Post-handshake but let’s not mention Israel & the dual national Zionists

Here we have 3 top guys appearing on RT’s flagship show CrossTalk yet I don’t know if I can take too much more of this. You see if this edition was about the finer points of baseball, gardening or making hot-cross buns, then I could understand why there’s no need to mention Israel or dual national Zionists. But with the subject matter being America’s incomprehensibly destructive foreign policy & the media’s inexplicable yearning for WW III, quite how these 4 men go through the entire show without ever mentioning Israel or the warmongering Zionists, for me, well, I’m struggling because here it is folks. This is the crux of the problem.


True to form the BBC looked to hire Max Keiser. After all, who better to inject some badly needed impetus in the BBC’s flagging ratings but when Keiser was told Israel & the Zionists were strictly off limits, the great man duly told them to take a jump. Good on you Max. If only there were more like you. Therefore, even though the BBC is haemorrhaging viewers, improved ratings is of secondary importance to its Zionist controllers. Israel’s interests supersedes all else!


Knowing one’s topic back to front remains a prerequisite to appear on any major news network. That, believe or not, includes the MSM. Sure enough, RT’s guests put MSM’s so-called experts to shame in that unlike them, they’re not prepared to read whatever script is placed in front of them. Their job specifically is to say what they truly believe. This does not happen elsewhere in the mass-media. So even though RT sadly doesn’t go the whole hog, it’s a shame more people don’t watch CrossTalk. RT really is a lone voice in the wilderness.


They make several valid points – regarding the build up of NATO – can you imagine how Americans would feel if the Russians started piling state-of-the-art weaponry & manpower into Northern Mexico? The Yanks would blow a gasket! They even go as far to say what the media & US politicians are saying & to a great extent, doing, is tantamount to lunacy but then…… they shrug their shoulders as if to say all this is nuts; it makes no sense…… when in truth, they bloody well know the score. 


* Don’t you think all 3 guys including Lavelle know Zionists are in complete control of America & that US foreign policy in particular is solely for Israel’s benefit?




* Don’t you think they are all perfectly aware of the Zionist plan for the creation of Greater Israel? Don’t you think they know this is what it’s all about?




* Even more obvious is the fact Zionists control corporate media. Don’t you think they’re all aware of this? How can they so readily criticise the media without ever mentioning who owns it?



* Don’t you think they know Zionists planned & executed 9/11 & that this whole war on terror is one massive lie & that ISIS is an Israeli terrorist group, not an Islamic one?



* Don’t you think these guys know the reason we’re really being pushed into a confrontation with Russia? Ultimately if the Rothschilds are to fulfill their long-term goal of becoming despotic lords of the planet, then WW III is pretty much a requirement.


They know all this but either they don’t have the bottle to speak out or as I suspect, those in charge of RT’s programming have been told in no uncertain terms –

Your guests are never to mention Israel’s role in any of the above. Forget about heads rolling. If any of your guests decide to get ideas above their station, they’ll be signing YOUR death warrant! 


Bad enough being awash with morons who don’t know their ear-hole from their arsehole but right now, the average punter has little or no idea as to who’s really calling the shots because no one’s wising them up. This is why even those who try to think find the whole debacle way too confusing. It’s just too much to take in. In the meantime, while the Zionist controlled media ensures nothing much makes sense, they do all they can to further distract people with all their bullshit misinfo. Rule No. 1 – ISRAEL ALWAYS STAYS UNDER THE RADAR!


As a result, all we receive are edited highlights. I’m sick & tired of it! I want the whole ballgame goddammit! People have to step up to the plate & say ‘to hell with Israel. Here’s the truth & I don’t give a shit if Mossad comes knocking on my door.’ If enough of us do this they’ll have one hell of a job trying to kill us all. This is the only way we can even begin to turn this dire situation around. I mean plain logic is one thing but how can anyone in their right mind expect criminals to stop what they’re doing when we allow the media to cover their back all the time? Why do you think I keep saying, ‘if no one stops the Zionists, they will not stop?’ We’ve passed the point of no return, if not with JFK, we did with 9/11. Therefore, the Zionists cannot go backwards. It’s us or them now. The longer we wait; the worse it will get.



  • 12barblueboy

    Putin and Trump both seem to care about their respective countries and are opposing many of the Zio evils such as human trafficking, narcotics cartels, ISIS (I believe their useful days are numbered, ahead of schedule and they will either go away or change stripes) and “weapons of mass migration.” But the deep state structures, especially in the US are quite powerful and entrenched, so they have to play the game within the framework already existing. The US media has done nothing but conduct a mass mind control campaign to delegitimize the election of Trump, which probably was a surprise, even to Trump. Many think the Chinese are peeved at our militarization of the coastal waters in that part of the world and the attempted sinking of the USS Fitzgerald was a challenge to US hegemony in the region. Advanced EMF weaponry was likely used to disable the ship before it was rammed by a Philippine freighter. Duterte is fighting to survive factions in his own army loyal to outside interests and has aligned himself with China and is trying to do the same with Russia. I’m sure the RT talking heads know the real score, but they too are limited by existing structural protocols and the fears of being muzzled with accusations of anti-Semitism. I suspect Trump probably learned something about his own intelligence services from Putin in their one on one meeting and the hidden hand doesn’t like these mano a mano discussions between world leaders where they have no idea what was discussed.

    • Thanks bbb – I feel the very last point you made is the real killer. The Zionist banksters do not want Putin & Trump to talk like this. As for the US media’s mind control. Well, after all that’s happened, anyone who still believes anything the media says in my opinion deserves what may be coming. I feel my life, along with every decent like-minded soul, has had their existence placed under a huge cloud because of these brainless morons.

  • zakimar

    Some of the talking heads want work on the jew msm, so they can’t ever talk about the jew. A few famous newscasters told the truth about the jew and/or APARTHEID israel and were immediately fired. That’s why I boycott all jew corporations, jew media, and anything made in APARTHEID israel. Plus I boycotted all amerikkkan products and I travel there since 2003 when bush jr. destroyed Iraq. #BDS

  • Pepper

    All I can say is thank you Michael, you just nail it everytime…..and thank you 12BBB.

  • Pepper

    Yes Zakimar. I concur. #BDS

  • frances

    Am I right in thinking that all goods are subject to kosher tax? If so, it makes BDS a joke. Short and curlies spring to mind.

    • zakimar

      Sure the satanic jew have managed to force most food and some other companies to have their products made kosher, with threats of having the jew media label them as anti-Semites, but BDS is still hurting APARTHEID israel.

      Just a few days ago Canada refused to sell some wine from APARTHEID israel without having the labels changed to indicate it comes from OCCUPIED Palestine, and the heads of those satanic jew almost exploded. Plus many countries, universities, institutions, and people no longer travel to APARTHEID israel or allow the satanic APARTHEID israel jew to come speak at or do business with them.

      But true change will likely not occur until the jew banksters have finally collapsed the amerikkkan economy, and the zionist amerikkkan slaves can no longer fund and protect their satanic jew masters. The APARTHEID israel will disappear like a fart in the wind.

      • Yes Zakimar – I couldn’t agree more about how good the BDS movement is. If only more people would do their bit instead of bitching & thinking ‘oh what good can I do? What I do makes no difference.’ This mentality drives me nuts!

        • zakimar

          Yes indeed Michael, but I think some of them are either crypto-jew or satanic APARTHEID israel sympathizers. Either way they obviously don’t believe in God, otherwise they would know He will punish them along with the APARTHEID israel satanic jew for their treatment of His people, the Native Palestinians.

          Please keep up the good work of exposing the APARTHEID israel satanic jew, even the Torah jew hate those talmudic fake jew filth.

    • Whether we’re subject to K. tax I don’t exactly know but the last thing the BDS is, is a joke.


    if you think that trump is any better–trump is a zionist of the worse kind!! his gr//father was a whoremaster from russia and was a jew! he got immigrated from russia–believe me–its true–i am polish and my heritage is from Ukraine–my heritage because of the bolsheviks (all jews) killing fields!

    • zakimar

      First of all, trump sold all of his genetically misinformed spawn to the jew in marriage, so what does anyone expect he’ll do to the country. Secondly, most of his filthy associates and cronies in business, law, and now in his administration are not only satanic jew, but APARTHEID israel dual citizens, which means APARTHEID israel doesn’t just come first, it’s their only consideration. And finally, all amerikkkan politicians are puppets of the jew banksters and APARTHEID israel, as the bushes, clintons, obomba… clearly demonstrated.

      The sheeple think that because they get to choose between to puppets, they have a democracy. If amerikkkans don’t expell all the jew and their slaves, WW3 will kill hundreds of millions, if not a few billions and there’s a reason all the wealthy scum already have bunkers in New Zealand and Australia.

    • I know it stinks Butch. Trump has done an Obama – reneged on everything he said. However, one thing we should never forget – that bitch Hillary would have been far worse. She could have killed us all by now!

      • BUTCH

        your right! she would have her own killing fields–as if she didnt already!

        • zakimar

          I actually prefer the satanic clintons to obomba and trump. At least she was an honest warmonger psychopath. Obomba and trump as well as bush jr for that matter all ran as the peace candidate and as soon as they got elected, they went to wars for their jew bankster and APARTHEID israel satanic jew masters.

          Plus amerikkka is still going to start WW3 for the jew, so they can usher in their jew antichrist dajjal. At least if they did it sooner rather than later, I could join with Russia, China, Iran, and several hundred million Muslims and send the satanic jew and their nato slaves back to their lord, the devil, before I get old.

          But in the next election, the amerikkkan sheeple will have another “peace” candidate to vote for, that will also work for his jew masters.

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