Perhaps Nature remains destined to have the last laugh

Nature never ceases to amaze me. Over 15 years ago I felt a compulsion to write a piece entitled ‘Does Nature have a Rule Book’. Here’s a segment –
Some 14 billion years after Genesis, Nature chose to expand its repertoire by creating a life-form which would evolve dramatically. No species before had been blessed with such a multi-faceted, powerful brain, one which could contemplate, analyse and eventually understand how nature conducts almost every aspect of its business. Hardly surprising. Anything possessing a bag of tricks remotely resembling Nature’s outlandish array of talents surely is obliged to create something capable of acknowledging its very ingenuity.
Could it possibly have been adequate merely introducing a world of plants and trees or an animal kingdom flush with mammals, amphibians, reptiles, insects, birds and fish with no way of acknowledging the ‘impossible’ universe? Dolphins may have developed advanced forms of communication, ant’s complex levels of hierarchy; who knows what extravagant levels Nature’s variations can distend to but miraculous as its environmental backdrop may seem, would it go to all this trouble if none of its creations could ever recognise its mind-boggling achievements? Nature may well be the only appropriate description of God but even something so wondrously responsible for ‘everything’ needs at least a little recognition, surely?
Whether we will ever understand Nature’s rule book so that we can one day confidently declare exactly how Nature works, just to have learned the innermost secrets of the Universe back to the first milliseconds of the Big Bang is testament to mankind’s ingenuity. We have accomplished a great deal yet regardless of whatever intellectual strides we continue to make, it seems nature remains destined to have the last laugh.


Scarcely a day goes by where my mind does not ponder Nature’s unerring ability to continue to create the most infuriatingly, baffling paradoxes. The Big Bang & God was bad enough but when, against all odds, a species finally evolved with a brain not only able to acknowledge Nature itself but with the ability to foresee & thus counteract its most devastating body blows, much as I’m aware of why this has all occurred, it nevertheless mystifies me how mankind could have ended up taking this route.
I neither have the time or inclination to list where, how & why our history remains bedeviled by an endless catalogue of exploitation, pain & suffering, despite the fact we possess the unique ability to fashion our own destiny. In short, brain power has yet to triumph over brawn. As a result, decision making has rarely been in the hands of those deserving, those most worthy of such responsibility. Even then, I’m forever quoting Marlon Brando words in the Godfather – ‘how did things ever get so far?’
Today my intention was to spend all day contacting website subscribers, who through some magical act of Zionist skulduggery, vanished from my mailing list. Then I saw this caption & once again, I felt compelled to write. Initially, my thoughts were simply of how humans could sit idly by & listen to the pure unadulterated media baloney while outrageous anomalies stare us all in the face. As per usual, my mind went off in a tangent. I believe Nature has built in side effects, most especially for life forms industrious enough to hurdle some of the enormous scientific & technological strides we’ve managed to overcome. Being in the Western comfort zone, it seems can all too readily lull us into a false sense of security. As I stated earlier – perhaps Nature remains destined to have the last laugh.




  • Neil Unwin

    Hi Michael, Im sure there`s every chance “nature remains destined to have the last laugh”.. Humans are definitely the most intelligent species to ever inhabit the earth.. But IMO, they are also one of the most aggressive, arrogant, & stupid- as I think our history demonstrates..

    • I couldn’t agree more Neil. At least Nature got one thing right – evil can never win in the long run for it inevitably will destroy itself. Good has to triumph over evil if mankind hopes to pass the baton in the human relay race.

  • p

    The joy of freedom of speech. As an avid ancient history buff I know the story of humanity is far older than most would give credence to, but have to give Michael a definite nod on this one. And, as have blogged probably one to many times about elsewhere. Nature has had the last laugh many times, proof is everywhere, just most don’t see it. Nature works to heal those badly damaged parts of her. Chernobyl is a recent good example. If you look at megaliths (huge made blocks often tumbled about), or places where radiation has been present for many centuries (Siberia and its Death Valley is one good example of an ancient war, very ancient). I hope we get it right this time.

  • Ted Duggan

    Hi Michael

    WOW I must have been deleted from your mailing list ….. I re subscribed YESTERDAY and today I get a email from you with this link.

    The powers that be have been trying to cause havoc with your website and mailing list …..You must be hitting a nerve somewhere my good friend …. Keep up the GREAT work

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