ORIGINS by Pedram Shojai feat David Wolfe, Sara Gottfried, M.D. and more….

I know it’s 1.41 long but something tells me these guys are not only right about everything they say but I’m convinced these are the kind of people we should be listening to – not our politicians. not the media, not big business. In fact I’ll go a step further – the longer we allow billionaires bankers, Royalty & Religion to run roughshod over us, the greater the chance mankind will sling away an opportunity few species ever get. We may be masters of our domain but we are hardly in control of our destiny. I loved watching ever bit of this video which features the brightest minds in Human & Environmental Health. Top health experts recognize the significance of Origins.

“One of the best uses of technology ever has been cooking. When we were still living in caves, when we first discovered fire, we learned how to cook so we could unlock more nutrition from foods that were really not very edible when they were raw. So that helped to fuel our brain & as our brains got bigger we learned to make better technologies.”

“As we’ve become technological we’ve moved away from the home-fire, from the camp-fire, well thought about, well used logical applications for fire, into using fire to run steam engines, eventually going to stronger & stronger fuels – coal, petroleum, nuclear, yet the wisdom & the intelligence has been lost. We’re not thinking ahead. We’re using a short-term gain at the expense of a long-term tragedy & this is where we have to start bringing that ancient old brand together We can have the technology as long as it’s well thought out, as long as it’s well-intended. We can have this amazing life that we have on our planet sustainably if get smart, if we get clever.”

“Yes technology is getting more & more efficient but it is getting more & more destructive in a way. It’s improving dramatically, exponentially you can even say but the rate at which it expands is not equal to the rate at which it improves Nature around it as well because all things in technology at one stage was part of Nature whether you like to know it or not, that’s the actual truth.”


  • sad american

    This is a horribly assumptive video. Humans didn’t learn to cook to unlock nutrients. Humans didn’t do anything before there was a way to reveal something before it was done. This was all strictly trial and error. So, for this ridiculous propaganda film to start off with humans of the primitive stage doing something to improve their situation without any knowledge of “what” would improve them, is stretching and assuming facts that don’t exist. Again, this is a propaganda film.

    • Ian

      Interesting assumption Sad, my thoughts were that it attempts to be alternative whilst promoting the mainstream agendas. It also doesn’t take into account the more conspiratorial views such as input from outside environment on the genetic evolution of mankind, alien intervention 10’s of thousands of years ago. I know many will just think of this as absolutely crazy and choose to believe that everything is merely down to the Darwinist theory and nothing more, well that is their choice. I do think the video points out some very obvious truths however and that is that we should be more in tune with our world and learn from our mistakes when it comes to polluting our environment and ourselves.

      • Thank you for that Ian. I think the key point as you say is the video points out some obvious truths & I believe it’s because there’s an inextricable link between big business & government.

    • I think I’m getting the picture here – for you to use the word propaganda on this film tells me you are simply a trouble-maker. You sure have some front accusing others of spreading misinformation when you use CNN to make your points. I mean I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. One thing I can understand is what you call yourself – SAD AMERICAN. The problem with you is you don’t know who your real enemy is & until you accept that Dual National Zionists run America then the greater is the chance Netanyahu will have his wish. In 2001 he said – “ONCE WE SQUEEZE ALL WE CAN OUT OF THE UNITED STATES, IT CAN DRY UP & BLOW AWAY!”

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