Police kill Iraq veteran who held up bank to demand VA disability payment

Once you have a reasonable understanding of what’s really going on on this god-forsaken planet, you realise exactly why certain topics are strictly taboo such as the Holocaust, 9/11, Israel & generally the true reasons for war. Of course in an ideal world, no subject matter would ever be off limits because strangely enough, the only way to get to anything even resembling an ideal world, one would, first & foremost, be free to question anything.


Sadly, we live in a world so far removed from this, where everything has become so topsy-turvy, not only is one automatically ambushed if one tries to debate these topics, not only does the entire mainstream media ignore ground-breaking arguments which may counter ‘their’ view but now we have our so-called elected representatives secretly being coerced into introducing legislation to further curtail what are our fundamental rights.


Thanks to Ted Duggan for this article – ‘Missing Link’ – here’s a snippet – 

In Nancy MacLean’s new book Democracy in Chains: the deep history of the radical right’s stealth plan for America is to see what was previously invisible.


The history professor’s work on the subject began by accident. In 2013 she stumbled across a deserted clapboard house on the campus of George Mason University in Virginia. It was stuffed with the unsorted archives of a man who had died that year, whose name is probably unfamiliar to you: James McGill Buchanan. She writes that the first thing she picked up was a stack of confidential letters concerning millions of dollars transferred to the university by the billionaire Charles Koch.


Her discoveries in that house of horrors reveal how Buchanan, in collaboration with business tycoons and the institutes they founded, developed a hidden programme for suppressing democracy on behalf of the very rich. The programme is now reshaping politics, and not just in the US.


Missing Link



This is why we live in a world where the most obvious questions are rarely asked – 

  • Who financed Hitler?
  • Does the banking industry serve the public in any way? 
  • How & why was Israel created?
  • How come so many US veterans return home only to commit suicide?
  • How come the media never mentions this?


Which leads me to a particular topic that absolutely drives me round the bend. There are few things I find more annoying than seeing politicians & the media use our soldiers as a psychological weapon against those who question the very reasons for going to war, as if we are unpatriotic & not appreciative of those who serve in the military. If only ordinary folk realised the chronic level of hypocrisy here. So few are cognizant of the fact once soldiers serve their purpose, they are quite literally thrown on the scrap-heap!


55,000 US soldiers lost their lives in Vietnam but how many people know over double that number returned home only to commit suicide – that’s 110,000 US soldiers! Perhaps more significantly, how many people know that this conflict was yet another fabrication by warmongers who were ably aided & abetted by the media? How many people know more bombs were dropped on Vietnam than in the entire 2nd World War? How many people know 4 MILLION INNOCENT VIETNAMESE LOST THEIR LIVES?


The figures may not be as stomach-churning for Afghanistan & Iraq – just 2 million deaths. Nevertheless, the pattern remains virtually identical. Around 8000 killed in action yet well over double have committed suicide. In fact today, on average, each & every day, 20 US soldiers take their own lives. Why? Well, I’m no expert because thankfully I’ve never witnessed the kind of trauma one inevitably suffers after experiencing the wholesale slaughter of people who’ve done no wrong. What I do know is when Vets return home, it is not ordinary folk like you & me who don’t give a shit but BUT POLITICIANS & THE MEDIA – the very people who never stop telling us we have to support them.  


Here’s the horrific story about BRIAN EASLEY – ‘Police kill Iraq veteran who held up bank to demand VA disability payment’




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