Outlawing our God given right to question is an act of Treason. But when war criminals & liars want to do this…..

Yesterday I posted the story of Ursula Haverbeck 87 who was given a 10 months jail sentence. Her crime – saying Auschwitz was a labor camp, not an extermination camp where millions were allegedly gassed to death. I’m not convinced I give it my best shot, not so much because it wasn’t a good post but because this one topic of freedom of speech & the laws our treacherous leaders are looking to usher in, I believe will prove to be pivotal for the future of mankind.

Albert Einstein was once asked how he managed to solve some of the Universe’s greatest conundrums. He said –


Well that’s exactly what I like to do…..& no one but no one has any right to say we cannot question. Crucially, I don’t have to say ‘the Holocaust’ because the right to question applies to everything!


First & foremost please sign the petition. It is an absolute disgrace that this good lady is being treated so atrociously. We cannot just say Freedom of speech is sacrosanct & blah, blah, blah because they already know what they’re doing is outrageous & wrong. There’s no issue here. WE HAVE TO MAKE IT ABSOLUTELY CLEAR THEY CANNOT DO THIS!




Zionist mass-murderers are bribing & threatening politicians so that without any justification whatsoever, criminal laws are passed. I can understand why most people are incapable of seeing into the potential danger. I’m nothing special but if there is one thing I do have …… IT’S THIS VERY ABILITY TO READ BETWEEN THE LINES & THE GODDAMN WRITING IS LITERALLY ON THE WALL HERE! I guarantee – the moment laws are passed where what we say can be deemed a criminal offense, the next step is mass executions. Believe this – if there’s one right we shouldn’t have, is the right to ignore such a threat!

The last two paragraphs were in response to a comment Kauser Abbas made on the original post. I thank him because it got me thinking & I pondered over this post all day. I responded to several comments. Normally I do not have the time to do this, though I do read what everyone writes. It was gratifying to see so many thoughtful contributions & not the usual garbage whenever one delves into the question of the Holocaust. 
So how best to qualify the confidence I have in my ability to anticipate what’s going on & correctly predict what will happen. Example – how many of us have thought about why Netanyahu is coming to London so soon after a visit earlier this year, which in itself was a bit of an eye-opener. The petition to arrest him as the mass-murdering piece of dog shit he is had reached the 100,000 signatures needed to force a debate in Parliament. What happened – the goalposts moved for a war criminal! My feeling is most people fail to grasp the true significance of these visits. What earthly interest do the people of this country have? Precisely none! SO WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS HE DOING HERE AGAIN?
I can safely say his visit earlier this year was probably to fill Cameron in on the False Flags, notably Paris, where they discussed how they, along with the media would coordinate a crash, bang, wallop approach to use the event to conjure an excuse to bomb Syria. This is how they overturned the will of Parliament & the British people because we had already made it absolutely clear – WE WERE OPPOSED TO DIRECT MILITARY INTERVENTION. Well, so much for democracy! So, I’ll tell you now – every time Netanyahu visits one of his puppets I’m mulling over all the possibilities. Everyone should think – what the hell are they up to now?
Of course, what we’re told is as worthless as horse manure. The reason he’s coming here this time is to push Cameron on POLICY! This is his puppet & he is going to tell Cameron THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT HIM TO DO! And what is that you may ask? Only the insistence of ushering in new laws & all the specific details regarding this. We already know how they’re going to pitch it – on the bullshit premise it’s for our security when what it really is, is a means to strip us of our basic rights so that we’re open to arrest, incarceration, death – you name it, just because we disagree with them. They’ll discuss the details of how they’re going to set this up & what their intentions are & my belief is, they will keep it as low key as possible, which will mean the media are going to be put on deaf, dumb & blind mode!  


Thanks to Neil Hallett for this wonderful introduction when he shared yesterday’s post. Absolutely superb –  

“When an Egyptian tomb is discovered, history is revised. When the bones of an English king are unearthed, history is revised. When secret diaries are revealed, history is revised. When a piece of pottery is found in a field, history is revised. Discoveries & revelations make history a process subject to continual change……. Except one particular piece of history which is set in stone & illegal, on pain of imprisonment, to even question. Now, ask yourself, WHY?

Even if Ursula Haverbeck was wrong, which she isn’t, surely she has the right to question history? Why is this particular piece of history protected by such laws? What do they have to hide? The truth does not fear investigation unless, of course, the truth is a lie.”

 Mark Twain


Yesterday I made a point of sending a message, not necessarily to all those who’ve been duped – just those who’ve developed the robotic, ruthless, Reptilian snap of a belligerent Croc the moment anyone says ‘wait a minute’ regarding the Holocaust. I cannot begin to describe the level of contempt I have towards morons who do this. So I opened up both barrels – 
“Scream all you like with your damn fool, meaningless phrase ‘Holocaust denier’. One thing I can’t stand are two-bob merchants that can’t wait to plonk their moral high hat on, on a totally false pretense that they care about those who suffer. You people are so full of shit every time you open your mouth I smell the stench from here!”
If ever there was a subject where Mark Twain’s famous quote applied, nothing gets near the Holocaust. Another response to a comment today –
The process of taking away our fundamental rights is slow & arduous. It has to be done piecemeal because their ultimate goal may be to leave us wide open so that they’re able to commit mass-murder but we must never feel that this may be a possibility. So I cannot begin to reiterate how crucial it is when I say –
Here is another example of how Zionists are perverting the course of justice. The story of Slyvia Stolz –


Haverbeck in court

Even if she’s wrong, jailing her cannot be right. The very act of ratifying such draconian laws should be the chargeable offense. Freedom of speech has to be sacrosanct. Of course the reason why these laws are being passed is not because they want to maintain the truth. NO ONE MUST EVER QUESTION THE HOLOCAUST BECAUSE THEY KNOW THE MOMENT ANYONE CONDUCTS ANY RESEARCH THE WHOLE STORY FALLS APART!
The fact the Holocaust was such a complete pack of lies, Zionists know on this issue they cannot afford to let up for one second. They have to maintain the same lies & so we’re never allowed to forget this concoction of theirs – that’s the easy part for them because they control the media but as regards to tackling those who merely are exercising their God given right to question they HAVE TO GO ALL THE WAY ON THIS! Which means they will kill anyone who defies them.
This is why politicians are passing these laws which effectively are criminal acts in themselves, why judges always rule in their favor & why the media impose a complete blanket boycott on earth-shattering news that…… (now listen to this all you fools out there who’ve been sucked in) ……..THE OFFICIAL HOLOCAUST FIGURES HAVE BEEN REVISED DOWN TO UNDER 2 MILLION! …….(did you get the key word there…………….. OFFICIAL???????) 
Anyone in their right mind would think if gas chambers existed, where’s the video evidence? The camps still exist. No one’s denying people were put into camps, but if the camps are there, where the hell are the gas chambers & the mass burial sites for that matter? These things do not vanish into thin air! Ursula Haverbeck deserves our support. If only more people realised what a great lady she is.

What a nice person!



  • JohnTaylor

    Travesty of Justice. Let her GO

  • Khaled Azzam

    I was reading something on Albert Einstein a few weeks ago and the article was implying that Albert was a fake, he stole most of his ideas and even when some of his ideas were proven false, it wouldn’t be news… At first I thought to myself “no way” ” my whole life I was taught he was THEE genius” So I told myself that if this was true, the only way this could be true is he must be of the CHOSEN FEW (in my mind they are askenazi Jews) . I Wikipediad Albert Einstein really quick and LOW AND BEHOLD, he is ASKENAZI jEW…

    Felt proud of mysef 🙂 thought I’d share.

    • Khaled – I’ve studied Albert Einstein’s work & career in great detail & I can safely say there is no scientist or physicist that’s gets near to his genius. The jealousy that’s surrounded this man is literally on another level. Just because he is of Ashkenazi origin does make him a bad person. There are exceptions to every rule. Before I explain why this rumor of him stealing ideas exists in some circles, what IS a well-known historical fact is Einstein was offered the job of becoming the first President of Israel. Above all, the then leaders of Israel were known terrorists who’d committed mass-murder & mass evictions of Palestinians. They needed a figure-head who commanded the utmost respect throughout the world & Einstein was the perfect candidate. Not only did Einstein refuse but what you should look up is the reasons he gave for refusing to accept this job. He literally predicted the future – words to the effect – my fear is Zionists will do unto the Palestinians what the Nazis did to them! I don’t need to tell you when it comes to spite, the Zionists are in a league of their own. They never forgave Einstein & instead of Einstein’s feelings about the Israelis being echoed in the media, rumors began surfacing that he had stolen the Theory of Relativity. THIS IS PURE NONSENSE.
      In 1887 two brilliant American Physicists Michelson & Morley proved James Clerk Maxwell’s equations on the Electromagnetic force which had earlier stated light traveled at 186,282 miles per second were actually correct. You see the mind-blowing aspect of this is light did not travel at any other speed. It was constant! The worrying thing here, there was no mistake – Michelson & Morley were well known for their meticulous attention to detail. So while most scientists resigned themselves to thinking there had to be an error somewhere, Einstein pondered over this dilemma by turning it on it’s head. He came to the conclusion, if the speed of light was constant then the problem lied in whatever else was making people repel this thought. Well the only thing that could be WAS TIME ITSELF! So Einstein concluded if the speed of light was constant, THEN TIME WASN’T! He then set about the task of proving to the world that time did not go tick-tock, tick-tock at regular intervals. Now how daft is that?
      Now since this problem arose in 1887 others were working on unraveling this light/time conundrum. Henri Poincare was close via his mastery of Topography which involved adding dimensions to objects. Lorentz was another who was close to solving the dilemma. There were others too. Now, what’s interesting here is not only did Einstein’s solution uniquely his, no one ever tried to claim Einstein had ripped off his famous paper THE LAWS OF BROWNIAN MOTION which proved the existence of atoms in 1905! Considering Earnest Rutherford was given the honor of discovering the atom 8 years later it looks to that Einstein was the one who was ripped off!
      Oh but let’s not stop here – In the same year he released his findings on Special Relativity & Brownian motion he had written another paper about THE PHOTO-ELECTRIC EFFECT! This ground-breaking work actually made the outrageous leap that light itself (which was always believed to be wave-like) could in fact be lumpy! Einstein claimed that light itself came on packages of Quanta! No one but no one ever imagined light could be corpuscular. Nobody believed it. One man Andrew Milikan spent 18 years of his life trying to prove Einstein was wrong only to receive the Nobel prize in 1923 BECAUSE HE PROVED THE GREAT MAN WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG! Two years earlier Einstein was awarded the Nobel prize for the Photo-electric effect 16 years after he made the landmark discovery which earned him the title as one of the founding fathers of Quantum Physics.
      What makes this even more amazing is we are yet to mention mankind’s greatest intellectual achievement – Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity which actually dethroned Newton as the greatest scientist ever because this theory proved Newton’s theory of Gravity was flawed. Normally this would be considered heresy. General Relativity solved all the glaring inconsistencies that Newton himself realised. Einstein said – his admiration of Newton came from his realisation that his own great intellectual edifice was fundamentally flawed.
      NOW I HAVEN’T EVEN MENTIONED E = MC squared yet or the Bose/Einstein condensate statistics. I haven’t the time to explain all his works. Let’s just say the moral of the story here is not to be so proud of yourself too quickly!

      • Khaled Azzam

        Well I can say I learn something new all the time! Didn’t know that about him and being offered that presidential seat in Israel! I know israel was built by terrorists and the way they actually took control was through terrorism, the foundation of which still stands today… Ugh, watching this world come to what it has makes me wanna go home to Ramallah Palestine and accept my fate!

        • That’s the idea – learn something everyday. This particular error is a common one simply because Zionists own the media & they harbor a despicable loathing of anyone who says the truth. I always jump to Einstein’s defense because not only are these rumors completely false but as well as being the greatest physicist in history, he was a good man with a good heart. In fact, if it’s alright with you Khaled, i’d like to make a post out of our little exchange.

          • Khaled Azzam

            Yes sir its more than alright with me im honored! and thank you for clearing that up for me like you said, sometimes we get it wrong due to the Zionist owned media, misinfo etc… I appreciate you. I was wondering today on your views of hitler ? You know whats pretty crazy is that as im asking you and writing out hitler, its like I feel like I should not be asking or saying his name.. If your not following me I feel as if im conditioned to believe he was the purest form of evil.. but when I delve into researching about him I find myself reading about the NWO and Zionists and the banks… I haven’t quite made up my mind but lets just say im keeping an open mind that the one event we are not allowed to deny in history may be not what we were told…. Your thoughts on the subject?

          • I think it’s fair to say we are spoiled for choice when it comes to ways of criticizing Zionists. It is for this reason I choose to base my criticism around what’s patently obvious, such as the awful plight of the Palestinians & the madness of that lunatic Netanyahu. Even though I’m quite aware a plethora of lies have been told about Hitler & indeed Germany, I feel it would be the height of folly to use Hitler as a means to criticize Zionists. With the Zionists controlling the flow of information, haven’t we got a tough enough job? Moreover, as much as people bleat on about Hitler his insistence everyone should fight to the death resulted in his own people, as well as many others, suffering appalling losses. The Russians alone lost 100,000 men merely taking Berlin. However the carpet bombing of Dresden cost 3 times that number. Not to mention those who starved top death in the camps. This is how most of the people died in the camps. With Hitler’s refusal to surrender, German personnel fled the camps long before the Russians got to them. This was because they knew the Russians weren’t taking any prisoners. However, there was no point in hanging around because being in the middle of a war zone, what our history books seem to mysteriously rarely mention is what happens when supply lines are cut. Those left in the camps had no food or drink. There was nowhere for them to go. Naturally they knew Germany had lost the war & relief would be on the way but how long would that take? It wasn’t long before the camps inhabitants started dropping like flies & with everyone too weak to bury the dead, disease then exacerbated the situation. This is why all the footage we saw owas of emaciated folk & piles of dead bodies down to the bone. The reason why I say all this is because had Hitler surrendered when he should have I somehow feel the Zionists would have never been able to concoct the story of the Holocaust. This in itself has proved to be the catalyst as to how the Zionists were donated half of Palestine. All the trouble that’s occurred since then is down to this. So the last thing I’m going to do is sing Hitler’s praises. He was a lunatic who allowed his own soldiers who fought so bravely for him to be slaughtered. Read about the 200,000 who were trapped in the pocket outside of Stalingrad. I’ll finish off by saying the only time Hitler should be mentioned is when every last person should ask – WHO THE HELL FINANCED HIM? The answer to what is a perfectly legitimate question actually opens Pandora’s box. When Hitler came to power Germany was broke. Within 5 years his army, navy & air-force were able to take over half of Europe! The question everyone should be asking is who was responsible for this? Answer the Zionist bankers because they wanted Hitler to kill Jews so that the sympathy derived from this would enable the Zionists to create Israel! The irony of the story is Hitler reneged on his promise to the Rothschilds to systematically massacre the Jews in the camps. This is why today so many people are being jailed for saying the Holocaust was a pack of lies. Of course the camps existed but those inside died largely the way I just explained & all the video footage confirms this.

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