Petition: Use 3 separate independent organisations to count the EU referendum votes

“This is one of the most important things we’ll ever get to vote on. The outcome of this EU referendum will shape the future of the British public forever and it’s vitally important that the outcome is democratically the right/correct one. We’d like 3 independent vote counting organisations to count the in/out votes, to ensure transparency and satisfaction for the British people.”


Brussels Sprouts


If you’re a Brit just sign the damn thing please. If you can share it, even better…


Well, I couldn’t agree more. With the media in total collusion with all the liars & traitors who are destroying our country, it’s hardly likely most of us have any idea just how much our elections are being rigged. What’s so annoying is how the tried & trusted method for counting votes was cast aside without so much as a by-your-leave just so these crooked Zionist bankers could cheat. We shouldn’t have to demand that the vote counting is entirely transparent & above board. Moreover, what earthly reason would anyone apart from the cheats have to deny us an infallible method of vote-counting?


76% want out




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WRITER BIO: Michael Aydinian is a political analyst, a freelance writer and a severe critic of corporate media. He is currently living in the UK.

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  • Thomas Austin

    Michael. We were friends on Fascistbook long term. I was booted off FB back in November of 2015 after 6 years of truth sharing. I was also an Admin on a few potent groups with 3-5k members. I must tell you that I miss your valued intellect, research and friendship in the social media experiment. I logged on to your main web page today and I still am proud and respectful of your tireless endeavors in sharing truth. Thank you my global brother for all you do. Keep hope, truth, peace and the further awakening process alive. Reach me, Thomas Austin, anytime at May inner peace always consume you.

    • Well I’m so sorry to hear the fascists on FB pulled the plug on you Thomas. I think it’s only a matter of time for me to be joining you in the sin bin. It’s very hard for me to remember everyone but your name certainly does ring a bell. Thanks for the kind words – much appreciated. I’m consumed alright – Whether it’s inner peace is another story!

  • Thanks Mike Adinyian ….your posts are the best in the world and as always ,an excellent guide to the truths the putrid Murdoch Press attempt to subvert……Australia votes next week to stay with the Rothchilds ,JPMorgan ,Goldman Sachs,et al, backed Liberal (Tory) coalition …….The press were giving the Labor coalition no chance , four weeks ago just to get that % of the population who just want to be in the winners camp on side …but with the aid of the *net ,the mob are getting the real facts and we are getting prepared for a Labor victory…..and great to see the final analysis of voting stats that clearly showed the longer people have been on this earth ,the more likely they were to vote OUT………so much for the arrogance of youth who believe they know better than their elders…!!

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