Politicians Have Become a Mafiosi

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Politicians Have Become a Mafiosi

Whatsupic — Most people think politicians are crooked yet often when one refers to a criminal act by a politician, outlining all the detailed evidence, many of these people turn a blind eye as if it’s bugger all! The usual reaction ‘aaahh, what can we do about it? They’re all bent!’ Well there’s a very serious price to pay for such non-action & apathy, & we’re paying for it right now because we have a Prime Minister who for no good reason is perfectly happy making an enemy, both economically & militarily, out of Russia! 

Photo:TheswashWhat possible justification is there to create a major confrontation with a country that possesses a massive nuclear arsenal? Have they invaded us? No! Have they threatened us? No! Have they attacked another country? No! WELL THEN WHAT IN THE BLAZES ARE WE DOING ANTAGONIZING THEM? The only reason is because our senior politicians ARE CRIMINALS! They’ve proved it time & again. They should be in jail but we do nothing! Needless to say gangsters like Cameron & Hague do not represent us! They’ve crossed the line! Just as when a policeman takes his first bribe & is therefore always in the pocket of crooks, our Prime Minister & foreign secretary work for even bigger criminals! Once in the club, there’s no getting out! One has to do what one’s told! 

Forget about the treachery of Cameron as PM. I’ve bored everyone to death trying to show what a crook he is! Thanks to RT & the Keiser Report, episode 601 highlights a truly shocking example of what Cameron was involved with BEFORE he became PM! A close buddy of his is Robin Southwell. Even now, when Cameron goes on one of his business trips, Southwell is often by his side. He’s the President of Airbus UK. In 2008 he was a non-executive director & share-holder of Corporate Jet Services. This company had assets of around £2 million. They had an £800,000 overdraft limit. However when the shit hit the fan, this company lo & behold, somehow had accrued debts of a staggering £113 million! 

You may ask what bank would be mad enough to lend so much to a company that effectively was worth a Mars bar? Answer – HBOS! Now quite how any bank could be so irresponsible is actually impossible for there’s a limit to how daft one can be! HBOS surpassed that when the overdraft was breached! But it gets worse. Not only did HBOS continue to lend Corporate Jet Services money; it did so without the company ever having to explain where all the cash was going! Now by law one has to file accounts. CJS NEVER DID! Yet instead of HBOS referring the matter to the serious fraud squad, inexplicably they continued to lend the firm ever greater chunks! No surprise HBOS went belly up! Who had to bail them out? WE DID…… to the tune of £20 BILLION! HOW MUCH?……… YES! £20 billion! Therefore it’s safe to say the outrageous shenanigans of HBOS had been common practice!

A smart 8 year old could have worked out that something seriously stunk here, yet to this day not one individual has been charged, let alone incarcerated, for such massive embezzlement of funds. ‘But wait! The public are saps! We can spread the wealth! There’s no rush! Let’s allow some other crooks to get in on the act!’ HBOS placed CJS into receivership with accountancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers. What did they do? They took out all the profitable assets of CJS & against all expert advice, sold them off for a bar of soap! But before you fall off your seat, here’s the real killer – who were the lucky recipients of all the juicy segments of CJS? ONLY THE VERY SAME CJS DIRECTORS THAT HELPED THEMSELVES TO OVER £100 MILLION, INCLUDING CAMERON’S BUDDY ROBIN SOUTHWELL! 

A subsequent investigation discovered that every month CJS had transferred 6 figure sums to one of its subsidiaries Euromanx, a company that was based in the tax haven Isle of Man. As well as being its chief executive, guess who owned 30% of this company? ROBIN SOUTHWELL! No surprise Euromanx was soon declared bankrupt too! It beggars belief! Imagine these crooks in the dock; they’re caught red-handed! If they were to sit lie-detector tests the machine would explode! The judge then drops a bombshell – “you know what? I’m in such a good mood not only am I going to let you off but all the millions you stole, KEEP IT! CONSIDER IT A GOING AWAY PRESENT!” As the jury looks on bemused the judge then turns to them – “don’t look at me like that! YOU’RE THE ONES THAT HAVE TO PAY FOR THIS!” 

This is not the only time this vermin Robin Southwell has pulled these strokes! Yet believe it or not, he remains a top adviser to David Cameron. The Prime Minister of the UK takes advice from a major fraudster! AND WHY NOT? This man is also head of EADS, a company that supplies ARMS! Small wonder Cameron’s making himself busy trying to manufacture conflicts! We’ve reduced Iraq to pulp on a pack of lies; we did the same to Libya; Cameron was dying to do this to Syria but Parliament told him to take a jump, so now we’re mixing it in Ukraine! You cannot make this up! Please watch all of this video. I very rarely ask this but I beg of you, if you care about your families & friends, share it far & wide. It is essential more people get to know about this.

Source : https://web.archive.org/web/20140526033349/http://whatsupic.com/special-world/1400310653.html

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