Political author Gearoid O’Colmain discusses the Paris attacks with RT International.

When I first saw this I’m not sure if I was actually more relieved than anything else. I mean we know Zionists are specialists at piling on the heat – speak the truth about them (I refuse to say criticise anymore) & depending on one’s reach or impact, the pressure is applied accordingly. I’m convinced Abby Martin was forced out of RT & ever since, it seems RT has put the gloves on. I still leave RT on most of the day but it can be brain damage – one minute you hear the truth; next minute, it’s like you’re listening to the BBC. Most of the shows are good; some are terrific but then I hear the news headlines & I want to scream. 


Anyway, the notion RT is slipping under the Zionist thumb was blown away when I heard this. How can one describe GEAROLD O’COLMAIN’s effort here? How about right up there with Ken O’Keefe? Or maybe even – this is as good as it gets folks! This is what I want to hear – people can be honest but often what they don’t say is the crux of the problem. There was no holding O’Colmain back. I even sensed at the end the RT presenter was glad it was over, perhaps thinking the Zionists would end up coming after him. 



This guy is right about everything he says – their goal is to outlaw criticism. Whatever terrorist threat exists today was manufactured by the very people who now want to strip us of our civil liberties. It is essential too we realise whatever the media says about this 14 year war on terror is for the purpose of continuing the same ‘failed’ strategy. The finger is never pointed at Cameron or Hollande. Perfect Zionist puppets can do no wrong. A classic example – 

Even though it’s common knowledge we wouldn’t have this humanitarian catastrophe if it wasn’t for Bush, Obama, Blair, Cameron & Hollande declaring illegal wars, not only the media never mentions who’s to blame but they then have the gall to use the refugee crisis to stir up even more trouble & by doing so, further the Zionist agenda to Divide & Conquer!

Instead of saying Cameron – you did this, the media did their level best to portray the refugees in a bad light & so create hatred. Then they couldn’t wait to plant the idea into people’s heads that among the refugees were loads of ISIS operatives. Soon after we’re told ISIS were looking to bring their campaign of terror to Europe…… 


Now hold the phone. How do they know that? It’s all bullshit! These scumbags may be able to operate in war zones in Iraq & Syria but the mere notion terrorists can just up & leave; traipse into a country like France & then coordinate seven separate attacks simultaneously with military precision? What, were they able to cross how many borders all tooled up with fire-power & ammo; find accommodation just like that & bang? I mean you’ve got to be kidding me. 


And what do you know – it all goes off in Paris! As a result, once again, we’re hearing talk of more security measures. When are people going to realise that those who declared a war on terror 14 years ago must be doing one shit job if these terrorist attacks can occur at will today.

France Moves to Make “Conspiracy Theories” Illegal by Government Decree



When I saw the media reaction to the Paris attacks I made the point – where was the out-pouring of sympathy when 224 Russians were murdered? I said we’re being set up. Anyway I thought I’d include this because people are being massacred all over the place. How many people know that in Kenya recently 147 people were slaughtered? Why is it some people’s lives matter so much our fundamental rights can be compromised, yet countless other lives aren’t worth a bar of soap?


147 killed in Kenya  

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