Politicians secretly colluding with foreign nations are committing Treason

While I’m glad Priti Patel lost her job, paradoxically I can’t help but feel the crux of the problem is the distinct likelihood….


When high ranking officials secretly collude with a foreign nation, aren’t they looked upon as spies? In my eyes this woman is guilty of Treason, plain & simple. She should at the very least be facing a lengthy jail term. Here we have not just an MP but a cabinet minister committing this very crime yet she’s got away with a slap on the wrist! The Zionist controlled media have dutifully played down this treachery as if it was nothing. As a result, you can be sure, this outrage will soon be completely forgotten.

Of course it goes without saying the Israelis will escape admonishment. Time & again they’re caught red-handed breaking every law in the book & nothing ever happens. So, if you keep letting bank-robbers off Scot free, you can hardly expect them to stop robbing banks! What a crazy precedent the world has set – allowing this one country to by-pass laws which normally are rigidly enforced everywhere else. It’s a recipe for disaster. 

So no surprise the situation couldn’t be more grave. You see it’s not as if the problem is merely whether the Israelis will continue to bribe politicians from certain nations. The fact media control & their ungodly power & influence has rendered them above the law, it’s almost as if there’s a gravitational attraction for those who can live with selling their country down the Swanee -POLITICIANS ARE LITERALLY LINING UP TO GO CAP IN HAND TO THESE GARGANTUAN CROOKS! 

I’ve gone blue in the face saying it. Herein lies the problem. Sure, there are many other major issues like starvation, global warming etc. However, if we don’t sort this one out, then we’re living on borrowed time. Why aren’t we enforcing our laws on bribery & corruption? Conservative & Labour Friends of Israel should be banned, as should all special interest groups. Small wonder these vermin are now trying to initiate the unthinkable behind closed doors – pressuring our politicians to outlaw criticism of Israel & Zionists. People need to realise, these people will only stop when they’ve got it all!   


Here’s an excellent article by Jonathan Cook. Read this for it confirms something the media will never say – the word is getting out regarding this wholly illegal practice of Zionist political coercion. People are speaking out. SO SHOULD YOU! 

Israel Lobby is Slowly Being Dragged Into the Light

Israel Lobby is Slowly Being Dragged Into the Light



  • I realised the exactly same thing,when i heard of Patel’s appointment as Home Secretary,but then,perhaps it’s not so surprising that this has taken place,as she has been placed into this position of power by Boris the madman !
    His other choice,to include our former defense minister Gavin Williamson into his cabinet,was yet another point of surprise & disappointment for me & i’m sure many other onlookers !
    This does not bode well for Britain,as Boris and his new cabinet take power & will probably continue down a similar path to that of the Conservatives,while under the leadership of May !
    Come to think of it,not only should Patel be behind bars,but also May as well,on a charge of treason !
    It therefore seems that true justice will never take place,as it’s unlikely that either one of them will ever face a court room,let alone many others from both parties who have committed treason over the years !
    Perhaps Brexit could be the deciding factor on how ell & how long this new Tory government remains in power,as thhere is only just over 3 months left to October 31st & the presumed date of Brexit – one thing’s for sure,that if Boris & his new government don’t pull us out of the EU by that date (and that seems most unlikely to happen,due to party infighting),then there will be another election called & of course,we do have the Brexit party waiting in the wings !
    I personally don’t see much joy arising from this newly formed Tory government.

    • Yes Terence. It’s a dire situation & what makes it all the more frustrating is it seems the Tory party can do no wrong. These new ministers couldn’t be more undeserving. Though I’m not sure I’m of view they do not intend to call an election soon. I’ve got a feeling they may decide to push the boat out & get Patel to bring in laws criminalising anti-Semitism. One thing I’m certain of, the election is going to be rigged!

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