Parental rights; not government coercion

The one major regret in my life is not having kids yet paradoxically I can’t help but feel relieved, for right now I’d be beside myself with worry if I did have a family. To see the way my country is deliberately being sold down the river & the fact our senior politicians are traitors who are being protected by the media. I never thought I’d see the day.


The Doctor

Check out this short clip. I feel this chap hits the nail on the head. Bad enough corrupt, pedophile-protecting politicians wish to pass laws that effectively strip parents of their fundamental right to decide what’s best for their children. Yet the very notion, abhorrent as it is, for me is not the crucial issue. What’s so disconcerting are two things –


These draconian measures were neither offered to the public for debate or included in any manifesto pledge. I mean do I even need to spell out the ramifications? Surely, we have to know what policies political parties intend to implement BEFORE we vote for them. Unsatisfactory as it most certainly is how politicians renege on election pledges; it’s another thing altogether when there’s a hidden agenda. 


Mega-bucks for Big Pharma


Secondly, & for me the most worrying aspect about this is the fact the entire mass-media never mentions this outrageous anomaly. The media’s job, first & foremost, is to inform the public of any such political shenanigans. They know full well Cameron’s intention all along was to usher in laws that the public would never have voted for. If they ignore this, they should not be referred to as the media.
So on the one hand we have a political system that is so openly abused it is anything but democratic & on the other hand we have a media that is not only a lying machine but is deliberately keeping under wraps the very things the public needs to be informed of. This situation is nothing short of a recipe for disaster.



  • angie

    hi michael its truly disturbing whats going on.. ive refused vacs for my child and know of many other parents that are waking up to what is gong on and doing the same.its not just with vacs either they are also attempting to dismiss parents rights at schools… i sent a freedom of info request recently to my childs local school and three days after the head and a other staff member set me up in a situation that happened so fast i didnt know what had hit me and the outcome was i letter sent to me by the head which was full of blatent lies about me and the situation they had set me up in..this was obviously a warning to me for asking questions …she hasnt scared me off though and will continue to fight for our god given human rights as parents…. love your work michael love n light x

  • angie

    ps homeschooling is my next step x

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