Pro-Palestinian Advert Ignites Firestorm Of Controversy.

In my last post I touched on how 52% of Palestine was simply donated away in 1948. I often wonder how many people in countries all over the world who always stand by Israel come what may would feel if half of their country was suddenly donated to someone else? I’d like to bet the reaction across the board would be shock/horror. And these are people who steadfastly support Israel. It doesn’t make any sense but that’s because as well as being duped by the media, humans have the uncanny knack of rarely being able to place themselves in the plight of the not so fortunate.


Why do I say this? Because the only people I’ve mentioned up to now are those who support Israel. There is a far greater number of people who do not & they most definitely wouldn’t like half of their country given away. Yet, do they give a damn about the dire situation of the Palestinian people? Hell no. Stick on X-Factor or Strictly Come Dancing. Better still, phone up for an extra large pizza so we can stuff ourselves while we’re watching Match of the Day. We’ll break open a 6-pack to wash all that grease down. There. Lovely. BURP!  


Now what’s truly mind-boggling is WHAT’S HAPPENED SINCE 52% of Palestine was given away. In my last post I said you’d have thought the Israelis would be happy with that. If anything they’d keep a low profile. Not one bit. Ever since it has been a case of systematic land-grabbing & a form of slow-motion Genocide. How could such a thing ever transpire? The only way was by having bent politicians & a media that would continually only publicise Israel’s side of the story which almost to a fault was nothing but a total pack of lies. 



One still must ask – how could this possibly be? Well, being smart enough to know what was going on is one thing but being brave enough to stick your head above the parapet is another thing altogether. The moment anyone criticized Israel they were literally ambushed. Always, such was the ferocity of the attack you were lucky to ever deliver the message. Immediately defense was turned into attack & with the media never offering any help to the messenger, who to all intents & purposes was being branded a racist, small wonder, to this day Israel has been allowed to get away with breaking every law in the book!  


So, as I wrote in my last post: The good news – maps don’t lie. The bad news – nowhere near enough people bother to look at them. Realising this predicament, Henry Clifford, a great American, spent $25,000 to raise awareness on just how much land the Israelis were stealing from the hapless Palestinians. Around 2-3 years ago this caption was placed at various underground stations. Now you’d think putting up an entirely accurate geographical map could not be described as being anti-Semitic? WRONG!


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