Privatisation: almost as big a con trick as banking

I just changed my Broadband supplier. The lady on the phone then said something that got me at it! She said –
“so your Broadband is free for the first year…..” 
“Really? So what am I paying £17.40 every month for?” 
“Your BT Landline!”
“But I never use my home phone. Can’t I get rid of it?”
“No. You need the land line for your broadband.”
“So what you’re saying – Broadband is free but in order to have it, you need a land line & so have to pay BT £208.80 every year regardless of whether that phone line is ever used?”
“That’s right.”
“Something doesn’t sound right here.”  


Up until 1984 we owned BT. It was ours. For goodness knows how many years our taxes were used in order to ensure each & every household had a phone line. This initial investment came at an incredible cost. No company paid for it. We did! Therefore, how can it be right for us to continue to have to pay for land lines that we paid to have installed? This is daylight robbery! It’s the same with the railways. How can it cost over £100 to go from London to Bristol by train when we paid to build the entire rail infrastructure? Okay, there’s a question of maintenance but with British Telecom especially, how much can all that cost relative to what they’re raking in for land line extortion? We are being well & truly ripped off!
But then the selling off of public assets was all part of the plan to concentrate more power & wealth into the hands of the elite & so lay us bare. Politicians were bound to succumb to those ultimately pulling the strings. Perhaps the power-brokers needed to be sure they controlled enough of the MSM so that this con trick known as privatisation could be sold to a largely unsuspecting public & crucially, the case against it could not receive any traction.
We were led to believe the money would be used to lower income tax. This was an even bigger con because tax rates for the rich were cut far more than the lowest earners but then to compound the issue, politicians proceeded to continuously raise indirect taxes like VAT, tax on petrol, alcohol & cigarettes to make up for the shortfall. This had little or no impact on the wealthy but it effectively cancelled out any gains ordinary folk got from a lower rate of income tax. 


Something for something

Bad enough what they gave from one hand they took from the other, we were also led to believe these companies would be better off if they were privatised. Hardly surprising. All they had to do is raise prices but we’re talking about essential services here. We all have to buy gas, electricity & water. There was no real competition. What I found unacceptable too is how people’s bids for shares were drastically rationed, while the banking & city institutions were able to buy untold amounts. Once again, how could this be? Now it’s all become obvious – our bent politicians were paid to deliberately under-price the value of companies we owned so that the wealthy could siphon off even more!
I feel what’s occurring with BT land-lines is morally reprehensible. You’ve every right thinking big business couldn’t have it better but no, the TTIP will literally push liberty-taking onto another level. What worries me is all this is being done behind closed doors & so no surprise most people are oblivious to the horrific consequences. This dreadful trade agreement will give big business unprecedented powers. Watch them raise energy prices each winter. Already many pensioners can barely afford gas & electricity. Soon, if you don’t pay, your supply will be cut off. I can just see pensioners freezing to death. We will literally be at their mercy & I am absolutely convinced millions will die as a result of this outrageous mafiosi-like trade agreement!


Which brings me to this article I wrote on 10 April 2014 entitled – 

We Should be Preparing for War Because It’s All but been Declared on Us!

I thought it would be a good idea to give it a once-over – 


There have been no declarations of war, yet to all intents & purposes, we are very much at war. What’s significant here is though battle lines have been drawn long ago, most people remain oblivious to having ever been attacked. It’s hardly surprising for national boundaries are not under threat. What we perhaps fail to realize is the war zone is the planet itself!


The chief protagonists are a group of people who are seeking to acquire as much wealth & control as much of the key resources of the planet as they possibly can. That’s not to say all wealthy folk are involved in this coup. Those at the top of the tree have made decisions. As G.W. Bush once said “you’re either with us or you’re against us!” On the other side of the fence are people – ordinary folk who simply wish to carve out a decent living so as to hopefully enjoy some of the fruits of life. I will endeavor to explain how we’ve arrived at the desperate situation where now it’s pretty much a case of us or them. They nearly have everything! The one thing they don’t have is what worries them most. It’s the one thing we have – strength in numbers!


The reason this may seem rather far-fetched is because power-brokers understood, first & foremost, the only way they could kick on with the process that would eventually result in a New World Order, was if they had the full cooperation of the entire mass-media – newspapers, magazines, radio stations & above all, television. This way they could ensure their agenda would always remain hidden from public gaze. This was imperative. Bear in mind, in the past, law-makers rightfully believed it was their duty to protect the public from amalgamations which would lead to vast concentrations of power. For instance, what kept the politicians on their toes was the fact there existed around 50-60 media companies some 40 years ago, each one vying for improved ratings.

media illusion


Therefore, it goes without saying – politicians could only be coerced to do certain things if they knew the entire MSM would turn a blind eye. With so many media companies this was highly unlikely. However, when Bill Clinton entered the White House, the way was clear for him to do the job he was selected for – repealing media & banking regulations that for years protected the public. Media companies could suddenly buy up other media companies while the legalisation of fractional reserve banking effectively rendered the 2008 banking fiasco an inevitability! This is exactly what occurred. Conflicts of interests were no longer scrutinized. The fact General Electric, a major US arms manufacturer also owns MSNBC, one of the six major media conglomerates should tell you everything. It was anything but let’s give peace a chance. More like make sure war has every chance!


Much the same has occurred in several key industries – power has become centralized – notably sectors such as Energy, Armaments, Pharmaceutical & Food production. In effect all have been allowed to become working cartels. Not only was power being concentrated into fewer hands, there was no better way of maximizing profits, for the public could literally now be held to ransom. This consolidation of power came about because of one reason – the one industry which has always been a law unto itself, would provide the finance – Banking! With the media now firmly under their grasp, they could surreptitiously seize control of what mattered. Any journalist or reporter who felt it their duty to enlighten the public as to what was transpiring was at best given a hard time & told to toe the line; at worst would lose their job or perhaps even their life! Needless to say their findings would never make the news!


Evidence abounds lending credence to what I’ve just said. Elections are rigged to ensure puppets remain in power. In America RON PAUL was twice cheated of the US Presidency as a direct result of election fraud. The media dutifully played its role. Nothing is ever said of how there’s always more money for war even at times of severe economic hardship. There’s no shortage of energy – nevertheless prices remain sky-high. The thieving Banksters still award themselves massive bonuses at a time when austerity is the by-word. We have illegal wars, Chemtrails, GMO’s, HAARP, Fracking, the non-investigation of 9/11, the heinous NDA Act, the Fema Camps, the NSA, the devastation to the environment due to negligence of the oil & chemical companies, the TPP, the systematic shredding of our civil liberties – one can go on & on. It’s happening in front of our very eyes yet mainstream media doesn’t say a Dickie bird! Can it be coincidental all this has occurred in the last 30 years?


Money goes to money

Worse still, even when crimes are as clear as daylight, our justice system grinds to a halt! We’ve all heard words to the effect ‘there’s a law for the rich & another law for the poor.’ I feel this is inaccurate for depending on either position or money, I believe the law oscillates as it operates. As one acquires higher authority or greater wealth, one increasingly rids oneself of the tentacles of the justice system. The truth is, there arrives a point where regardless of the nature of a crime, one becomes immune from prosecution, dare I say, above the law! Therefore I prefer to say ‘there’s law & then there’s the wealthy & powerful!’ Why else are whistle-blowers like Bradley Manning jailed on non-existent evidence, while the most evil criminals regularly escape justice, despite the fact there exists mountains of damning evidence against them?
Professor Noam Chomsky said “concentration of wealth yields concentration of political power. And concentration of political power gives rise to legislation that increases & accelerates the cycle.” Casting aside the advantages attained through influence, bribery & coercion, a chief reason well in excess of 90% of the globe’s wealth is concentrated in the hands of less than 0.1% of the populace is because the Capitalist system is fundamentally flawed in that money has to go to money. Making a million from nothing is all but a pipe-dream. However once one becomes a millionaire, making the 2nd million is a considerably easier task. Yet a man with 10 million expects to make another million while someone with 100 million would regard such a prize as chicken feed. A billionaire can make a million by shaking his foot! And then there are those with 10 billion & more. What they earn in interest alone could eradicate hunger in an impoverished African state!


Tax dodgers


Small wonder many aspire to the lofty position of Mr. Big & naturally are prepared to do whatever it takes. In the case of mafiosi kingpins just a few remain standing. Challengers often succumb in the form of a bullet to the head & perish the thought, an unmarked grave to boot. In a game where each & every player is considered an obstacle, losing is not an option. The reward of having enough money to buy anything, to be able to go anywhere, anytime, never having to listen to anyone, let’s face it are marvels most of us would cherish. So what if you’re labelled an Oligarch! You were now untouchable, part of an elite group answerable to no one.
Most billionaires will never admit their life was blessed with a huge head start. I’ve met quite a few multi-millionaires & they sing the same tune – they all started from ground zero. Needless to say an integral quality one requires in order to attain mega-rich status is the ability to lie for fun! Whether this is just another demonic side-effect an over-inflated ego ushers in I’m not sure but the truth is nearly all wealthy folk are born into money. Ongoing family interests in various businesses provides a continual influx of cash. For the more ambitious type, this presents a launch pad for speculation, an opportunity to take ever-greater risks, safe in the knowledge replenishment of the well was a cast-iron guarantee. Not forgetting how useful money is when one needs certain favors or some nice insider info to amass ever greater chunks!


Zionist billionaire bankroller


This is why there’s always been the have’s & the have not’s. Most fabulously wealthy folk never experience financial hardship, thus any real pressures in life. Perhaps this is the crux of the problem. Maybe we all at some time need to go through the rigors of having to grind out a living to pay bills so that we can be thankful to have a roof over our head & food on the table. I often wonder if this is why the super rich feel they’ve certain inherent rights over us mere mortals. Yet plain logic suggests just because one’s privileged doesn’t mean one’s privileged to do what the hell one likes!
Yet even for those who strive to make a living in the West, what’s considered the very basics for so many, are non-existent luxuries in the third world. The harsh reality is we live on a planet where a third of its inhabitants are desperately malnourished. Some 30,000 die every day through hunger! Sanitation? What sanitation! For 100’s of millions a roof over one’s head merely constitutes a rusty piece of corrugated iron, propped up by some 4 by 2’s. The awful plight of untold millions of refugees is deliberately kept far from our TV screens & newspapers because the last thing power-brokers want is for the people to question who was responsible for actually causing these refugee disasters!



And in the meantime, we all want more. Just 120 years ago Britain may have ruled the waves, yet the commoner’s lot had hardly improved. Figures for average life expectancy of the working class back then are sketchy – some are as high as 40; others as low as 30! Worker representation in the form of Unions, which from the beginning of the 19th century had been vehemently & often brutally opposed by the hierarchy, had become inevitable. Wages & working conditions were to steadily improve. Along with the discovery of the atom came ground-breaking advances in medicine. Sanitation improved dramatically. As a result, in but a 100 years the average life expectancy of the working man leapfrogged a staggering 30-40 years! The ramifications were enormous.


It took 3 million years for our population to rise to a billion by the end of the 19th century. However, in just the last 120 years, our population has mushroomed to well over 6.5 billion! To begin listing all the inns & outs of this dilemma would take forever & a day. Paradoxically, while most of us realize the predicament of exponential population growth cannot be ignored & that sooner or later it simply has to be addressed, finding a politician who feels this subject matter could ever be a vote winner is nigh on impossible. If anything it’s a bona fide career killer! Exacerbating the situation further is the fact every country on the planet has to agree on what course of action to take. Like it or not, population growth is a serious problem.


So is greed – a human trait that’s imprinted in our DNA. Why? Because an abundance of characteristics such as greed, aggression & selfishness were necessary, indeed critical, in order to survive & procreate as marauding Cave Men in the brutish days of the Stone Age. Anyone with a surplus of kind, generous genes would be living on borrowed time. Fine as they are, for that era, these genes were inappropriate. Our DNA alters by just 0.1% every 100,000 years. Therefore our physiological make up is virtually identical to our ancestors back in the Stone Age. That’s why, even though it would make no difference to them, the last thing the richest folk would do is spread even a small percentage of their wealth on a worthy cause. “To hell with the starving pal – I’m busy trying to get more. Get out my way sonny – I’ve got some trampling to do!”


Screwing us

Now let’s examine what’s occurred since the end of WW II. The UK’s population was 45 million. The fact it’s grown to 62 million is not so significant. What is – immediately after the war, voters dumped its victorious leader Churchill & did so in stunning fashion. Attlee’s Labor government swept into power with an enormous majority. Small wonder – Labor promised widespread social reforms – the Welfare State, National Health Service & Old Age Pensions! AND WHY NOT! After six years of war politicians were obliged to help those who’d fought for their country. At that time corporations had no option but to play second fiddle. No secret too that few millionaires got their hands dirty fighting Adolf! Politicians for once were doing what was right! The problem was they had no idea life expectancy would continue to rise so dramatically.
In 1945 x amount of folk qualified for Old-Age pensions. It was manageable. Not only has that number multiplied several fold, with life expectancy now around 75, many more receiving benefits are doing so for ever-longer periods. In short, the Old-Age Pension scheme has become an absolute monster! Needless to say, similar problems beset the NHS & the Welfare State. It was inevitable the cost of maintaining them would rise. Ideally politicians should have planned ahead but the problem here was two-fold – saving for a rainy day is hardly a vote-winning motto! Neither is applying any cuts to Pensions, the NHS or the welfare state. Giving is easy; taking back is not! However, this dilemma was about to be compounded!
The past 30 years has seen an alteration in the inner workings of our political machinery in the UK & indeed in much of the Western world. Up until 1980 the Labor Party represented the working class & so received the bulk of their funds from Unions, while the Conservative Party leaned toward big business & so were funded by them. Political ideology remained alive & well. Labor were often anti-war while the Tories tended to be more gung-ho! Labor liked to spend; the Tories preferred to cut government borrowing. All of a sudden the goalposts moved! Big business had a brainwave – WHY NOT BACK BOTH SIDES? Within 10 years political ideology was flushed away! Moreover, older, pragmatic statesmen, self made men & women, who for so long took up the most senior political positions, soon found themselves replaced by younger opportunists with little or no experience. Image became the by-word.
Another extremely disturbing trend was the sudden influx of a plethora of advisers into major government departments. How could it be? Unelected individuals were suddenly at the heart of government decision-making. What’s more the tax-payer was footing their enormous wages. Why was this never a point of discussion? Few of us knew anything about them. More often than not they were city linked, lawyers, bankers, even those loyal to the Zionist cause! In the meantime, our elected representatives increasingly became spokesmen for big business & mere front-men for the media, while policy was being fashioned on the sly! Since hoodwinking the public was now in overdrive a new phenomenon would come to the fore – SPIN! Politicians would now have advisers on just how best to fool the public!


Zionist control

Never underestimate the role the media’s played here. While this extraordinary metamorphism occurred in the upper echelons of power, they said nothing. Politicians that played ball would never be challenged while those who spoke out, most especially on issues of foreign policy & finance, were taken to the cleaners! An unchallenged media platform was readily available for senior politicians to spout propaganda. Of course the vast majority of them have always been partial to the odd back-hander but this was an entirely different ball-game. Before bribes curried favors; now politicians had to do what they were told – big business was calling the shots! Politicians were owned.
The proof is in the pudding. Blair lied to go to war; Labor bailed out the banks after inexplicably repealing regulations specifically in place to safeguard the public; the rich were given tax break after tax break; massive tax loopholes greeted big business; Apartheid Israel was supported by both parties! Even more disturbing is the fact Westminster was riddled with an inordinate number of sexual perverts. How in the blazes could there be so many child molesters plotted up in the one place that mattered most? They may have been found out, nevertheless, every inquiry in the last 40 years has been well & truly buried.


Pedophile Blackmail

Since media silence has all but protected these child molesters, it’s safe to say there has to be an inextricable link between politicians, the media & pedophilia. It doesn’t take much working out – the only scenario that connects all the dots is this: Our politicians & the media are owned by the same people. These Zionists bankers had long since relised the best way to coerce politicians into literally doing anything is if they possessed untold filth on them. Therefore, they deliberately singled out perverts specifically to push them up the chain of command. This is why there are so many child molesters in Westminster & this is why they are being protected at all costs.


This is why the media is happily trumping Cameron & Osborne’s claims that UK’s finances are on the mend. This comes in the form of a continual barrage of lies designed to fool the uninitiated into voting for Cameron again. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our debt is rising! We’re now a cool £1 trillion in the red. When this figure reaches £1.3 trillion & it most certainly will, we will be unable to service the interest. What’s going to happen then is anyone’s guess. Bear in mind in 1990 our finances were in good shape. Sure the burgeoning cost of pensions, the NHS & the welfare state were serious concerns. No doubt the wealthy had little desire to pump up the money for things they did not need.




But what possible justification do the elite have for swinging the pendulum so far in their favor? Simply indefensible? Well yes, but this I’m afraid to say is nothing less than an act of war! At a time when the wealthy & powerful continue to gain like never before, the enormous cost of their errors & their downright fraud has been slapped squarely on the shoulders of the people. This already is inexcusable. What clinches it is the systematic erosion of our civil liberties. Our Police forces each day look more like militarized units. The justice system & the media has not just become an embarrassment; they’ve become the enemy! We should be preparing for war because it’s all but been declared on us!



  • Helen Pickford

    I agree with everything said here it’s so true and here’s me thinking I’m the only one seeing all this happen and no one is doing anything , yes I did start to think I was going loopy i was seeing it no one even spoke much about anything , I did speak out about most things but started to realise it was the truth I was getting kicked off places a bit more than i licked , so you realise you have to keep your mouth shut or you get kicked off where ever you are , I’m getting virtually none existent now !!!

  • Dave Mitchell

    I work in the public sector and most people don’t want to face just how rotten and corrupt the system is. All they talk about is getting drunk on weekend binges. The ignorance and indifference has reached staggering levels. My younger brother firmly believe if things carry on the way they are humanity maybe has 20 years left. I tend to agree and personally I never had a family because I see no future unless the people wake up.

    • Thanks Dave. This is exactly why I never had a family. By the time I was ready to have one in 1986 when I was working in Switzerland, I told my Uncle “we’re going back to the days of Julius Caesar.” Though largely thanks to the Internet more people than ever are waking up, the fact of the matter is all that’s occurred since has confirmed my worst fears.

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