This is what he said when he ‘won’ the last election –

Compared to a decade ago, this country is more open at home & more compassionate abroad.

Right from the word go I smelt a rat when the media en masse suddenly began telling everyone the rank outsider in the Tory leadership race was the man we all needed. It was across the board. The BBC even devoted a programme which effectively sang Cameron’s praises. Needless to say, no one bothered to ask how the media could be so presumptuous – Cameron was a nobody. His CV was testament to this. He never held office. How could they know if he was any good? This was the moment I realised something very fishy was going on. Not that I had any yearning for even money favorite David Davis or any of the candidates. What aroused my interest was this mysterious love for Cameron was coupled with the media’s refusal to toss so much as a carrot to any of the other candidates. Davis in particular was made to look decidedly drab & dreary. Nonetheless, for the world it seemed Davis was the rightful heir for while the media could elevate Cameron into what would be a shoot-out with Davis, this alone would not be enough.


Those behind Cameron needed more time to sway Tory MP’s who previously declared their allegiance to Davis. Fortunately the outgoing Tory leader, slimeball extraordinaire, Michael Howard, was already a loyal servant of the Zionist cause. He declared he would resign only to say it would be a ‘long goodbye!’ There was no ‘what you waiting for Dracula? Don’t you want to get back to Transylvania?’ In fact the media didn’t even demand an explanation for this bizarre shift from protocol. The public was simply fobbed off with a pathetic excuse that the Tories wanted to avoid ‘rushing to the wrong judgment’. To make nothing of the Tories effectively saying ‘we’re useless at picking our leaders. Please. We need more time’ is hardly a surprise because what the public was never told, Davis supporters had screamed foul. Howard’s long goodbye was a deliberate ploy to buy time so that the Zionist banking cartel could bribe & coerce enough Tory MP’s to get Cameron over the line. This they duly did in what turned out to be the longest Tory leadership election in history!



So when David Davis announced his plan to contest a by-election, the media shamelessly made out this was the act of a bitter man who felt robbed. Talk about putting the boot in. He was cheated alright but why kick a man when he’s down, especially since much to everyone’s astonishment he was not offered a senior role in the shadow cabinet? Something was going on & we were deliberately being kept in the dark. The clue lies in the reason Davis declared the by-election. Bear in mind this was back in 2008, two years before Cameron became Prime Minister. Davis was actually trying to warn the British public of what was to come & the fact policy was being fashioned on the sly. This by-election was to be fought as a political campaign against the erosion of civil liberties in the UK. 


Do you honestly feel the media informed you of this crucial detail or why Davis was even doing this? Firmly on the Zionist agenda in America was the systematic erosion of fundamental human rights, all on the ludicrous assertion it was necessary to fight the war on terror. The trouble is most people had little idea the war on terror itself is entirely a Zionist invention, pure Hollywood. But now, on the quiet, the two major UK parties, both Labor and Tory, had adopted these identical policies. The Zionists were making their move but the last thing Cameron & particularly the media were going do was let the cat out of the bag. THIS WAS WHAT DAVIS WAS TRYING TO DO! Moreover, here was the integral reason why Davis could not become Tory leader & consequently why every single trick in the book was utilised so that an absolute non-achieving nobody would become Tory leader.


I believe his mistake was letting it be known he was vehemently opposed to laws that undermined civil liberty. Davis should have played the classic double bluff shot & gone along with it. Had he done so he’d have walked the Tory leadership contest. Then, who knows what may or may not have transpired. For sure Zionist heat would have been breathing right down his neck. However, once those pulling the strings knew he would not play ball, they moved fast. Crucially this had all been decided before Cameron was even in the ball-game. What’s significant here is in the last two elections, the British public were not afforded a single debate over whether we would be in favor of laws that were nothing less than an affront to democracy. Policy was being fashioned on the sly alright!


I only hope a few more people realise media power is reflected more through silence than lies. Whatever we’re being told by the contemptible media should merely act as a guide for us to believe THE EXACT OPPOSITE! You also better believe Cameron is bending over backwards to take away our fundamental rights. He doesn’t want anyone to have the right to criticise Israel, his Zionist buddies or even his government! If you can’t see the obvious dangers here then I’m sorry – there is no hope for you. You’re brain dead! Frankly, the fact Cameron has the gall to even declare 9/11 Truthers are every bit as dangerous as ISIS terrorists – yes the very threat he was integral in creating, indicates we are in a truly perilous situation.


At the start of this piece, I included a lie that qualifies as an all-time whopper. This video also states “CAMERON HAS BEEN BOUGHT & PAID FOR BY HIS FRIENDS IN BANKING & BIG BUSINESS, LIKE NO OTHER BRITISH PRIME MINISTER IN HISTORY!” I’d have taken the gloves off & said – CAMERON IS AN OUT-&-OUT TRAITOR TO THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY! 


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