Paul Craig Roberts: What’s more sensible than having good relations than with other nuclear powers?

I’m beginning to wonder if I’m ever going to see what the chief power-brokers dread – a sudden outbreak of pin-point finger pointing! The thing is, if RT neglect to mention Rothschild Zionism or Israel’s role in all the grief we see today, then who will? Since the chief protagonists have constantly poured scorn over the Russian news outlet, what this clearly indicates is those responsible for RT’s programming are under no illusions – if ever Israel’s role in any of this is publicised, major ‘accidents’ will befall RT employees. This is the only way one can make sense of this.


Naming & shaming those responsible is the crux of the problem for two reasons –

* Whether it was JFK’s assassination, the attack on the USS Liberty or 9/11 is open to debate. What’s crucial is understanding Zionists have passed the point of no return. As a result, THEY CANNOT STOP!

* Therefore, so long as they continue to slip under the radar, they’ll carry on as if nothing’s happened, until they achieve their ultimate goal of world domination.   


It is important to note we may have already reached the point where we’re even able to do anything about this for it’s highly debatable whether Israel or the Rothschilds will ever back off. The best we can hope for now is getting the word out & backing the BDS movement to the hilt in order to further isolate Israel. This way at least we can stop the cancer spreading. However, I feel if Oded Yinon’s plan of Greater Israel is realised it will be too late. If Israel ends up controlling the entire Middle East, they will also control much of the world’s energy reserves. This will make Israel a super power & you can be sure the Rothschilds will see to it no country will be allowed to develop alternative forms of energy that render oil & gas obsolete.


The question of anti-Semitism does not enter the equation for if any other group of people were indulging in what Zionists are doing, the media would automatically highlight how a minority group were effectively trying to take over the country in which they reside. For Americans, such a revelation would render even war & the economy inconsequential for they’d realise the only policies being pursued & instigated are those that benefit this small group of people. The trouble is, we don’t have an independent media & therefore, until this aberration is corrected, the media will continue to distract everyone by arguing the toss over meaningless baloney. Case in point – how many times have you seen me highlighting the differences between the left, the right & liberals? I never do because it’s all bullshit!



Everyone who’s capable of thinking logically knows that Bush & Blair lied & so in a fair & just world, these war criminals & their cohorts would be in jail, if not, shot for Treason. However, what is very worrying is even though most people are aware lies were told in order to go to war in Iraq, mainstream media nevertheless is seemingly able to continue to lie for the purpose of engineering grief. The game changer though is, for the first time, these conflicts involve nations with nuclear arsenals. Where is the outcry? What is it going to take for ordinary folk to gather en mass to say enough of this shit? Americans have no option but to take their country back. In order to do that, Zionist influence has to be eradicated. The long & the short of it is this –


* Did not Trump win the election fair & square? Moreover, did he not do this predominately because of his anti-war stance & the fact one of his chief goals was to have better relations with Russia?


* Did Trump not appoint General Flynn for the purpose of having better relations with Russia? Why has all this changed?

* Much of Trump’s pre-election talk was of concentrating on America’s problems & not becoming embroiled in overseas conflicts. Why has Trump inexplicably sent US troops into Syria? 


To answer these questions one has to ask – who exerts untold influence on Capitol Hill & who owns the entire media apparatus? Answer – DUAL NATIONAL ZIONISTS! Therefore it should be common knowledge who they’re lying for & thus who benefits; who’s responsible for creating this mess; who the masters of false flags are & so on & so on. How can it be mere coincidence – Netanyahu goes to Washington DC – Trump sends US troops into Syria? Sad to say but it has never been more obvious – it doesn’t matter who Americans elect. There exists a Zionist mafia that stretches through the media extending all the way up to Capitol Hill. This ungodly influence acts as a perversion so that the will of a few over-ride the will of the people ie all true patriots. IT’S HIGH TIME PEOPLE STARTED TALKING ABOUT THIS!


Thanks to David Douglas Hill for sending this radio interview with Paul Craig Roberts. This guy is always on the money. On 24 minutes PCR asks – what’s more sensible than having good relations than with other nuclear powers? On 33 minutes Richie Allen asks – why doesn’t Trump take on the media live in front of the American people. It’s interesting hearing PCR’s comments & they go a long way to reiterating what I’m saying in this post. The fact is the Zionists have all the bases covered. It’s up to us now!


Also thanks to Lasse Anckarman for these two very important links – 


The first from Arabnyheter – Israel behind the destruction of the Middle East?



The second from Russia Insider – Israel ‘Directly Supports’ Terrorists in Syria

This link has an excellent video (14.47) where President Assad tells it exactly how it is.



  • Robert Taylor

    Why OH why is it an unforgiveable SIN to discuss the atrocity of CHEM-TRAILS….we’re being sprayed with chemicals from jets almost every day…these are NOT condensation trails (contrails) that dissipate within seconds. Chemtrails spread out and last for hours. Why the failure to find out WHO is spraying this crap, prosecute the offenders and immediately put a STOP to this.

    • It’s obvious who is doing it! Who runs America? Who is responsible for tearing up the US constitution? Who’s responsible for the erosion of US civil liberties ie the Patriot & NDA act? Who wants to make it illegal to criticise Israel?

  • It cannot be a coincidence that we are now seeing all these plaintive appeals in the Daily Torygraph, Daily Wail and the Daily Getsworse (all controlled by Zionists) to the social media to prohibit “fake news” just as some of the more perceptive Zionist critique is beginning to seep through thanks to Facebook Twitter, etc..

    • Absolutely Walter – it’s the ‘never-ending until we have world domination quest’ Zionists specialise in. Everything they can do, they do to further their agenda. We better wake up because the 66 million Russians they murdered in the Bolshevic revolution will seem like a warm up to what their plans are for us. One only has to see what these evil, vicious people are doing to the Palestinians.

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