Palestine opens embassy in Brazil amid Tel Aviv-Brasilia row

Thanks to my great friend Nicky Nelson for this piece & thanks to Brazil for having the balls to stand up & do what’s right. This cheered me up no end. Of course, Brazil will pay a price, that’s if they haven’t paid one already. The other day in my ‘ZIKA VIRUS: Here we go again’ post, I stated the outbreak in Brazil was no surprise for they cancelled a $2.2 billion contract with Israeli security firm ISDS following a campaign by Palestine solidarity activists. ISDS would have otherwise been in charge of security at the 2016 Olympics.


Viva Brazil & Palestine


Fair play to Brazil for leading the way. Hopefully others will follow suit. The only reason they won’t will be because of Zionist pressure & threats. Brazil really does deserve a lot of credit for if the Zika outbreak was Israeli dirty work, this is the perfect riposte. No prizes for saying – at best certain political careers will come to an abrupt end while Zionist puppets may emerge out of the woodwork in Brazil to take their place. At worst, one can expect another calamity to befall Brazil.
In the meantime, I sincerely hope Palestinians can at least feel some hope in that though they are well & truly being brutalized by the vicious, wicked Israelis, there are people everywhere fighting their corner with the aim of ending their horrendous plight. Viva Brazil; viva Palestine.


Another interesting link from PRESS TV is the quite laughable claim, now get this –

Israel says UN chief inciting ‘terror’ by defending Palestinians

You know the saying ‘I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry?’ Well, on this occasion I damn well knew alright – I was pissing myself! Talk about desperation. Let’s pile the pressure on these bastards.


On a more lighter note thanks to Tarek Sarad & Nicky Nelson for this – an open letter to my fellow Israelis…..


  • Roger Clayton

    I noticed Palestine was no longer on Google Earth. It could be my mistake but glad to see them still hanging in there. Some people do care.

    • Yes indeed Roger. Unfortunately Zionists are like a virulent strain of Cancer – sooner or later they infect everything! This is simply all part of a process of ‘legalised’ Genocide by the Israelis.

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