Parliament debate whether Israel has ‘improper influence’ over British Politics

IMPROPER INFLUENCE? Don’t make me laugh. WE’VE VIRTUALLY SURRENDERED OUR INDEPENDENCE TO THESE BASTARDS! Israel breaks more international laws than any country yet we lick their putrid arse all the time. WHY? Because they control everything that matters, even Parliament itself. The proof is in the pudding – name one Tory election promise that’s been honoured? You can’t because every single piece of legislation pushed through by the Tories was never part of any manifesto. Moreover, much of the serious stuff which involves our civil liberties & rights is all being ushered in on the quiet. They know they can get away with it because the media is entirely complicit. They are owned by the same people. Zionist influence is so great we’re literally an occupied territory.
And this is precisely why Jeremy Corbyn is treated so atrociously. He won’t do what they want. He’s one of the few who can’t be bought. Of course he wants to radically alter the policies of the last 25 years & so do good for the people instead of corporations & the super-wealthy. So I’ll say this:

If there’s any petition citizens of the UK need to sign here is it. Forget everything else because if we don’t address this we’re as good as done for!



  • zakimar

    For any retard that doesn’t know the jew banksters and APARTHEID israel regime have enslaved all western nations, please send me some money as I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you, real cheap. #BDS #BDSusa

    • You know Zak I understand your anger. The problem is if your aim is to awaken folk to the nightmare of Zionism, there’s a way of doing it where you can get results. The way you go about it sadly will not convince many. In fact, ranting & raving gives people the excuse to label you a conspiracy freak. Now I’m hard-hitting. I don’t pull any punches but many people listen & learn. Of course some label me a conspiracy nut. That’s inevitable because they have no argument. I just wish you’d think about this.

  • patrick cmceneaney

    The israeli’s wanted Iraq attacked because Sadam supported the Palistinians same for Libya. Israel is the Holy Terror in the ME. All that destruction in Syria caused by the western warmongers!! they are good at making war no doubt..

    • Aunte Semite

      The satanic jew worship their father, the devil, and believe his lie that the inbred genetically inferior jew are the chosen/master race. So when the jew banksters finally finish their collapse of amerikkka, because they want APARTHEID israel to take over as the ruling state in the world, the stupid jew will learn that without their amerikkkan and nato slaves to protect them, millions of decent people, including me, will go to PALESTINE and send those satanic jew to their true homeland, HELL. #BDS #BDSusa #BDSjewCorps

      • Dearie me. Aunte Semite – I refer you to the reply I just gave Zakimar – I’m not saying you’re wrong. I’m simply saying criticise the Zionists in a manner where people will stop & think. Doing it your way will convert no one!

    • That’s true Patrick but if that was the sole reason Israel would want half the countries in the world to be ironed out. No. Firstly there was the Oded Yinon plan to create Greater Israel. This meant taking out 7 Arab/Muslim nations. However, what truly made Saddam a target is he broke away from the Petro-dollar deal & started selling petroleum for foreign currency. Russia & China are strong enough to be able to do this. Both Saddam & Gadaffi WEREN’T! America & the Zionists cannot afford a situation where the Petro-dollar collapses. This would start a run on the dollar & render the currency for what it actually is – WORTHLESS!

  • venner

    Washing DC council member Trayon White, posted a video on social media last week, as it began snowing he said,
    “D.C. keep talking about ‘We are a resilient city.’ And that’s a model based off the Rothschilds controlling the climate to create natural disasters they can pay for to own the cities.”
    Of course the predictable accusations followed and he was forced to make a public apology to the Jews for making anti semitic comments even though he never said anything about the Jews or their religion.
    So apparently it is now considered anti semitic to say anything accusational about anyone who is jewish and doing so demands a public apology to all of them.
    Who the fuck do these people think they are?

    • zakimar

      Both the Gospel and Qur’an state that the jew are evil and Jesus stated that the devil is the father of the jew. So clearly the jew believe their liar father that they are a special race and that on Judgement Day, the devil and his children will fight God and His angels and will win!!! And then the jew will rule in the next life like they do in this one. Thankfully, God has cursed the satanic jew for things like: worshipping the devil; ignoring Moses to instead literally worship gold; trying to murder Jesus; trying to murder Muhammad PBUH; returning to Palestine when He has forbidden it; the genocide of the Native Palestinians; usury; their manufacturing of porn/alcohol/drugs; the gambling industry….. So God only allows the jew to do their evil because it will earn them eternity in Hellfire and earn their Muslim victims eternity in Heaven as Martyrs. #BDS #BDSusa #BDSjewCorps

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