decided not only to let him off but to then donate a fully loaded machine gun? Think about this. I know it sounds crazy but this is exactly what we’ve done & continue to do with Israel. I can go on listing crimes Israel has committed where no other country can escape admonishment but what’s the point! We know the situation. We are the judge; Israel is the out of control psychopath! Not only do we give the psychopath the machine gun, we’re perpetually re-loading it & then saying – what a good little boy you are. We need more Pat Buchanans…….




  • Linda Morrison

    Oh my god, what a fuckwit I just want to smack him across his Zionist Jewish face. This just wound me up so much. I can’t bear to listen to his biased propaganda bullshit.

    • Yes Linda but at least this time he’s not being interviewed on his own which often is the case in the WEst. We only get to hear the Israeli side of the story & what makes it so frustrating is these Zionists make wild claims, none of which is backed up by any concrete evidence, in other words it wouldn’t even be entertained in a court of law, yet the media not only accepts this evidence unreservedly; they never bother to even challenge the claim by doing their own research. If they did so, in each & every case the Zionists would universally be found out as the liars they most definitely are but at least former big guns like Pat Buchanan, who’s a shrewd operator himself, are now speaking out!

  • Sam

    You said it Linda, What a complete asshole, I’d like to dribble his head off the floor like a basketball. This is a proper litmus test that instantly shows decent folk from these monsters, how could anyone defend Israel?? I’d like to meet people with these views in person…. Thanks for the motivation Michael!

  • sunshine6

    Buchanan has to mix a little truth with a huge lie. Afghanistan did NOT cause 9/11 and Bin Laden did NOT organize 9/11. So, believe nothing coming out of the mouths of television and radio pundits. NOTHING.

    • Of course you’re absolutely right here Sunshine6 but this is because the media have told so many lies it becomes problematic for anyone who wants to speak the truth! Literally everything the media says is a lie & therefore, consequently, one can only say so much when refuting their bullshit.

  • Umrana Mozley

    Hi Micheal … Your post “Anyone who thinks ISIS is a Islamic terrorist organisation “. I tried to read it but keeps coming up “Web page not available”. Can you please tell me why?

  • l salute people like Pat Buchanan. lts true Michael, we need more people like him.. l graduated from an american university, and used to live in Michigan. The majority of americans are really nice, friendly people. But l hate their leaders, ,whether they are republicans or democrats. They have unconditional support for lsrael, despite the fact that lsrael has committed human rights atrocities and violated countless international laws..Come to think of it, can’t blame them because all of them are mere puppets anyway. America is controlled by the jews. And now they are trying to conquer the world…

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