Palestinian Vote for Recognition to How Learning about Ants Will Defeat the New World Order

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Palestinian Vote for Recognition to How Learning about Ants Will Defeat the New World Order

Whatsupic — Our vote is not worth a bar of soap. Even if there was a RON PAUL in the UK, they’ll cheat as they did in America. Overhauling our electoral process so that money never again decides policy is the ultimate goal. Before this can ever come about, we have to reassert our authority. That aside, it’s imperative every last one of us know why, just this one time, our politicians stuck two fingers up to Zionist bribery and coercion – PUBLIC PRESSURE! Everyone of us who sent E-mails to our MP’s, deserve credit. We did this. IT WAS ALL OUR DOING! 

Sure, they’ll continue to do what they want, regardless of public opinion, because people like Cameron are two a penny. Screw careers and reputations! 10 million here, another 10 million there, problem sorted! Along with corporate media always there, making you look good, massaging the bad news, covering up all the slime you’re really involved in. Think of Blair – caked up to the eyeballs yet few have any idea he’s involved in more skulduggery now than he ever was as PM! Receiving a payoff is one thing; amassing untold millions requires the consistent lubrication of the working machinery…… In any case, didn’t another puppet take his place, doing exactly the same as he did? One labor; the other Tory! So much for political ideology! As I said, our democratic process has been corrupted from top to bottom. 

Small wonder the true power-brokers are doing all they can to eliminate their only threat – the one power we have – strength in numbers! Make no mistake, even today, there ALWAYS arrives a point where public pressure cannot be ignored. Today PROVED IT! Why do you think they’re militarizing the Police while systematically shredding our civil liberties? They’re desperate to rid themselves, once and for all, of this threat! Their goal is to become despotic lords of the planet. In other words to be able to do what the hell they like! If that means eliminating the entire population of North Africa in order to create a Mediterranean holiday resort for the super wealthy – THEY DAMN WELL WILL! I got news – I firmly believe if they have their way, within 25 years, either some 6 billion humans will die or we’ll all go! Mankind’s entry into the ever-burgeoning evolutionary cul-de-sac club will be like water off a duck’s back to the Universe! We’re but a speck! Nature donates us the greatest gift – LIFE and asks nothing in return! It allows us to do what we want! Moreover, it offers guidelines – climate, life cycles, balance! As we err Nature kicks in with its wonderful array of side-effects showing us what could happen if we continue to burn fossil fuels. Nature doesn’t care if we create a planet bedeviled with a runaway greenhouse. It let’s Venus get on with it! It’s up to us – if we destroy ourselves, there will be no higher order shedding of cosmic tear.

That’s the predicament we’re in because of greed….. yet somehow I feel in order to really reach minds of ordinary folk I have to dig deeper! Apply an ethereal touch perhaps? How does Nature think? Aaah yes. What of Ants and Wildebeest – providing lunch for so many! Humans naturally feel being on any menu, let alone being the special of the day, every goddamn day for goodness knows how long, must be the mother of all nightmares! Well, truth is no land species has had more of it’s clan eaten by other creatures, yet in terms of longevity, Ants are the undisputed champions – 600 million years and counting. The only species that could ever get near this extraordinary feat is a ‘better’ Ant! Today there are no less than 12,500 variations, making up an astonishing 20% of earth’s terrestrial bio-mass. 600 million years of evolving has fine-tuned their Modus Operandi. Above all there exists order – Ants have complex levels of hierarchy; each level specific; each Ant it’s allocated job. In fact if one observes how they go about their business, they’re so organized, they put a new meaning to ‘teamwork!’ It’s as if a whole colony operates as a single organism. Orders are instantly obeyed, even if it means certain death! For obvious reasons it’s a rarity for species to attack creatures twice their size! Not these little blighters! They attack creatures 100’s of times their size! What’s more none of them hang about, thinking ‘I don’t fancy this coup!’ They steam in – many die in the process but there’s only ever one winner. 

Strength in numbers is not simply a question of survival. Ants utilize this asset in a myriad of ways and do so to the max! How else could a creature attack, kill and dismantle one 100 times it’s size? You can be sure the pros and cons were worked out 400 million years ago – the loss of 100, 200, even 500 workers isn’t a small price to pay – IT’S A BARGAIN! I don’t know for sure but I’m convinced I’m right. You see there’s no hesitation. For this, merely believing is insufficient…… one has to KNOW! For me, such decisiveness can only be attained if fear never enters the equation! So I conclude – they’ve known this for yonks! Such a prize provides food for countless 1000’s more workers who just can’t wait to enter the fray! They know their maths and they’re always on the clock – the quicker things get done, the better. When the creature finally croaks, they don’t pat each other on the back, light up a fag, recounting ‘Jesus, that bastard put up some fight – we lost some good ants back there!’ They know time is of the essence. As they’re dismantling the creature, some of the workers start carrying back all the bits. Many die simply from exhaustion, but again they know what matters more than anything – the quicker they get back to base, the less chance there is of losing any of their precious loot

It’s actually funny watching this because every so often a worker bites off more than it can chew by trying to carry something 3 times its size! Sooner or later this worker will pay the ultimate price for such over-zealousness – loss of balance and it’s all she wrote! Yet, the moment this happens, another Ant is there like a bear…… except the weight has increased by an Ant! What commitment? The dead or injured worker rarely lets go of its booty. In fact, along with every morsel, all the dead workers are taken back to base too. Food is food. Each dead Ant could mean nourishment for another 10! I wonder whether an injured Ant hangs on because it knows it has one last job that it must do – provide nourishment! So Ants are the most successful species on this planet because they combine the attribute of strength in numbers with organisation that’s nigh on impeccable!

After just a little research, I came to a rather odd conclusion – our upcoming struggle with the greedy money grabbers would be best served if we all learned the little I know about Ants – not even a day’s work! You see I believe it’s paramount we understand one thing about strength in numbers – this attribute is on offer to one species out of a million but it’s significance demands ORGANIZATION! The equation for us is simple – if we remain disorganized and so unable to react swiftly the ball-game’s over. We’ll be chewed up and spat out! Of course whatever we do, THEY KNOW! That’s one of the main reasons why the NSA was set up! Still if we can somehow react swiftly and in numbers……… just as the ants do, then all their money and power won’t be worth a Mars bar! I’ll love it when we get all the bankers – one by one, strap the lie-detector electrodes on and say – RIGHT!……… GIVE US IT ALL BACK! EVERY LAST PENNY. 

Get it into your heads – the more organized a species is, the greater is the force of strength in numbers. It becomes evident but only after we adopt the same strategy as Ants – IMMEDIATE REACTION, BY AS MANY AS POSSIBLE! Ants have proved it! Wildebeest simply survive because they have strength in numbers. NO CREATURE UTILIZES STRENGTH IN NUMBERS BETTER THAN ANTS! WE MUST LEARN FROM THEM. We all know how important experience is. Surely it would be sheer folly for us to not to understand exactly how Ants amassed 600 million years worth? Humans have so far managed a paltry 2-3 million years. The way things are going, it’s touch and go whether we make it to the next millennium! I look upon it as a challenge – it’s us or them! Nature doesn’t care if evil triumphs. It is unsympathetic and cruel – IT’S UP TO US!  Whatever nature threw at Ants, even large creatures that specifically dined on them ie Anteaters, they posed no threat to their survival.Their success boiled down to two things – STRENGTH IN NUMBERS and ORGANISATION! 

I can safely say there are millions of planets in the Universe like ours harboring advanced life-forms. On many I’m certain similar creatures like Ants abound. In fact I’d like to bet that on some planets they’ve survived and prospered for 2 or 3 billion years! But the point here is, Ants take nothing out! Not only is their existence no strain whatsoever, they HELP THE ENVIRONMENT, digging up soil everywhere. Nature though can only expand its repertoire if the source of nourishment it provides for so many others species to feast on lavishly can be maintained. If ever this cycle was broken because the creature couldn’t procreate faster than the rate it was eaten, then extinction would be an inevitability, not just for the creature but for every life form involved in that cycle! If Ants went belly up , so would 1000’s of other species, both animal and plant life.

Strength in numbers possesses more than meets the eye. For me, it’s one of the disciples of Nature itself! While we have this power, SHOULD WE NOT USE IT FOR THE GREATER GOOD – OUR BENEFIT, YES BUT ULTIMATELY OUR ACTIONS MUST NEVER AGAIN HARM OUR ONLY HOME – PLANET EARTH? We can turn this around and if we do the possibilities are unimaginable. You see, there’s one major advantage of going to the edge of the precipice as we have now – we know what we must avoid at all costs! If we ended up making the same mistakes then we deserve the worst! Okay, we erred by entrusting certain people power to govern without imposing certain rules and restrictions. But I bet Ants needed to tweak their methods big time in the first few million years they strutted their stuff! If we survive just 1000 years, our methods of governing will be so far removed from the garbage system we have today – money doing all the talking while the needs of the many are gradually rendered irrelevant and the well-being of our planet is of little or no concern. This has always been the case but such is man’s capacity for greed, in the past 25 years the gulf between the haves and the have not’s has widened at an exponential rate. So much so not only has the planet suffered perhaps irreversibly, these people regard themselves as a different species altogether! I kid you not – they really do believe they’re above us! 

Whether you believe this or not is irrelevant. What matters is – THESE PEOPLE ARE NOW TRYING TO ERADICATE THE ONE POWER WE POSSESS. It’s not that they want to kill us all – they want TO BE ABLE TO! Use however many as slaves, kill the rest! Ultimate power! While we have strength in numbers and the ability to say ‘hold the goddamn phone’ they know they’re living on borrowed time! It’s simply a question of how many of us are prepared to act. Apparently one pressure group alone was responsible for 54,000 of the E-mails MP’s received over this issue of Palestinian recognition. It’s impossible to say how many they received in total. What we do know is OUR POWER COUNTED MORE THAN ZIONIST POWER! Since when did they legitimately have to lick their wounds? WE DID THIS! Now can you imagine what would happen if next time they received twice as many e-mails or even 3, 5 or even 10 times the amount! They’ll take notice! 

Do I really have to remind people re-election is a politician’s middle name? Since all of us can e-mail or write to our MP’s, what’s to stop us telling them – “DO THIS – YOU’VE GOT MY VOTE! IF YOU DON’T, I’ll VOTE FOR SOMEONE WHO BLOODY WELL WILL………. GOT THAT?” We all possess the power to do this. If enough of us care about civil liberties, waging war, violations of human rights or Zionist control of our politicians and media, start making yourself busy! People like me can only do so much pointing out pitfalls and trying to wise people up! It’s up to you to act. That doesn’t mean one should charge around like a marauding Baboon. Send an E-mail; write a letter. Channel your energy. Expect nothing. Just be happy you said your piece and that you did what’s right. Then encourage others to do the same.

Above all, never forget two things – strength in numbers count only if people are prepared to act. Forget about me, me, me! Tell your MP not what you want but WHAT YOU DO NOT WANT ie WHAT YOU DON’T LIKE! If it’s war, SAY SO! TELL THEM! Do you honestly believe the UK would be involved in these wars if all of us opposed to war wrote to our MP’s telling them this is unacceptable? I’m telling you – there’s a big price to pay for being apathetic. 1.5 million Iraqis are dead and we are worse off by a whopping £9 BILLION! Enough of giving them a licence! What’s the point of sitting there like a plum thinking ‘aaahh what can I do?’ I’ll tell you now – the only reason they’ve got away with all this nonsense is because there have been way too many people doing just that! Do not wait for your vote. Do not even think voting is acting. Today proved one thing – if enough of us let our feelings known, then our MP’s not only have to listen; they suddenly have the dawning realization of who the real boss is! WE ARE! POLITICIANS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE OUR SERVANTS! It’s time we let them know this! The other thing, moaning and complaining only to do nothing is just absolutely ridiculous! If you’re not going to do anything then stop being a miserable pest, pissing everyone else off with all your doom and gloom! The Chinese may have a saying ‘if you sit on a street corner with your mouth wide open, sooner or later a golden Goose will drop in. We don’t have the luxury of time. If you do nothing, you’ll get nothing. On this basis alone doing nothing is not an option.

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