What more evidence does one require to understand ISIS is a CIA/Mossad creation? All this talk of ISIS being responsible means our governments are doing this. Of course they want to stop criticism. Our senior politicians have committed Treason & traitors by rights should hang! 


Ken O’Keefe is 100% right. I cannot believe even dumb people fall for this crap. These shootings in Paris were so obviously set up it’s embarrassing. The Zionists must be laughing their heads off at how stupid we are. With the media in their pocket they can do what they want & THEY ARE! All this grief is down to them but they’re blaming the people they hate & they’re getting us to destroy them.


Thanks to Ashgane Arab for this masterclass from Ken O’Keefe



These Zionist traitors we have as our leaders claim their fighting terrorism. This is the excuse we’re given for killing millions of innocent people. Yet instead of the media referring to our actions as state terrorism, the people we’re wreaking havoc on are the ones labelled terrorists. Islamophobia as a result is going through the roof & quite how people can’t see we’re being played in typical Divide & Conquer style is beyond me. Whatever terrorism exists & in my opinion it’s negligible, IT WAS BROUGHT ON BY OUR LEADERS! Cameron & Hollande have done more to create terrorism than anyone in Europe. 


So after 14 years of fighting terrorism, with all this illegal spying that’s been forced upon us, the media never criticise our leaders for being totally incompetent. But this is how dumb people are – we allow these liars the luxury of having it both ways –


Of course there’s a good reason why the media never go there because we’re talking about asking questions like how in the hell could ISIS terrorists from Syria have arranged all this so quickly? But that’s the point – if you don’t ask patently obvious questions then the chances are you’re not going to ask any. The media is complicit in these crimes & I’ll even go as far to say those who were killed in Paris would be alive if the media wasn’t 100% crooked! 


Thanks to Yates Patrick for this excellent video. If you want the truth – THIS IS IT! 




And talking about questions – since just about everyone has a camcorder ie mobile phone, WHERE’S ALL THE GODDAMN FOOTAGE? I would have thought the Internet would be flush with clips considering so many people were involved in so many different places. Once again, what does it take for people to recognise this serious anomaly? The fact like 9/11 & 7/7, drills were being conducted the same day or the fact that each & every time a ‘terrorist’ leaves his ID at the scene & of course none of the terrorists are ever captured. 


The big giveaway is the media’s over the top reaction. The people of afghanistan, Iraq, Libya & Syria have been experiencing these kind of acts EVERY DAY FOR YEARS yet this event is engineered in France & we all have to drop everything while that repulsive cretin Hollande responds by bombing a country miles away before there’s any investigation or debate. The situation couldn’t be more pitiful.


Yet another false flag


  • I want to thank you for having Ken O K. on for what he states he states is truth. I heard documentary on C span made in 90’s about terrorists gr oups two men interviewed by Mr. Lamb host and ISIS was asked by Mr. Lamb what it stood for and one young man said it stood for Israel’s Secret intelligence/information Service aka Mossad Israel and
    CIA USA project Ken is right. Need him out more telling truth to the people. Israel wants to take over the whole world and kill off as many of us in this world that they can. Their goal is billions they want dead. We have 7 billion population in world now and their goal is 500million slaves for them to be alive. Read the Georgia stones, it’s S
    atans ten commandments.

    • Auby – I agree entirely. The Zionists control our politicians & I know what they’re doing. The Zionists own the media & I know how much they’re lying. And I know the real history too & that the Ashkenazi Zionists are the most evil, wicked people on the planet. You only have read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn book “200 Years Together” which graphically explains how these bastards not only murdered 66 million Russians but committed acts of torture so harrowing one can only wonder how humans could be so evil. Well these very same people want to take away our fundamental rights. Why should I care about anyone calling me anti-Semitic? I know what these people want to do – just multiply whats happening to the Palestinians 1000 times!

  • When our leaders do the math, they will realize they are terrorist, and they will realize just how disappointed with them we are and we will pull them down, economically bankrupt the terrorists or start shooting our leaders, lying bunch of terrorist they are, and guess what they bleed.
    The one world oder ends on my watch.
    Got sulfur?

  • If Albert Pike knew in 1870 that WW3 will be fought between Islamic extremists and political zionism then we know that the powers to be will stop at nothing to make Pike’s orders come true. I don’t think they predicted how informed today’s public would be. Knowledge is power and thank God we are those with the knowledge.

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