Organizing to take back America one County at a time…Thursday Nite Call 7 PM (CST)

This is it. This is what it all boils down to – It’s an absolute no-brainer – you guys in America have got to somehow take your country back. This is the ball-game. What we do over here don’t mean Bo Diddley. If you guys don’t make the sparks fly over there, we’re in the river, no matter what! You’re the ones with the muscle. You’ve got the fire-power. Much as I want to fight, I’m sitting here with my dick in my hand. 


It’s all about getting organised. I’ve been saying it for yonks. You’ve got to make the Police & the Military think again. It may seem a tall order but believe me, when the tide turns it will be an avalanche. If you go, we go – end of story. If you pull it off, then & only then can we perhaps become part of a process to start to repair all the damage that’s been done. Get organised. Believe you me – these guys are mustard. Give them your support.




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