Philip Hammond: UK’s New Foreign Secretary Joins the Fray & Commits Treason

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Philip Hammond: UK’s New Foreign Secretary Joins the Fray & Commits Treason

Let me make this absolutely clear – yesterday by saying Russia “risks becoming a pariah state” by “continuing to obstruct the independent investigation” into the MH17 crash, Philip Hammond, UK’s Foreign Secretary did nothing less than commit Treason, an offense justifiably punishable by death. These are the people we have running our country – TRAITORS! Whilst I know many concur with my analysis of what really happened to flight MH17 and who was responsible, I’m in no doubt most people in the UK will think I’m either pushing it or have completely gone off the rails. 

Wreckage at the MH17 crash site (Photo:ABC)

You’d better think again because……… I’M RIGHT! YOU’RE WRONG! Our politicians, by making an enemy out of Russia, a superpower that can destroy us 1000 times over, are risking our lives. I accuse them of Treason because they know 100% Putin had nothing to do with this. 

I am no fool. I harbor no bias. The problem I have is I was born with an insatiable urge to analyze. Everything that comes before me, anything I ever see, hear or do, I analyze…… and the moment I feel I’m being told a porkie, almost as if on auto-pilot, my mind kicks into analytical overdrive. It took less than an hour to work out what happened to Flight MH17, paradoxically thanks to corporate media! They made it obvious by immediately blaming Putin and/or the Ukraine ‘rebels’. This should have marked everyone’s card – the entire Zionist controlled media pointing the finger before anyone had a chance to gather a single shred of evidence. No one laid a hand on a Black Box….. yet universally it was Putin! Then when Zionist puppets like Cameron chipped in, how in hell can anyone not see this was a set up job? Answer – quite easily! Most people have the brains of a rocking horse! I mean unbelievable as it is, they’d never do such a stupid thing if they didn’t know there aren’t suckers all over the gaff! 

I’ll put my hand on my heart and say Putin had nothing to do with this. He had nothing to gain, everything to lose and there is NO evidence to even suggest he did such a thing! If you think any different, by all means, I beg of you, tell me why. Not that it’s even possible for anyone to make a case but go ahead. Show me what you’ve got. Here’s what’s in my tank – there is zero question in my mind as to who was responsible for the downing of flight MH17 – BENJAMIN NETANYAHU! 

1) The Malaysian High Court ruled Israel was guilty of war crimes. Within a year, not one but two Malaysian planes are taken out! The odds of two planes from the same airline going down within a year are positively astronomical yet what puts the icing on the cake is the fact that with both flights, air crash investigators are yet to get their mitts on the Black Boxes which ultimately would reveal all.

2) A few months before flight MH17 went down, Holland withdrew it’s investments from 5 Israeli banks due to the continual building of illegal settlements on annexed Palestinian land. Here one has the two countries that stood up to the brutal Apartheid regime of Israel – a Malaysian plane taking off from Amsterdam loaded with Dutch passengers. Once again – the odds are astronomical!

3) The coup in Ukraine that ousted the democratically elected government of Yanukovitch was instigated by Zionist bankers. The man who seized power, Poroshenko, a Zionist billionaire proceeded to show that in true Zionist fashion, massacring civilians was no sweat. Once in Ukrainian air-space flight MH17 was mysteriously diverted 200 miles south so that it directly flew over the war zone in East Ukraine. Now surely, two questions need to be asked here – WHY WAS THIS PLANE DIVERTED and WHO GAVE THIS ORDER?

4) Well up to now, the Zionist controlled media has never asked these patently obvious questions. How can this be possible? If you want the truth, answering these questions is obligatory for it would go a long way into ascertaining exactly what occurred. We’re talking the very basics of crime fighting here. This is so inexcusable it’s literally an admission of guilt! Of course the media’s role in this is crucial – the Zionists point the finger at Putin when they had no right to; they never once mentioned the fact Ukraine was taken over illegally and all the rest of it!

5) And here is the reason why 298 people on flight MH17 were wiped out! The day before, Israel had shown just what they meant when they categorically stated they did not target civilians. Four Palestinian kids were playing football on the beach. Suddenly a missile came thundering in. Panic stricken, the boys ran only for these murdering scumbags to fire another missile. This one tore them apart! 

Such was worldwide revulsion, the Israelis, due to their callous trigger-happy approach, effectively had placed a spanner in the works. Netanyahu’s desire to massacre a whole lot more than a mere 450 Palestinians was now in jeopardy. With the world’s media focused on Gaza and Israeli lies fast wearing thin, there was little or no chance Netanyahu could ever send the tanks into Gaza. But do you think this psychopath could ever take no for an answer? All he needed was an event that would take media attention away from Gaza. Now, what are the odds of such an event occurring, THE VERY NEXT DAY? Millions, billions, trillions to one?

Lo and behold, within 22 minutes of flight MH17 crashing, Israeli tanks rolled into Gaza! In the following days, the largely defenseless Palestinians saw whole neighborhoods flattened – UN compounds, schools, hospitals, the one power station they had, was destroyed. 1750 Palestinians, the vast majority civilians, were killed; several 1000’s more suffered severe injuries. All the while the media had the gall to blame Hamas, the use of human shields, as if the Israelis didn’t kill Palestinian kids for fun and the tunnels where these terrorists came out of nowhere! 

6) Zionists are the undisputed champions of assassinations but most importantly they are the masters of false flag events. You see only those who control the media could ever commit such heinous acts – where Israel’s enemies are blamed for terrorists acts that they carry out – the Lavon affair; the attack on the USS Liberty and the mother of them all, 9/11. Without the media, they could never get away with such diabolical skullduggery.

6 FACTS! Each one critical; each one with the indelible stain of the Zionist hand. Now, it’s not my fault this is the case! Believe what you like but I’m not against Jews or anyone; I’m against mass-murderers! If you take umbrage to that then I offer my humblest apologies – it’s truly tragic you are so demented. I’m just pointing out the facts. If you choose to ignore them, Cui Bono, who gains and instead choose to believe the lies of the media and our treacherous politicians, who are obviously in the Zionist’s pocket then GOOD, most especially if you live in the UK. I guarantee you’ll experience a rude awakening and when you do I’ll be long gone. 

Philip Hammond is a lying weasel. His accusation that Russia is “continuing to obstruct the independent investigation” is so far from the truth it beggars belief. Has he ever qualified this tripe with any evidence? Has the media asked exactly how Russia is obstructing this investigation? NO! The truth is what I told you from the very beginning – WHATEVER THE MEDIA SAYS, IF YOU WANT THE TRUTH, IMAGINE THE EXACT REVERSE! Ask yourself – why doesn’t America release its spy satellite data? It will conclusively prove who was responsible. Russia did only for the media to impose a blanket boycott. Small wonder – Poroshenko’s Ukrainian jets shot the plane down on the specific orders of Benjamin Netanyahu.

My mind is made up! I’ve lived here all my life but I’m getting my butt out of here sharpish. The moment Cameron made an enemy out of Russia simply because the Zionists told him to do so, for me, was a bridge too far. Then at the UN when Cameron said ‘anyone questioning 9/11 is as dangerous as ISIS terrorists……. and THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD USE ALL MEANS AT ITS DISPOSAL TO ERADICATE THESE PEOPLE’, that was the final nail in the coffin. 

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