Origins of ISIS by Ben Swann.

Fortunately the heavy hitters on alternative media are out in force on this one. Early today I posted a clip of KEN O’KEEFE who typically managed to explain what ISIS was all about in less than 3 minutes. There’s only one Ken O’Keefe. I’ve seen videos from Christopher Bollyn & this one from Ben Swann & I feel at least this staged event in Paris has finally compelled good folk to take the gloves off. From the day they christened ISIS have I not been screaming about the need to emphasise who ISIS take their orders from & that those who are using ISIS as an excuse are the very people who created it?

Not that the West was anything like the squeaky clean banner for democracy the contemptible media forever has us believe but since 9/11 the West has upped the ante & become a fully-fledged axis of evil. At the head is Israel. It controls all that matters in the US, UK & France & with Saudi Arabia & Turkey as major players in this quest for world domination, the damage these countries are inflicting upon 10’s of millions of innocent folk qualifies as one of the greatest crimes against humanity. However, it seems this may only be the tip of the iceberg.

Bear in mind, they knew their strategy of reducing countries to rubble would create a massive humanitarian crisis where millions would have no option but to flood into Europe. With the media doing all it can to incite hatred, it is clear the aim is to embroil not 10’s of millions but maybe even 100’s of millions by fermenting civil unrest throughout Europe. Should this powder-keg erupt you can be certain emergency laws will be brought in & then everything will be up for grabs. Put it this way – if the NWO has a goal to reduce the world’s population to under a billion then the likelihood is all democracies in Europe have to be destroyed!

So while you’re thinking about that, next time they say they’re attacking ISIS, that means they’re attacking themselves. Well, how does that make sense? Therefore you’ve got to know this is complete bullshit! They manufactured the war on terror in order to destroy all these countries. Fighting terrorism was the excuse. Now whatever they end up doing, fighting ISIS is their excuse. So with this particular axis of evil what we’ve got to consider is firstly there is no lie big enough for these vermin & secondly, what their original goals were? Regime change in Syria & on the home front, strip us of our civil liberties.


  • The origins of ISIS by Ben Swann puts it all “In A Nut Shell”. I say “What Is, is.” ISIS The Mother of Reality. Read ISIS UNVEILED by Madame Blavatsky. The name ISIS was “selected” by THE ruling class – who owns the media – and we are now witnessing the purpose. Ultimate FEAR, and the masses will need the One World Order. “Plan your work: work your plan” and that is what THEY did, and are doing. They got the POWER!


    • Jack – my feeling is I can’t see how we’re going to stop these bastards murdering all of us. They’ve got everything in their favor – the media, they’re arming the Police & the politicians are taking our rights away all the back of Zionist lies. I know the moment they can they will commit mass-murder. Since you’re a psychic what are your feelings?

  • Colin McKerron

    Did you see the propaganda pushed out by Ezra Klein of and his explanation of the conflict in 5 minutes. It obviously has got thousands misinformed and is whizzing round the internet. He supposedly left the Washington Post in 2013 when the Meyer dynasty sold it off to concentrate on infiltrating social media. This ‘smuck’ is owned by Paneply which is owned by which is owned by Slate Magazine which is owned by Graham Media which is owned by GH Holdings which is owned by the Meyer dynasty which has been pushing out Zionist propaganda since 1933!

    • I didn’t Colin but I’m well aware this is all part of a Zionist plot to eventually kill us all! They tried this 100 years ago in Russia where they managed to mutilate 66 million people. They realised the best way to do this is weaken everyone from within – set people against each other ie blaming Muslims for all the terrorist acts that the Zionists commit. These false flags open the way for news security measures. in order to make us sitting ducks. It’s sickening.

  • Raminder Johar

    Good work Michael! You have guts of steel.What a pity that we don’t have enough men like you.Thanks for sharing the Ben Swann Video.It’s an eye opener.It’s not that most people don’t know and understand,but most don’t seem to care as long as the mechanisn of welfare soceities is in place and all your basic needs are being taken care of.The present have learnt from the French and Russian revolutions.As long as those conditions don’t prevail there is no danger to their power. The rich guys and those who benefit from war are getting even more emboldened.Russia which was an enemy and sanctions imposed on them are suddenly comrades in arms.What secret deal is being cut this time! How about creating your own Political Party one day? USA needs it! But not possible if there are laws against relentless use of big money in the Election Campaigns.Good Luck with what you are doing. Be safe!

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