Poll: 80% of Americans think Government, Banks, Corporate Media are Corrupt

It’s been over 36 hours since my last post. Not that I don’t have a backlog that’s a cow a mile long but I’ve been busy thinking. I’d already taken myself out of every group that vetted my posts. Cheek of it! I don’t ask to be in these groups & all of a sudden, they want to pick & choose? Anyway, about two weeks ago I was made an administrator of a group called BRITAIN IS THE PEOPLE. I didn’t ask. In fact, this was the first I’d heard of the group. So when I had an appropriate post I shared it there & all of a sudden – wallop! Have some of this!


Within an hour it had a shitload of action. So I checked it out & though a large portion of the comments were as uncomplimentary as it gets, since FB had burst blood vessels trying to reduce my post reach I thought to hell with it – even criticism from morons is publicity. Up yours FB! Then I noticed the group had a post reach of TWO MILLION! YOU WHAT! ……. Like it centurion. Like it! Actually, I’ve just pressed the SELECT ALL button for friends to like this page. That’s the good news. Why I’ve been busy thinking for over 36 hours is the bad news!
At first it didn’t make sense but finally, late last night, every piece of the puzzle fell into place like a key in a well-worn lock. This is what happens when you think. One thing I’ve learned in social media is there are many good folk who start projects; they’re great building them up but whether the quest to continue to grow over-rides all else or the ego just refuses to admit ‘I’m doing something wrong here’, what happens is once these groups stop lubricating, instead of trying to ascertain why & attack the problem, they neglect their duties & continue to do what they’re good at somewhere else – building up groups & attracting punters. Big mistake!
Before I go any further, most my friends know I’ve often come close to turning it in. Why? Because of FB censorship! But I soldiered on because of the feedback – THEY WIN IF YOU QUIT! So I thought, how come I’m being singled out yet a group like BRITAIN IS THE PEOPLE, which is a pale shadow to what I try to say about what’s REALLY going on in the UK, has a post reach of 2 million a week? How often have I said I hate to think what a post reach I’d have if FB played on a level playing field.


Bear in mind within a few months on FB the Likes were going through the roof. Suddenly it all went pear-shaped so 3 years ago someone advised me to open up a page. Bang. Withing 6 months I had a post reach of 200,000 a week. Even though today, I have 3 times as many page Likes, my post reach is around 40,000 a week, 5 times less. The big question was – what was I doing that made me a target while ‘Britain is the People’ was seemingly untouchable?


Last week I blocked at least 12 people from that group. I think I nailed 5 in one day – an all-comers record! What in the blazes was going on? Like I said – it hit me. So what do we know? There are literally 1000’s of Zionists on the payroll. Their job is to undermine – cause discord & chaos. As soon as one of these little shits reared their ugly head on my timeline or page I gave them what for & then bounced their sorry arse into the stratosphere. I’m not idiot enough to block everyone who disagrees with me. The truth is, it’s impossible for anyone to agree with you all of the time. I’m merely able to recognise those desperate to earn Brownie points & above all, Zionist plants.


This is where administrators in the group ‘Britain is the People’ weren’t doing their job. They were admitting any Tom, Dick & Harry. So long as the numbers went up, it was sweet. The trouble was, quite a few were there just to cause grief. Of course they never used names like Haim Goldberg! It was a British group but what got me thinking was the detractors were way too vociferous & then they made it obvious they weren’t even reading my posts. Instead it was instantaneous – the moment they saw I’d sussed out the truth about the tragic killing of Jo Cox & that once again, the media was lying its stinking arse off, they were all but gang-raping me! It was like the Simpsons when Monty Burns says – ‘RELEASE THE HOUNDS!’


I tried to argue the case but what I noticed was it was not like arguing against a fully-fledged delusional Zionist that can’t but help spout bile. There was a subtle difference. Though the attack was every bit as acidic, these people were actually agreeing with many of my points. How could it be? Answer – they were only reading the title! They simply saw a post where the media had been found out – saying the lunatic that killed Jo Cox shouted ‘BRITAIN FIRST’ when he said nothing of the sort & THE TOE-RAGS PILED IN! This is the only explanation. At first I couldn’t work it out but like I always say – just THINK! Your brain is beautiful. Once you start using it, it truly works wonders.


CONCLUSION: I’m censored because I’m a no-nonsense guy who doesn’t court popularity. I say it how it is….. end of! Take a jump if you don’t like it! Anyone who messes with me is blocked. Offer constructive criticism? In fact, please. Show me I might be wrong & I guarantee – I will thank you. End result, after 8 threats on my life, 3 of which I referred to the Police, in the last 18 months not one Zionist has tried to tangle with me. I’ve had the odd Christian idiot who thinks Israel is defending itself & that I’m anti-Semitic & blah, blah, blah! These people are no problem. I don’t have to block them. All it needs is a GMM riposte & they rarely come back for more. Small wonder I’m inundated with requests from friends asking me to join a thread & sort out some brainless moronic twat.
But once Zionists know they have no chance with me, FB then kicks in to make sure as few people as possible see my work. It’s the same for my website where for the first 6 months I had 8000 hits a day; the last 6 months, even though I have more subscribers, I now get around 700 hits a day. The flip side is in a group like Britain is the People, Zionists with English names like Stephen Johnson & Sylvia Red are able to unload & literally hijack threads. The damage these people are doing as a result is incalculable. I literally cannot believe how this group has posts tearing Nigel Farage apart. This man, like him or hate him, merely cares for his country yet Cameron the Pedophile protector & traitor who actually admitted he puts Israel first is, in comparison, let off the hook.
I’M ONTO YOU & I’M COMING TO GET YOU! I’m just waiting for the all clear to flush you out & block your sorry arses! Make the most of it because you’re living on borrowed time. My job is to expose Zionist skulduggery & I can spot you lot a mile off. I can’t believe it took me a week to work this out but then, you guys are good but even pros cannot get the better of me. I’m the Great MM!
And now I’d like to apologise because this post was originally supposed to be about this wonderful link sent to me by Alin Boughousi. I just had a few too many vodka’s, got involved watching England blow it in the football & the end result is a post of two halves! Game of two halves, post of two halves, fucking hell! It’s a bit of a bitter sweet situ because though I’ve no doubt it’s true & therefore it bodes well for us. I nevertheless bemoan the fact that individually feeling this way is not worth a bar of soap because if the media doesn’t publicise this, then we’re never going to know this collectively & that’s what makes all the difference. If it’s not in the news, then it’s not news. This is what we’re up against.


Damn right


“The public has lost hope in the bedrock institutions of America, suggesting that the country may be teetering on the edge of collapse.”


Poll: 80% of Americans think Government, Banks, Corporate Media are Corrupt



No Confidence


The Real criminals



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