Preemptive War, State Sponsored Terrorism, Cultural Subversion & the Criminalization of Dissent as a Total Package of Zionist/Jewish Methodology by Mark Dankof

I thought this was a terrific read but then I’m a big Mark Dankof fan. We agree on pretty much everything. We both do our bit on Press TV – Mark manages to stay cool as you like, whereas I tend to say much the same things by ranting & raving. Well, each to their own.  


FDR and Pearl Harbor: The Primer for the Zionist Assault on the American Republic and the Nation of Iran




Here’s a little snippet & I’m in no doubt a year from now America will not be a safe place for many good folk who’ve spoken out against the Zionists – 

I do not say this lightly.  To put into perspective how vulnerable I and several others could prove to be, as critics of the Zionist-inspired American Empire and our Israel First policies, Dr. Philip Giraldi, the ex-CIA analyst and outstanding critic of Israel and Zionism found at the Council for the National Interest,, and The American Conservative, directly warned Mark Glenn and me on his own initiative, that leaving the United States before the next Presidential “election” in 2016, might prove to be an auspicious move for all three of us, and others.  He suggested several places in Latin America.  This is how late the hour might be for people in our present business and struggle.  But then again, none of us got into this for money, or career advancement, or ease, but to prevent the consummation of the most evil plan, on the part of the most evil forces, that presently exist in world history.  Let there be no mistake.  The Zionist ideology, and the international banking system and technocracy which are attempting to establish the New World Order, are not simply evil, but the greatest evil to threaten humanity in history.  In this regard, The Apocalpyse of John written on the island of Patmos during the reign of Emperor Domitian (A. D. 81-96), coincides with the eschatological analysis of Islam in terms of the identity of the Beast and the forces aligned with him that threaten us all today who are here.


  • Gertrude

    Such a pity that critical writers like you still do not get that this started long ago. including the writing/compilation of the bible by the jew Joseph of Arimethea Flavius for Caesar or God Flavius and his son Titus/Jesus, who indeed demolished the temple. No biblebook has been written by one person, as we are made to believe but are compilations of many writings in different timephrames often in total contradiction with eachother. In the Aramaic bible there is no Revelations, but it was forced to be added in an english translation of that bible. Before christian times women owned all the land. When reading irish myths, Gods were female and taught humanity about grains, supertall beings, able to carry large stones. it can be proven that many of those female gods had their names changed into male versions by the catholic church. some say this started with the brotherhood of the snake, once good, turning evil. Recently Ashraf Ezzat published a book, stating israelites never were in Egypt and were most likely a small arabic tribe called Isrealites in Yemen, who emigrated to palestinian regions. In those regions still now many peoples are nomads travelling all over the place. You are in a sense still legitimating the genocide of countless palestinians, many of them children, by upholding those jewish fabrications later woven as a spell in a book called the Torah or the bible. The recently found gospel of Jude claims Jude knew that Jesus came from a different planet. Some historians claim our entire history of the past 2000 years has been forged and is a total lie. The real question is Why did such a large part of the world adopt these jewish myths? For decades jews have been trying to highjack the figure Jesus and christianity, claiming that ultimately Jesus was a Jew. Was he? Did he even historically exist? Some say he is buried in Kashmir which is quite a convincing story. But then again possibly many people went by the name Jesus. That is not to say there are no divine beings outside this earthly realm. Rather that all religions have been highjacked, their writings changed by krypto jews and we are sort of checkmate. Somewhere in the internet i found years ago that Jacob fought Israel and stole his identity. Apparently his brother Esau murdered Nimrod and stole his invisibilitycloak and in the days Abraham walked the earth there were nuclear wars. Now proven. Isaac married Rebecca when she was just 3 years old and consummated the marriage according to judaic law in those days. and in line with the Talmud. That finally explains why she could not conceive in the beginning, yet later could. Living here in the Netherlands i now know my cultural roots from Celts and Germans have been destroyed. Druids have all been murdered, their writings all destroyed. The cult resurrected but not at all working with those ancient teaching, but rather a cult in service of the cabal. Research proved Herod to be a nice gentle king, not at all the beast, he is thought to be as described in that bible. Our judeo-christian cultures are based on certain writings, that cannot be scientifically proven and may be all fabricated, bringing most western people under a spell, which causes they cannot think for themselves and are not open to true divine intervention/communication. Their minds warped, memed with fake texts. Many american christians awaiting the prophesies of Revelations to come true. A thousand year rule by Israel. How convenient. Looking at the recently built supreme court in Jerusalem. built by a Rothchild it is clear who is to be worshipped. It is Lucifer, now promoted as being one of the main biblecharacters. How to wake up from this nightmare and make an attempt to change things around for the good of humanity? Or can we just sit idly by and observe the unfolding of this brainwashing, supported by so many people.

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