Petition to arrest Netanyahu in UK visit September 2015


Here’s a link I saw last night – Israeli Banks flipping out over looming European boycott. To this I say – GOOD! Let them flip like pancakes!


I thought I’d insert this first just to show how important it is for everyone to do their bit. The heat is on. There’s millions upon millions of people who are pissed off with what’s going on. Most of them are yet to act on their feelings. But there are millions like us all over the place who are trying to do our bit. It’s up to us to encourage good people to act – write letters & send e-mails to their MP, sign petitions & above all, boycott Israeli products & join the BDS movement.



If the Zionists are crying about anything, it’s this. The link above shows the BDS movement is hurting them & it’s continuing to grow. Therefore it goes without saying any bad publicity regarding this maniac Netanyahu & that traitor we have in 10 Downing St. can only help the cause. Even if it serves to get a few more people to boycott Israeli products it’s a step in the right direction. So watch this video regarding a petition that was set up in the UK on the 7th of August



This toe-rag Netanyahu is coming here & our Prime Minister isn’t just giving this mass-murderer the red carpet treatment but all the policies Cameron’s pursuing IS ON THE BEHEST OF THIS VERY MAN! I’m not here to argue over the worth of petitions. What I do know, in this country when a petition reaches 10000 names it can be handed into 10 Downing Street. The government has to respond. Big deal. If you don’t already know Cameron is a traitor, you must be in a coma. What we do know is he tells lies for fun. He’ll fob this off as will the media. They’re all in the same boat – Netanyahu, Cameron & the media!


Netanyahu petition


However, Parliament isn’t, not yet at least. I remind you in Sept 2013 MP’s voted against direct UK military intervention in Syria. Cameron defied parliament nevertheless! Why? BECAUSE HE TAKES HIS ORDERS FROM NETANYAHU. So why’s this petition so important? Because if it receives 100,000 signatures, IT WILL BE CONSIDERED FOR DEBATE IN PARLIAMENT…… & I’ll let the cat out of the bag – we’re already at 41,000 signatures! I can’t begin to say it is more than our duty to spread this petition far & wide.
BDS movement


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