Pat Buchanan: Obama should fight the Israel government

Outspoken as he perhaps was I don’t remember Pat Buchanan ever adopting such a stance when he put his hat in the ring for the Presidency in 92, 96 & 2000. He’s right. This is precisely what Obama should do though it’s a whole lot easier said than done. He could start by outlawing dual national citizenship but I wonder what Buchanan would have done with all the traitors in Congress; the Zionist controlled Federal Reserve Board; the Zionist controlled media & the all-powerful Zionist lobbies?


Take them on


Of course we know what happened to the last President that tried –


If only they wrapped themselves up in cotton wool. I can safely say there would be millions more alive today & those alive today would be in a far better position if they’d have not fallen foul of the very people who are screwing this world upside down.


Jack & Bobby


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