Orlando: 50 dead in gay nightclub shooting

Just a quick note – the very fact the BBC said the Islamic state ALSO claimed responsibility for this attack after they said Omar Mateen, of Afghan origin was the alleged shooter means the lies have started in earnest! So which one was it? Omar Mateen or Islamic state? Apparently this guy phoned the Police to say he’s an Islamic terrorist & then he goes on a shooting spree. To think in my last post I used my GMMuk FB page quote – 
If you really do have a yearning for the truth there’s a simple rule worth sticking to – WHATEVER THE MEDIA SAYS, IMAGINE THE EXACT OPPOSITE!
I should have waited. Once again, all one has to do is listen to what the BBC is saying & straight away it becomes obvious they’re reading a script. Typically, at every opportunity the blame is being heaped on who the hierarchy want to blame. What we’ve got to understand is the people behind all these false flag events WILL STOP AT NOTHING! They will keep killing innocent people to get their way, no matter what! With the media in their hands they know they have a licence to kill!


Once again, the Zionist controlled media waste no time in blaming Islamic state. Well, for starters, anyone who still believes Islamic state or ISIS, ISIL, DAESH, AL NUSRA or whatever bloody name these liars feed us with just to confuse the uninitiated, is not funded by the West, is a complete & utter blithering idiot! You see……. if it was Islamic state ……. THEN IT WAS US! So as far as I’m concerned – the moment the BBC blames Islamic state, they are effectively admitting this is another Mossad operation.
Note too – when white supremacist Anders Breivik massacred 77 people the word ‘TERRORIST’ WAS NEVER USED! However, even though Andreas Lubitz, the man who murdered 149 innocent people when he deliberately crashed Germanwings Flight 4U9525 into the French Alps was Jewish, the media initially had the gall to say he’d converted to Islam. Of course they had to drop this particular line of baloney when they realised, EVEN FOR THEM, they were pushing it! Once again, this bout of mass-murder was never again referred to as a ‘terrorist’ act!


From what I’ve seen from all the photos & reports, there exists a glaring discrepancy – WHERE THE HELL ARE ALL THE AMBULANCES? Also, as soon as I heard it was a gay bar, what do you suppose made me think ‘come on…… Finally, Afghanistan had nothing to do with 9/11. This was a Zionist operation through & through. But in the meantime Afghanistan has been all but flattened, so is it such a surprise there are those who harbor so much hatred in their heart? It’s about time Americans ask – who really did carry out 9/11….. for once you arrive at the right answer, everything begins to fall neatly into place. Islamic state my arse!




  • New York guy on RT just stated it was a semi-automatic machine gun did the slaughtering. Guess we’re gonna spend the next two weeks casting assertions about exactly what caused it’s owner to use it.

    • Steve – Already there are so many unanswered questions but like I said many times before – THEY SET THE AGENDA. There is no one to challenge the media to say HOLD THE PHONE! WHERE WERE THE GODDAMN AMBULANCES? For me, it was obvious as soon as I heard the first BBC report. The problem we have is there is no one to challenge what the media is not saying. This was another Zionist false flag event to get Americans to dis-arm.

  • As the saying goes – “PUT THE BLAME ON MAME”; “Blame Islam” is the ongoing theme, so ISLAM is to blame; then create many “names” for Islam (ISIS being the latest).

    Now “PUT THE BLAME ON NAME” is the ongoing theme and it all comes out ISLAM…….in the media (as planned}. THAT is what the Zionist program is. I know it Michael; YOU know it, but HOW DO WE GET ENOUGH THINKING PEOPLE TOGETHER…IN THIS ZIONIST OWNED MEDIA TO KNOW IT? THAT is why you are not on FaceBook……. because you tried.

    • Yes indeed Jack. Before I say anything, every time I hear that line I think of the most beautiful woman EVER – the absolutely stunning Rita Hayworth. When she sang that song in the film Gilda I’ve been in love ever since.
      What you’re saying is what I’m saying & anyone who has a functional brain. Straight away they tried to pin it on Islamic state. Why do you think I’m one of the few people who always highlight the glaring discrepancy of 9/11 where 4 Zionists – Jerome Hauer, William Kristol, Paul Bremer & Ehud Barak – within 2 hours of 9/11 were on 4 of the major news channels in the world saying it was OSAMA BIN LADIN & what we needed was a concerted war on terror. 3 hours earlier these 4 scumbag mass-murderers (because they were architects of 9/11) never said a word! But two hours after 9/11 – THEY KNEW EVERYTHING!
      Come on people. This all happened on TV in front of your very eyes & now the same people are doing exactly the same thing again & again. Each time they are blaming Muslims while Muslims all over the world are being slaughtered! It’s enough to make one cry!

  • I imagine this was staged by those running the ‘defense industry’ and their pals in government as they prepare to continue destroying and owning the Middle East. The paranoid, brain dead morons on whose behalf they pretend to act, all in favor.

    • I’m not going to nit-pick Jules – you’re pretty much spot on mate. It’s obvious these are false flag events. The media’s inept reporting should be enough to alert anyone with half a brain. It’s report the incident – SHOCK/HORROR! Ignore everything about how this could have happened & what actually occurred! Then blame it all on an enemy that THEY HAVE CREATED!

  • Eva Nielsen

    Exactly, Michael Steve, Jack and Jules. I am danish and my first thought was: False flag (again). There was so many “ingredients”. he was Afghan, born NY, ISLAMIC STATE, …., …(the new scapegoat) etc. etc.

    • Exactly right Eva. I do get the distinct impression more people are seeing through the lies. However though this is so, not nearly enough are. Hopefully we can turn this corners. As you rightly point out – it’s just too convenient – all the ingredients are always there. xx

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