Pro Israeli bias: The BBC acknowledges violating its editorial policy & the story of superb but elusive RT documentaries.

So I ask – how long will the BBC be allowed to lie as SKY & CNN does? We are talking about –

1) Illegal wars.

2) The Genocide of the Palestinians.

3) The obviously rigged result in the Scottish vote for Independence.

4) The continued lies over 9/11, ISIS & the phoney war on terror.

5) The continued Pedophile cover-up.

6) And above all, the fact Cameron has made an enemy out of Russia for no good reason & the BBC has yet to challenge him as to why.




According to The Independent, Ofcom has identified nearly 50 regulatory violations by British chains. The range of donors will of the United Nations until a British businessman and Imam, Aga Khan, and even a Cambodian casino. However, the source of funding would not have been revealed to the audience.

Of course one thing you can take to the bank – the fact Zionists effectively control the entire BBC is neither here nor there for THEIR ROLE WILL NEVER BE MENTIONED! Above is a classic example. We have the Independent telling us the obvious – the BBC lies through its back teeth & is as biased as it can possibly be BUT it’s the UN, the AGA KHAN; the CAMBODIANS; EVEN THE POOR MALAYSIAN GOVERNMENT GETS IT IN THE NECK! BUT NO MENTION OF THE ONLY TRUE TROUBLE-MAKER! This is how it always is – the Zionist role has to slip under the radar. 


Zionist media monopoly


Nevertheless at least RT Moscow tries to highlight what I believe is the integral reason why the entire globe is in such a desperate predicament. I cannot emphasise more, we would not be in this current malaise had the media been free to speak the truth. In fact I’m convinced if we had an independent media, we would see a world far removed from the one we have today.


Ironically RT, the one news channel which we see on TV that isn’t under Zionist control is slowly but surely heading inexorably that way. On the subject of ISIS alone RT is doing a stand up job making as many people as possible believe it is a terrorist organisation rather than a band of mercenaries that takes its orders from Tel Aviv! 


David Icke


While I’m on the subject of RT though, it is sadly regrettable I’m unable to post two of the finest documentaries I’ve seen in a very long time. I’ll criticise RT or anyone who I feel deserves criticism but then when credit’s due, I’ll praise the very same people.


About 6 weeks ago there was a documentary on the Vietnam war. Hearing a Soldier’s Heart’ – was truly superb. As well as seeing the true horrors of the Vietnam war, we saw how US soldiers, who’d killed so many Vietnamese (an astonishing 4 million in total) were traumatised by their actions. The dawning realisation the people in the country they bombed to oblivion with Napalm & Agent Orange to boot, were innocent of any crime was all too much to bear.




Not that the US military didn’t suffer horrendous casualties – 58,000 dead, goodness knows how many seriously wounded. Yet the most astonishing statistic was saved till last – it is estimated 110,000 soldiers who returned from Vietnam committed suicide. HOW MANY PEOPLE OUT OF 100 ARE AWARE OF THIS HORRENDOUS STATISTIC? I’D LIKE TO BET NOT 1%!


War is a Racket!


Once again we see how media silence is actually a prerequisite for such wars to ever take place for there are certain facts the public CAN NEVER BE COGNIZANT OF! Why do you think the mother of a Rothschild said over 120 years ago “if my son didn’t want it, there would be no wars!” If you don’t control the media you cannot write the history books.


War & democracy


Just one classic example – one of the integral reasons for WW II was for the creation of Israel. But had the media not been able to fabricate a complete pack of lies regarding the Holocaust, it would have been nigh on impossible to give over half of Palestine to the Rothschild Zionists. As Malcolm X so rightly said – “the media is the most powerful entity on earth.” 


Money for old rope


Some 3 Weeks later another RT documentary “American Addict” –  unveiled how the FDA & the entire pharmaceutical industry was as corrupt as the worst banana republic could be. It was another superb, eye-opening account that should be seen by all but lamentably, as with Hearing a Soldier’s Heart’ for some inexplicable reason, RT was not releasing videos of the said documentaries. One could only watch them on live feeds.


WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE? After mulling over this dilemma for over a month I can come up with only one conclusion which connects all the dots – RT has been told that under no circumstances can these documentaries be passed on in video form. That much is obvious. You don’t make ground-breaking programmes so people can never see them again! If you think about it who wouldn’t want such documentaries in circulation & who has the power to do this? Well, you’ve got the war-mongers & Big Pharma. Need I say anymore. I’d love to get hold of these documentaries……. if anyone knows how?


Give us your money


  • John Miranda

    The BBC is no longer a respectable news source.

    End of story.

  • The sad thing John is the BBC at one time was considered a most reliable news source so the Zionists had the coup of the century when Blair literally purged the BBC of anyone opposed to the Iraq war. Obviously this 2nd war in Iraq was a Zionist war & therefore it is anything but beyond the boundaries of sanity to assume all this money Blair is earning now is his reward for selling institutions like the BBC down the river. The kind of people who are running the BBC now are all in the pockets of the Israelis!

  • Just a note of explanation – RT buys in many documentaries that are for a set amount of play times. The makers of these docs sell their work to as many outlets as they can to recoup their production costs. To have it appear “for free” while they are still in that process would be self defeating.

    When they have covered costs then they often make a downloadable copy available. Since no Big Corp supports them, this is the reality of making these things cost viable.

    No one tells people like RT to NOT show and I am sure a line to RT to repeat this documentary and others would not only be appreciated but also would support the work they already do to get the things on air. They may have a clause in the contract for repeating it.

    I do not deny there may in some quarters be the elbow pressure on media but let the guys who put their hard research and work into practice have a little understanding their work deserves full recognition in cost as well as effort.

    Hope this helps the “another side” of what goes down in airtime land!!

    Just as you do mate!

  • Eva Nielsen


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