Once bitten; twice shy! Somehow I feel Mike Wallace won’t be taking on Louis Farrakhan again anytime soon.

How can you not love this guy? In my eyes Louis Farrakhan is an absolute star. And before anyone has the chance to spout bile by saying he’s not a patriot, the only Americans who are unpatriotic are the scum on Capitol Hill & the dual national Zionists. Thomas Jefferson once said ‘dissention is the greatest form of patriotism’ & to be perfectly honest, if you still believe the garbage you’re being fed by media & politicians alike then I’m not afraid to say – you’ve got to have the brains of a rocking horse!


Here’s the great man giving both barrels to Mike Wallace of all people. And I think it’s more than fair to say Wallace, who without much doubt is one of the better news reporters in America, I must say got exactly what he deserved. Don’t mess with the great Louis Farrakhan…..





  • Arrow

    One can have a love hate relationship with Farrakhan. It’s difficult when he calls for a 10,000 army of blacks to kill whites… and you can hear exactly what he says on this link.
    and if you understand and have read the Quran you know that all infidel’s are to be taken out and he is a Muslim and that religion states that all infidels must die. You need to read the Quran, the Sira and the Hadith to see what he has converted to and has brought many thousands into.
    He did not call for the death of our monetary masters, corrupt bankers that have stolen billions and driven people’s and nations into poverty and death like Rothschild or Soros, nor of our corrupt CIA and heads of black box operations that do chem trails, or instigate mandated vaccines, or who develop weapons of mass distraction and spread them across the planet nor of Dick Cheney and the neocon zionists responsible for 911. He is calling for a race war…. not once does he specify who should be killed but just go and kill… and it is implied that those people are white.

    • I think you’ve been listening to way too much Zionist propaganda. This is the typical bullshit they come out with. In fact I’ll go a stage further & say the only people I see who want to kill & cause the kind of mayhem you are talking about are the Zionists – Divide & Conquer is still working a treat for them.

    • Royan Khalil

      I am a Muslim and i promise you this: My religion DOESN’T state anywhere that so-called infidels have to die.In fact believe it or not under Islamic law murder of a non-muslim is treated in same way as murder of a muslim.The golden words “If you kill one human, you kill humanity itself” are words of my religion and human refers to ALL PEOPLE NOT JUST HUMANS.this propaganda that your media or less informed people feed you is nothing but bullshit.
      The few commands that refer to killing of infidels in Quran refer to enemy soldiers who were fighting against muslims at the time the commands were given.Please do be sure to read the background and the circumstances that command applies to before deciding. Quran is a comprehensive book that applies to ALL fields of life and is for ALL TIME. It contains a lot of commands and a lot of info. Aplying all of it all the time to everything is stupid.

      • Royan Khalil


        And internet isnt always correct.So you want information.Try many different sources than just one or 2

      • You’re right Royan though I don’t need any religious book to tell me that the Zionists are the masters at committing the most heinous crimes & then blaming it on those who they consider their enemy. It is sickening seeing it time & again and yet people still can’t see that Muslims are passive people compared to the Zionists but then everyone is passive compared to them.

  • Arrow

    Zionist propaganda? did you even listen to the link I provided? You better start learning what Islam and Sharia really is.

    • Arrow – to be perfectly honest I think all Religion is one dinormous pain in the arse. However what pisses me off more than anything is when someone tries to make out one particular religion is the worst. I don’t want to live under Sharia bloody law & I most definitely am sick & tired of the ungodly influence Zionists already have so the last thing I want to do is live as a Goyim slave.

  • I was interviewed by Mike Wallace on 60 MINUTES and I found him to be a forthright person who does not – like so many news reporters – try to be clever with his questions, but his question to Farrakhan gave Louis the opportunity to get an important issue off his chest. Farrakhan was absolutely correct in his statements about America, However, Farrakhan was very outspoken – like you Michael – and he is dead because of it BECAUSE he was a Black Outspoken American. “The truth LIES in words”.. .

    • Well I just say it how I think it is. One thing I believe is everyone should have that right. What I don’t like are pathological liars telling me I can’t expose them because it’s anti-Semitic! I’m not sure if you mean he’s dead in the water because of his beliefs. I know he’s not dead Jack. But as we know the Zionist controlled media can destroy people. I don’t just think Farrakhan talks a lot of sense; I believe anyone who doesn’t think that must have a screw loose!

  • Arrow

    As a goyim slave you get to live.. as a Kaffer you die and their book repeats it over and over.

    Putin is strong on this.. If Muslims want to live in Russia they must live by the culture of Russia or leave. Here we coddle and cater and you watch, the state of Michigan will be the first to fall Already Dearborn is nearly a no go zone for your average American. Now Obama plants to send 200,000 refuges there.

    Those who do not stand up and speak against tyranny are doomed to die by it… if not you than your children or grandchildren. Take a lesson from the EU that is riddled with no go zones… or perhaps you are an EU citizen still living deep in the bowels of denial.

    One thing I can’t stand are pathological liars telling me I can expose them because its Islamaphobic.

    • I wish I knew exactly where you’re coming from. You say all the right things but then you turn it all on its head. One thing everyone needs to understand is Muslims had nothing to do with 9/11.

  • Abubakar Dabo

    You see, it is you who needs educating not Mr. Aydinian. He is not having any religion of his own and therefore does not have a favorite one either. I respect his decision. On my part I’ve Islam and made it a priority. But I do not want Muslims, Jews and Christian fanatics near me who cannot accept views that are different from theirs.. They can create havoc as seen in ISIS/ISIL of Syria and Iraq, Jewis Settlers in Israel and in Norway-the likes of Anders Brevik. We don’t think this is a healthy religious practice. Hold your views, but leave Mr. Aydinian and Brother in Islam Luis Frakan out of your misguided thoughts and prejudices.

  • goeorge

    the zionists tried to blame the death of malcolm x on farrakahn! it didnt work and it was forgotten about!

    • You’re right George. They did. And that gave them the power-brokers the opportunity to kill Malcolm X. What I do know is once again, for no good reason, the media painted a terrible picture of a very good man & it was Malcolm X who coined the phrase “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” He knew exactly what was going on & the hierarchy did not like it one bit. The Zionist hallmark is to create division so that those who end up arguing & fighting inevitably weaken themselves. Another hallmark of their’s is to kill two birds with one stone – always blaming their enemies for horrific acts that themselves carry out. People who are not aware of this will think ‘aaahh this is the usual conspiracy crap.” That’s because they’re entirely ignorant of Divide & Conquer, the Rothschild Zionist Illuminati goal to establish an one world government. If only people botrhered to do a bit of research.

  • Abubakar Dabo

    You’re welcome, Mr. Aydinian. Thank you for all the sharings. I wish you all the best the day has to offer. Esteem regards.

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